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2.   Practical Skills based on European Vibrational Radiesthesia & Modern Research

In this Series of Classes You Will Learn To:

  • Detect the Invisible Vibrations which create Balance or Harm
  • Navigate through every part of the Human Body or Subtle Energy Field
  • Identify the exact Focal Point of Problems for Targeted Healing
  • Create the perfect Personalized Healing Solutions for any Person
  • Know the Harmful or Beneficial Effects on Yourself (or Any Person) of:
    Foods, Supplements, Materials, Holistic Healing Methods & Tools, Crystals, Electro-Magnetic Fields, Earth Energy Lines, or even another Person in your Life!
  • Test, Apply, and Combine Precise Vibrations for Custom Healing Formulas


3. Personal Wavelength Course

Course 1/3 of the Vibrational Testing and Healing Series

In This Class You Will Learn:

  • How to “Tune” into the Personal Wavelength (the unique Energy Signature) of any Person, Plant, or Animal — even inanimate objects!
  • The Hidden History of Personal Wavelength Testing: from the Ancient Egyptian Mysteries, to public release in 1900 by Jesuit-trained French Priests.
  • How to Go Beyond the Abilities of systems like Kinesiology (Muscle Testing), to find More Subtle Differences in Energy Effects on Living Beings.
  • How to Test which Types of Foods, Supplements etc. are the most Compatible, the most Healing, and the most Strengthening for a specific person (and even to know which specific Brand of a Supplement is the Best Match for a Person.)
  • The method used by Hundreds of European Doctors in the 1930’s to “Navigate” consciously through any level of a Person’s Energy
  • System to locate all sources of Disturbance and Correct Them (“Medical Physical Radiesthesia”.)
  • egyptian 2
  • How to Test the Energetic Balance or Imbalance in any Organ, Body Part, Acupuncture Poit or Meridian, or Major Energy Centers (including Chakras.)
  • Testing for Side Effects: What parts of the body are weakened or harmed by specific sources.
  • How to Test for Harmful Zones of Toxic Earth Energy Lines or Electro-Magnetic Fields — and How to Know when you have successfully protected People from their Effects (hint: this can be different for different people.)
  • Testing for Polarities on the Human Body or on Objects — and How Polarity can Strengthen or Weaken specific systems in the body.
  • Testing to help Plants, Environmental Areas, Beneficial Insects (Bees etc.), and Animals.
  • Testing for Compatibility: Discover what combination of supplements, foods, materials, minerals, vibrations, etc. will strengthen or weaken a person.
  • How to to detect the presence of Specific Items (whether Beneficial or Harmful) within your body, food, drink, supplements, building materials, etc.
  • How to use “Witnesses” (Vibrational Samples) to Find Hidden Objects or Invisible Energies
  • How to Test Vibrational Tools to see which ones actually Balance Problems in your Energy Field — and which Ones actually Weaken and Unbalance You.


4. Universal Spectrum Course

Course 2/3 of the Vibrational Testing and Healing Series

In This Class You Will Learn:

  • How to Detect the Full Range of Invisible Subtle Energies which affect all Living Beings.
  • Overview of the Energy Effects of all 12 “Bands” of the Vibrational Spectrum.
  • How each of the 12 Vibrational Bands is used in Healing the Human Physical, Energetic, Emotional, Mental, and Spiritual Bodies.
  • How to identify Natural Sources of Each Vibrational Band.
  • Detecting the Specific Vibrations emitted by Shapes and Sacred Geometry and their Effects (which the French called the “Shape-Caused Wave”.)
  • How to Determine the Exact Directions of Energy Waves and their Effects (Turenne’s Method.)
  • Rare Collected Insights and Research Findings about Subtle Vibrations and their Effects, from little-known French Radiesthesia texts.
  • How the 12 Energy “Bands” of the Vibrational Spectrum manifest in Color Therapies.
  • The Ancient “Carrier Wave” of Energy & Information used in Ancient Egypt and China, and its rediscovery by modern European researchers.
  • The Critical Differences Between Life Energy and Electro-Magnetic Energies.
  • Hands-On Practices with all 12 Energy Bands in the Vibrational Spectrum.
  • The Power of the “13th Band”: the Centering Energy Quality.
  • Awakening Spiritual Awareness through Vibrational Spectrum Practices.
  • The Full “144 Band Vibrational Spectrum” system: Demonstration of advanced 144-band Tools for Testing and Applying Precise Energies.
  • Toxic Earth Energies: Research from Germany, Austria, Switzerland, & Egypt.
  • How to use the Vibrational Spectrum to Detect and Track Hidden Objects, Invisible Energies, and even Higher Non-Physical Realities.



