The Berkana Labs Radionics Stick Pad is a detector, used in place of a pendulum, the operator elicits a “stick reaction” by moving their finger lightly over the reactive surface of the stick pad, once a stick is detected the rate being tuned can be set.

The stick pad is is much quicker to use for tuning rates than a pendulum, and lends itself well to cold scanning.

The Stick Pad is shipped with an RG58 male-male BNC cable for connection to our radionic instruments and accessories. A cleaning cloth is also supplied to keep the surface free from dust, debris, and fingerprints in order to maintain a smooth surface for accurate detection.

The stick pad has the following features:

  • DragonTrail Tempered Glass Detection Surface with 9H Hardness, ultimate scratch resistance and uniformly smooth surface
  • Input and Output socket to connect to our radionic instruments and accessories
  • low profile hidden until lit (dim) blue signal LED
  • Features a low tack, static cling glass warning label which should be removed before use
  • Size: L110xW110xH25mm
  • Weight: 135.5g
  • Colour: Black,White,Silver
  • LED: Blue