Truth Suite Radionic Reagent


Truth Suite 

Supports truth.

Test-tube size solid quartz tube FREE shipping in US.


My dowsing class does an excellent job of describing how dowsing is a way to measure how much something resonates with current reality.  By definition; Truth resonates with reality, falsehood does not.  So “The Truth Be Known” is a way to reinforce and support current energy patterns and suppress non-coherent (false) ones.

Using this reagent clears away falsehoods large and small.  With that in mind, are you sure you want the truth to be known?  Think about this one really hard.  We all have ideas about ourselves and some of the things we have done to remain private.  Perhaps you have led an exemplary life without mistakes then “The Truth Be Known” should not be an issue, but for the rest of humanity, this is one reagent to handle with care and use it consciously when you need it.

For instance, you want truth to be known when you are conducting business.  You certainly want it to be known when your doctor is diagnosing your issues and when he explains his diagnosis. And you want truth to be known when you are dealing with the government.

Maybe people expect their politicians to be truthful.  But let’s face it, the quickest way for a politician to return to the private sector is to be honest….

Truth is a two-edged sword.  This reagent helps you to be true to yourself and it helps you be true throughout your life.  It dissolves secrets. My advice is to handle this one with care. If you are ready for it, or you have a specific project where you need truth, then, by all means, get it.

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