5. Custom Vibrational Healing

Course 3/3 of the Vibrational Testing and Healing Series

How to Test, Apply & Combine Precise Energies from Crystals, Plants, Vibrational Tools, and
Human BioEnergy

In this course you will use the skills you gained in the first two classes of the Vibrational Testing and Healing Series, to create a stable resonance between your energy field and a specific healing vibration. You will learn to entrain our energy system to this healing vibration, so that you can in time generate that precise vibration at will within your own energy system.

It then becomes possible to directly project that specific healing vibration through your own bio-energy field into any person, place, or thing. 

This opens up a tremendous potential for hands-on energy healing. You will gain the ability to select (and accurately project) the specific vibrations needed by any person, drawing on a much larger (and more precise) full-spectrum set of precise vibrations than the relatively few energies which are known and used by most holistic healing systems today.egypt nets
You will then begin your path of conscious mastery of the complete Universal Vibrational Spectrum.

In This Class You Will Learn:

  • How to Test and Apply the Hidden Vibrational Powers from Natural Sources.
  • Creating Custom Vibrational Formulas: Finding the Optimal Combination of Multiple Vibrations for Healing a Specific Person or Problem.
  • How to Test, Navigate, and Heal Different Levels of the Human Subtle Bodies.
  • Powerful Uses of Crystals and Minerals based on their Vibrational Code.
  • The Remarkable Vibrations of True “Vogel Crystals”.
  • Energies of Indian and Taoist Planetary Gems.vogel crystal
  • How to Apply the Stones (which are almost unknown today) which have strong Centering Energy Quality.
  • New Research: Natural Energy Combinations, Plants, Essential Oils, and Vibrational Tools.
  • How to link Different Vibrational Bands with the Centering Energy, for Optimal Balancing Effects.
  • The Next Step in Human Bio-Energy Healing: The Precise Emanation of any Energy within the complete Vibrational Spectrum.
  • How to Emanate Specific Advanced Energies through your Hands and Fingertips (and add them to any Bio-Energy Healing Method to Supercharge your Results.)
  • Understanding Plant Medicine: Creating Custom Vibrational Formulas for the Simultaneous Targeting of different Organs, Glands, and Energy Flows.
  • “Reading” the Vibrational Shift between different Potency Levels in Homeopathic Medicines.
  • The Power of Essential Oils: Concentrating the Vibrational Radiations of the Plant.
  • The Energetic Basis behind Applications of Plant and Animal Parts in Chinese Medicine.
  • Tracking Vibrational Changes created by Time Cycles (including the Power of the Moon Phases.)
  • Converting Classical Herbal Formulas into Essential Oil mixtures.
  • “Tuning” the Energy Fields of People, Plants or Animals.
  • Finding Hidden Vibrational Similarities — and Differences — between specific Stones, Plants, Oils, etc.
  • The Energy Science behind Sacred Geometry Patterns: Vibrations from Shapes.
  • Indian Yantras and Tibetan Mandalas: Creating Vibrational Resonance with Higher Healing Beings through Shapes.
  • Guided Spiritual Journey though the complete Vibrational Spectrum: Attaining a Direct Experience of Every Phase of Divine Creation.
  • The Power of the “144” Vibrational Spectrum & its Profound Spiritual Significance.
  • Applying the “Personal Wavelength” principle to Advanced Energy and Spiritual Practices (Tuning the “Central Column” in the Human Energy Field.)
  • Healing using the Power of the Mind & Human BioEnergy (No Physical Devices Needed.)


6. Essential Teachings and Practices of Spiritual Science 

Today we are seeing a remarkable release of deep spiritual initiation information from multiple world traditions; however few modern spiritual seekers have the keys to be able to sort through this mass and turn it into an optimized, effective path of spiritual development.

In addition, many currently available materials — including the most hyped New Age teachings – are often of wildly varying quality and accuracy.

It can take years of intense searching to locate the highest quality information and hidden techniques from multiple traditions. It takes even more years to extract the essentials, so that you can both understand and practically apply this higher level material.

This Spiritual Science course is devoted to providing access to critical knowledge and techniques, described clearly and concisely.
In this course we will strip away the “veils” which usually hide the deeper teachings of classical spiritual traditions from the public.

