10 cm Polished Shungite Pyramid


  • The pyramid’s radius of action – 10 meters.
  • The facet length of foundation – 10 cm.
  • The weight of pyramid – 1600 gr.
  • Polished pyramids have beautiful glossy surface.
  • Рroperties of shungite pyramid:
  • Decreases headache and muscle pain;
  • Increases the efficiency and energy potential;
  • Stabilizes the psychoemotional  state;
  • Improves the resistance to stress;
  • Increases the ability to concentrate;
  • Restores the energetic balance;
  • Save from the irritability.


10 cm Polished Sphere


  • Diameter 10 cm
  • Weight 1250 g
  • Shungite spheres are wonderful to hold and behold.
  • Polished shungite balls are used for massaging hands, mitigating muscular fatigue, normalizing the exchange of energies, concentration and accelerating thought processes.
  • Due to the curative properties of the stone, exercises with the shungite balls improve the general body tonus and strengthen ones immunity, contribute to youthful appearance, relieve rheumatic pains and headaches, help to cope with insomnia, stress and depression.
  •  Shungite spheres bring balance, peace and relaxing energies, while eliminating any negative energy within the space.


100 mm Shungite Set Cube, Pyramid and Sphere on stand 


  • The polished cube – 100 mm*100 mm
  • The polished pyramid – 100 *100mm
  • The polished sphere on stand – 100 mm

Origin: Russia, Karelia

Shungite set is one of the most effective tools against geopathogenic radiation. Shungite set not only reduces the negative impact of environment, but also neutralizes geopathic rays, helping you to protect your home from electromagnetic radiation of computers, fridges, TV sets, phones.

9 cm Polished Shungite Egg


  • Height 9 cm.
  • Weight:690gr

Sculpted from pure Shungite, this beautiful Shungite gemstone egg is a very positive stone, and one that is beneficial to a healthy life. It is the only known natural material known to contain fullerenes, which are powerful anti-oxidants. Fullerenes Shungite can be magnetic, act as super conductors and absorb light, making it a powerful grounder, cleanser, transformer and a powerful healing crystal.