Fractal Sound Technology for Focus & Flow

Our inquiry into how recorded sound can further facilitate the harmonious functioning of our mental, emotional, and physical systems has sparked a new sound technology called Fractal Entrainment.

Experience: the kinetic resonance of nature • relaxed alertness • ability to stay focused while you are working or studying, on the computer • mood brightening • mind over chatter • cognitive lift • energy boosting • emotional balance


The Spark’s advanced attention grabber, brain sharpener and anxiolytic (stress reducer) protocols allow you to ride the energy of sound and practice just being in a relaxed state of acute sensory awareness – the state of “belaxation”.

The Spark is a textured sonootropic composition that ignites some of the qualities of the natural state, such as improved cognitive function and emotional regulation. Its fractal soundscape can be considered enhanced access to flow made audible and it often leaves you in an awake yet relaxed state of vivid sensory awareness.


Put your headphones on and… “belax”

Mood brightening

More presence and optimism

Mind over chatter

Quiets internal dialogue and reduces worry

Energy boosting

Increased stamina and endurance

Enhanced mindfulness

Mixture of alertness and stillness

Cognitive lift

Greater neural flexibility and power

Emotional balance

Increased self-regulation and expression

Releases emotions

Stimulates growth and creativity

Joy and appreciation

Coherent breathing and heart rates allow us to welcome change



When beyond is within

Through intensive audio manipulation and an innovative use of resonance, The Spark’s juxtaposed layering of fractal sonic textures becomes as “liquid” and dynamic as the actual experience of changing our state.

Put simply, the idea that nothing stays ever the same in nature unfolds into a new sound technology which combines the application of advanced psychoacoustic principles, special recording techniques and cutting edge sound design tools.

Fractal Entrainment is inspired by the highly aesthetic and contemplative experience of witnessing how cycles occur in nature and designed to induce a unique kinetic sonic experience, able to induce the arousal of a harmonious physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well being.

Fractal soundscapes

to keep your attention constantly stimulated and moving, while increasing your ability to belax.

Sound is mathematics in motion and the session´s architecture is designed to allow for a more dynamic resonance to arise. Inspired by Nature, The Spark’s fine tonal and rhythmic processing techniques create irregularly regular soundscapes that are built to explore the threshold where randomness becomes coherence.

Bilateral stimulation

to optimize complex thought, emotional expression, body awareness and somatic release.

Specific excursion rates known to balance the frontal lobes are arranged three-dimensionally for a more immersive effect. Might help alleviation of PTSD.

Colored Noise

for a unique belaxing yet attention-grabbing soundscape

A mixture of natural impulse noise layers featuring binaural recordings of fire and sparkler sounds, together with fractal additive synthesis techniques -these are proprietary dynamic power spectral densities and overtones designed to resonate to the specific vibrations of the golden mean proportion, nature’s main harmonic energy signature, found by researchers to be associated with the beneficial spiking of nitric oxide.

Infrasonic tones

Ultra-deep frequencies for a calming and flow-inducing session which may increase vitality, strengthen the immune system and have direct healing benefits.

Infrasound technology is used to treat pain, inflammation and swelling and it´s remarkably useful in healing muscles of race horses. The inclusion of low frequency sound provides a more tactile (kinesthetic) kind of entrainment, similar to a sound massage. It is speculated that infrasonic sound may be one aspect of Qi (as observed during the low-level energy emissions of qigong healers), and that it’s something all humans and some animals produce – the most famous example is the cat’s purr and its alleged self-healing properties.

Spiritual harmonics

for a wider perspective based on a gentle mind quieting and a pleasant cognitive enhancement.

Extremely low amplitude, proprietary spectral harmonic energy blends masked by colored noise and mixed so they hover just below the threshold of awareness


for an immersive, three-dimensional sonic stimulation experience

Form follows energy and we have translated this natural design principle into acoustics through a unique and complex layering of geometric swirling shapes that have been binaurally recorded and geometrically engineered.