Practical Methods taught in this course include:

  • The Essential Method to Know the Effects of Any Spiritual Practice on your Subtle Bodies.
  • How and Why to Practice the Two Essential types of Meditation (and why so many traditions teach just one type and not both.)
  • Exercises to Learn the Unique Structures of Your Energy Body (and how this is essential to choosing spiritual practices which are beneficial to you instead of harmful.)
  • How to Perform Six of the Most Essential Spiritual Practices (known by the European Rosicrucians to have the power to neutralize problems coming from other spiritual practices, or from our long term karmic patterns.)
  • An Essential Western Tradition Breathing Practice (and why it is completely different from most Eastern practices.)
  • The natural Master Method to Awaken any Spiritual Center in the Body.
  • 3 Key Methods to Remove Energetic Blockages.

Topics covered in this course include:

  • The Spiritual Importance of the Modern Independent Path to Spiritual Initiation (and why millions of people are now drawn to this path.)
  • Why Different Spiritual Traditions do NOT all Lead to the Same Outcome (hidden secrets of structuring the subtle bodies.)
  • How and Why the Modern Path to Spiritual Development (and Perceiving Spiritual Realities) is Different from the Ancient Path.
  • Why Advanced Spiritual Exercises have to be Adjusted for Different People (and can cause extreme harm if not adjusted.)
  • The Difference between a Seer, a Magician, an Intuitive, and an Initiate.
  • The Key Eastern and Western systems of Energy Activation and How to Practice Them Safely (and the secret of Kundalini vs. “Reversed Kundalini” activations.)
  • The Key Places where you can Activate Spiritual Forces in your Physical Body (and the reasons for different Subtle Body Maps used in different traditions.)
  • Mapping which Traditions hold which Pieces of Critical Information you may Need on Your Path (the role of different traditions in the new Universal Spiritual Science.)
  • Choosing your Spiritual Destiny: Why Different Traditions are going opposite directions in developing the human Spirit Core – and What this means for You.
  • Why your Spiritual Experiences after Death, and your Future Destiny, depend on what  Spiritual Practices you Choose Now.
  • The Key Modern Error of “Occult Materialism” and How to Avoid It.
  • The Critical Difference between Systems regarding Gurus vs. Teachers (and the hidden consequences of “Purification in Place”.)
  • Kundalini Awakenings: Why they are essential and Why they so often go wrong (and where to find help when serious problems arise.)
  • Learning to Perceive and Differentiate between the Three Key Types of Spiritual Beings.
  • Independent Initiation vs. Guru Initiation: Honest Talk about Advantages and Disadvantages of Both Systems.
  • 7 Stages of Different Initiation Systems: Classical, Esoteric Christian, and Rosicrucian.
  • 4 Types of Spiritual Paths in Rudolf Steiner’s Rosicrucian Initiation School.
  • The “Initiation Trials” of Water, Air, and Fire which everyone will face on the Path.
  • Recognizing when Spiritual Beings intervene on our behalf.
  • Why you chose to incarnate in a specific body in this incarnation: Karmic Opportunities of Different Genders, Races, and Cultures.
  • The Significance & Power of the Archangelic Ages: The Current Age of Michael and Creating a Universal Spiritual Science.
  • The “Secret Doctrine” of human spiritual evolution (and why this is essential to know in order to pick the best spiritual exercises for yourself.)
  • Choosing “Where Will I Go” and “Who Will Go With Me.”
  • The Three Different Types of Spiritual Groups (and why so many people waste years getting nowhere in their spiritual development.)


7. Connecting to Spiritual Realites

Core Teachings & Practices for Conscious Connection to Higher Worlds

Benefits of this Course Include:

  • Access Advanced Spiritual Training from Your Own Home, On Your Own Schedule
  • Save Time with our Concise Summary of Rare and Essential Information (30 years of Intensive Research Distilled into 12 Hours of Online Instruction) 
  • Enjoy Profound Awakenings of Your Energy Body and Higher Consciousness
  • Develop True Discernment (so rare today) Between the Many Different Types of Helpful and Harmful Spiritual Beings You will Encounter on the Spiritual Path
  • Avoid the Painful Mistakes commonly made by many modern Spiritual Seekers (recognize the “Initiation Challenges” which always occur on the Spiritual Path, and use them for Accelerated Spiritual Development — instead of being Crushed by Them)
  • Attain True Spiritual Freedom and Independence (Become Aware of the Invisible Influences on Your Thoughts, Feelings, and Actions) 

