Tri-Ploder Vortex Unit

The triploder takes the so often reported silky laminar feeling people get from the Imploder shower, and does it in triplicate. These kinds of units are for example used in ice rinks where they need the water to crystallize in a more uniform geometry. There are numerous testimonials for what simple vortex motion does to water – the Triploder, is literally THE PERFECTED precise vortex implosion geometry… TIMES THREE! The TriPloder design nozzle produces powerful centripetal self-organizing forces. This appears as a touchable ‘pony tail’ effect, making water silkier and more energized. This vortex action creates the tendency to discard any molecules that are not part of the perfect geometry of pure water. Tests have shown that it reduces chlorine and other impurities. Try the TriPloder for the best “spin” available!

NOTE: Not meant to install in your home