Trentatron Powerful Permanent Magnet Water Conditioning Device


  • Trentatrons are constructed from 10 Gauge Cold Rolled Carbon Steel.  This heavy steel material has the highest magnetic properties and is vitally important in our Trentatron design.  These are machined parts built to best commercial standards.  US Steel and US Powder Coat in the frame construction.
  • To protect the steel frames a two step powder coat treatment is used.  The steel frames are plated with phosphate as a primer coat and then given a powder coat treatment using polyester powder.  This provides long term corrosion resistance.
  • The magnets are High Grade Triple Plated (Nickel, Copper, Nickel) Neodymium Magnets which produces the most powerful flux density possible using permanent magnets.
  • The faces of the magnets are fully protected against mechanical abrasion and galvanic corrosion.  Bare faced Neodymium magnets can not be used on copper pipe in a damp environment without this added protection.  Don’t buy from any vendor who does not understand this issue.  These magnets will last a lifetime but only because they are well protected against abrasion and corrosion of the magnet plating.
  • All of the fasteners are Stainless Steel for long term corrosion protection and minimal reaction to the magnetic field.
  • Trentatrons come Fully Assembled ready to go with no rework required.
  • Trentatrons are Designed and Assembled in the USA. 

It is best to know how hard your water is to determine how many units you need for your particular application.  Your city water departments have that information available upon request.  Private well owners can have their water tested also.  But you should have a good idea of how hard your water is, even if it hasn’t been tested.  If it’s not that bad but still is hard water you may only need one unit on your main water line.  If it’s the hardest water you have ever seen then you may need three units for your main water line.  If it’s in-between then two may work just fine.  Here are the guidelines on this:

  1. If the Total Hardness of your water is 10.5 Grains (180 ppm) or less, one unit on the cold water source may be all that you need.
  2. If it ranges between 10.5 and 15 Grains (180 to 257 ppm) we recommend two or three units on the cold water supply.
  3. You should use three units on the cold water supply if your Total Hardness exceeds 15 Grains (257ppm).

Designed for 1/4 Inch to 1 1/4 Inch Copper or 1/4 Inch to 1 Inch PVC pipe sizes.

Peak Flux density ≥ 8300 Gauss@ min. pipe OD 

68 lbs. Pull Force per Magnet.  136 lbs. Combined

Magnets are 2″ Long x 1″ Wide x .5″ Thick

Weight: 1 lb. 9 oz.

Frame is 2.75″ Tall x 3″ Long x 2.50″ Wide (including bolts)

Maximum Operational Temperature 175° F.

All units now feature a New Easy to Install Design.

No Tools Required for an easy installation.

Order 1 Trentatron (for Cold Water Service line or Hot Water Booster Unit)

Order 2 Trentatrons for typical residential household having one hot water heater.

One for incoming cold water supply placed between the service side of the water meter and the house and lawn service.

One placed on the Hot Water Pipe coming out of the hot water heater as a booster.

Order 3 Trentatrons for typical residential household having very hard water or two hot water heaters.

One or two for incoming cold water supply placed between the service side of the water meter and the house and lawn service.

One or Two placed on the Hot Water Pipe coming out of the hot water heaters as a booster.