Practices Include:

  • Activating the Main Centers of the Human Energy Body (including the little-known Centers in the Central Axis of Energy, which hold a Key to Advanced Healing)
  • Clearing the Spiritual Column Above the Human Head
  • Activating & Experiencing the Twin Archangelic Energy Currents in the Body
  • Activating and Balancing the Energy Centers Above and Below the Human Body
  • Activating the Central Current of Energy to Open the Crown and Forehead Centers (the “Egyptian Ureaus” Energy Movement)
  • Perceiving the Spiritual within the People we Live and Work With 
  • Advanced Practice: Connecting to the 9 Ranks of Angelic Beings, through Precise Points in your Energy Field (NOTE: this practice is not available from any other public source)

Topics Include:

  • Key Methods through which Spiritual Beings Connect to Human Beings
  • Divine Mind-Power (and its Reflection within every Human Being)
  • The 9 Levels of Higher Spiritual Beings (Angelic Hierarchies)
  • Balancing Love and Freedom in our Daily Lives 
  • The “Initiation Trials” which are Guaranteed to Appear in Your Life — and How to Deal with Them (Essential Keys known to in Earlier Times but Forgotten Today)
  • The Critical Difference between Nature Elementals and Human-Generated Elemental Beings (Known as “Tulpas” in the Tibetan tradition)
  • Discerning between True Angelic Beings and the “Angelic Elementals” projected from the Human Mind (An Essential Topic rarely taught today)
  • How to Become Aware of the Spiritual Beings Connecting to You
  • Why some Spiritual Beings of Great “Light” are not necessarily “Good” or Beneficial
  • The Spiritual Beings which Seek to Influence all Spiritual Seekers to Overestimate our Current Level of Development (and to accept Distorted Spiritual Teachings)
  • The Only Thing You will Take with You through the Gate of Death (and How to Develop it during your Present Lifetime)
  • The Spiritual Beings which provide Resistance to Human Spiritual Development 
  • The 7 Fundamental Qualities needed to Connect Clearly with Spiritual Beings


8.  Uniting Spiritual & Vibrational Practices For Accelerated Clearing and Core Energy Activation

Experiential Practices in this Training include:

  • The “Breathing Light” Practice: Creating Literal “Enlightenment” inside the Head.
  • The Rosicrucian “Dissolving Practice” with the Power of a Stone (Revealing the hidden Vibrations and Spiritual Beings within Crystals and Gems – A Key Practice to Add to the Material given in our Online Crystals Training.)
  • The Essential “Pillar of Light” Practice (including How to Anchor the Spiritual Pillar in a Location).
  • The “Awakening the 4 Ethers” Practice taught publicly by Dr. Gilbert for the first time ever in this training.  Experience the Four Hidden Levels of Life Energy in the Body, which hold tremendous power for Vibrational Healing & Higher Consciousness.  Also includes Experiencing the Hidden “Fifth Ether”.
  • The “Pushing Out Toxicity” Energetic Practice (Simple and Highly Effective, yet almost never taught clearly in modern spiritual circles.)

 Topics in this training include:

  • Key Mistakes made by many Vibrational Healers — and How to Avoid Them.
  • Specific Taoist Herbs & Formulas to Activate Stages of Higher Spiritual Development.
  • Minerals and Stones to Purge, Clear and Activate the Energy Body.
  • Rudolf Steiner’s Work on the “Four Ethers”  and How They Form a Hidden Key to Vibrational Healing and Higher Consciousness.
  • Vibrational Activation of the essential Central Channel of Energy in the Human Body (including the Four Hidden Layers of the Central Channel).
  • Stages of Internal Light Activation.
  • Learning to Perceive the Spiritual Beings active within Vibrations, and the Vibrations emanating from Invisible Spiritual Influences.
  • How Vibrational Radiesthesia can Powerfully Support Vibrational and Spiritual Development.
  • Forgotten Initiation Methods of Activating and Anchoring the Pillar of Light: Literally connecting Heaven and Earth.
  • Stones & Methods which create Upward or Downward Energy Movements in the Human Body.
  • Spirit (“Shen”) Tonics based on Herbs or Minerals.
  • Summary of Essential Vibrational Applications of Stones and Gems.
  • Daoist Secrets of Spiritual Development: Becoming a “True Immortal” and avoiding beoming a “Ghost Immortal”.
  • What Chinese Herbal “Dragon Bone” really Is, and Why it Works.
  • The Natural Substance used by Daoists to Correct the Potentially Deadly “Counterlow of Chi”.
  • The Herbal Clearing of “Ghosts” from the Human Energy Field in Daoist Medicine.
  • What Wilhelm Reich’s “Orgone” really is: Deeper Aspects of the Four Ethers.
  • Why the “Creative Ether” is so Difficult to Access by Most Human Beings Today.
  • One of the Deepest Rosicrucian Mysteries: The “Fifth Ether” and How it is Created by Advanced Human Beings.
  • How the “Bodhisattva Vow” Relates to a Natural Stage of Higher Spiritual Development: Perceiving the Energy, Emotions, and Thoughts of entire Large Groups of Human Beings.
  • The Importance of Seeing Our Core Weaknesses and “Psychic Fault Lines” where We can Literally be Broken Apart (and How We Try to Distract Ourselves from Seeing These Fault Lines).
  • The Most Important Spiritual Practice: Why It is So Essential, and How to Perform It.
  • The Core Principles behind Consciously Pushing Toxic Energies Out of the Body.
  • Recognizing the “Role” which People in Our Life have Cast Us Into — and How We Do the Same to the People around Us.


9. How to Use Crystals and Gemstones for Precision Healing, Protection & Energy Balancing

This course offers a solid foundation in real-world, life-changing applications of the mineral world for health, energy, and higher consciousness.

Topics Include:

  •  How Paramagnetic Stones can Recharge the Human Energy Body
  • Details of Precise Vibrational Qualities and Uses of Different Crystals & Gems 
  • The Indian (Vedic) System for using Gemstones for Healing and Spiritual Purposes
  • The Best — and Worst — Places on the Body to wear Stones and Crystals (Why  one of the most common places is also one of the most dangerous) 
  • Classic Indian Principles for Selecting a Gemstone (and Modern Advances which will improve your selection – before you spend thousands of dollars of Vedic Gemstones!)
  • How the Forests of Central Europe were Protected from Nuclear Fallout of the  Chernobyl Disaster (the Critical Mineral used to help Protect against Radiation)
  • Why Selecting the Right Gemstone can Save Your Life (and Choosing the Wrong Gemstone can be Catastrophic)
  • The Critical Difference between “Programming” and “Instructing” a Crystal
  • Which Crystal has the rare ability to hold the the Spiritual Vibration which Clears Entities and Thoughtforms from the Human Energy Field
  • Best Crystals for Broadcasting Beneficial Energies over a Location
  • Using Crystals to Amplify Energy from 2-D & 3-D Designs
  • Best Crystals for Absorbing Toxic Energies from a Person or Location
  • Which Stones MUST avoid Sunlight to protect their power (and which can be Cleared in the Sun)
  • The problem with using Selenite Wands for clearing the Human Energy Field –  and a Better Solution
  • Best Crystals for Protecting the Human Energy Field from Negative Thoughtforms, Elementals, and Psychic Attacks
  • Classical Methods to Amplify Landscape Power Spots with Stones
  • Sacred Geometry in Crystal Design and in Crystal Grids
  • The Best Crystal Designs for Removing Toxicity from the Human Energy Field  (and the important Mistake made by many Healers) 
  • “Tuning” a Crystal through Shape, Angle, and Number Qualities

rose quartz spheres

Practices and Demonstrations Include:

  • How to Test Crystals for their Invisible Energy Qualities
  • The 7 Essential Keys to safely extract toxicity from the Human Energy Field
  • How to most effectively project beneficial energies & color frequencies with Crystals
  • How to Test Crystal Effects on any Person’s Entire Energy Field or any Body  Part (Glands, Organs, Injury Sites, Energy Centers, etc.)
  • How to use a single Crystal to Expand the Human Energy Field & Activate Multiple Energy Centers
  • Combining Activation Crystals and Projection Crystals for Maximum Power and  Protection when Healing
  • How to Activate a Crystal “Gateway Guardian” of a Location
  • How to Activate a Crystal to Broadcast Beneficial Energies
  • The Best — and Worst — Ways to Hold a Crystal during Energy Healing
  • How to Infuse a Specific Kind of Crystal with the Spiritual Energy which Clears  Thoughtforms and Entities 
  • How to Test Crystals to see if they are contaminated and need to be Cleared
  • How to Clear Crystals without Harming their Energies (and What Commonly  Used Method you should NEVER use to clear quality gems & crystals!)
  • How to “Instruct” Crystals – and which Crystals can take which Instructions
  • How to Consecrate a Crystal to Manifest the Power of a specific Spiritual Being,  Energy, or Plane

vogel crystal 250

Special Section on the Work of Marcel Vogel Topics and Practices:

  • Marcel Vogel and the Power of the Mind: Imprinting Mental images in Liquid Crystals
  • Essential Keys to Marcel Vogel’s Amazing Crystal Discoveries 
  • The Critical Differences between True and Fake “Vogel Crystals”
  • Marcel Vogel’s own Crystal Healing Method
  • Structuring Water (and Wine) with Vogel Crystals
  • Different Types of True Vogel Crystals: Sizes, Materials, & Number Frequencies


10. BioGeometry® FT Practicum

Course One: Skill Development for Graduates of The BioGeometry® Foundation Training

Presented by Robert J. Gilbert, Ph.D.

This Course is ONLY available to graduates of the BG FT.

This Course Is Designed To:

  • Review Essential Practices from each level of the BG Foundation training.
  • Develop Higher Skills in your essential hands-on Energy Testing and Balancing.
  • Be a Practicum for you to apply your skills to needed corrections in your own home and office.
  • Learn Subtleties and Combinations of Techniques for more effective Energy Balancing applications.

The online course is devoted primarily to strengthening your practical application of BioGeometry. Key concepts from the course will be reviewed, however the emphasis is on your hands-on skill development to apply BioGeometry more effectively in your own life!

This course is recommended for all BioGeometry students, regardless of what areas you apply BioGeometry in.

Online Course Format:

This course consists of 3 Online Classes and a recorded Conference Call where Dr. Gilbert answers questions regarding practical applications taught in the course!

Each Class Offers:

  • 6 – 9 hours of Streaming Video Instruction for each class.
  • Downloadable Audio File of each week’s video.
  • Downloadable Handout with new material, plus selected material from training binder with commentary, for each class.
  • Step-by-Step Demonstrations of Key Energy Quality Testing & Energy Balancing Method taught in the BG FT.
  • Clarification of Fine Points of Techniques.
  • Information on Combining Techniques for More Powerful Results.
  • On-Site Video Instruction Showing How to Correct Key Electro-Magnetic Field and Earth Lines issues, using real-world locations and situations.
  • Skill Development Practices for you to practically apply the lessons of each class.

This Course Will Be Available to You Online for 1 Year After You Register!

Class 1: Skill in Testing and Balancing

Class 2: Skill in Essential Energy Balancing Applications

Class 3: Skill in Detailed Human Energy Field Testing, BioSignatures, and Design

Recorded Conference Call with Dr. Robert J. Gilbert

Tuition: $330


11. BioGeometry® AT Practicum

BioGeometry Skills Development

Presented by Robert J. Gilbert, Ph.D.

Course Two: Skill Development for Graduates of the BioGeometry Advanced Training

with Dr. Robert J. Gilbert

This BG Advanced Training Practicum course has been created to offer online continuing education for all graduates in good standing of the BioGeometry Advanced Training.

This course is only available to graduates of the BG AT.

This Skill Development course for BG AT Grads will cover ONLY material from the BG AT; it will NOT cover any essential techniques or information from the BG Foundation Training.  AT graduates can take the AT Online Skill Development course alone, however we strongly recommend taking both the FT and AT Online Skill Development courses together to receive the full benefits of these courses.

The BG AT Practicum course is available for $330.

There is also a special $100 discount for AT graduates taking both the FT and AT Online Practicum courses together – see this option on the main page for BG courses.

This BG AT Skill Development course has been designed to:

  • Review Essential Practices from each level of the training.
  • Develop Higher Skills in your essential hands-on Energy Testing and Balancing.
  • Be a Practicum for you to apply your skills to needed corrections in your own home and office.
  • Learn Subtleties and Combinations of Techniques for more effective Energy Balancing applications.

The online course is devoted primarily to strengthening your practical application of BioGeometry.

Key concepts from the course will be reviewed, however the emphasis is on your hands-on skill development to apply BioGeometry more effectively in your own life!

This AT Skill Online Development course is recommended for ALL BioGeometry students, regardless of what areas you apply BioGeometry in.