Zozeyko Power Pendant


Zozeyko Power Pendant

ZoZeyko POWER PENDANT can be used as a Pendulum and/or put your witness in the center intake well for the energy to always be with you.



While the ZoZeyko Power Pendant looks like an extraordinary pendulum, it is that and even more.  It is simple to add or remove energy from patterns, but the power comes from being able to pass your intent directly into it, so it can continue to work even after you have set it down.

The other tools in the ZoZeyko family may be more powerful, this pendant is perhaps the most capable.  I carry mine with me at all times and use it throughout the day for my regular energy work and to assist with my clients.

In my opinion, this is a ‘must-have’ energy device.

ZoZeyko POWER PENDANT can be used as a Pendulum and/or put your witness in the center intake well for the energy to be with you, always.

Choosing the Right Pendant?

Pendants are very personal and people often form very strong connections to particular pendulums. It is important to trust your instincts when choosing a pendulum. Go with a pendulum that feels right, that you are drawn to. Some people have a particular association with certain crystals such as Clear Quart or Ameythst. They find a pendulum made of that particular crystal the right choice for them. There are even pendulums that allow you to place different stones inside them. In addition to crystal pendulums you can also use piece of personal jewellery on a chain as a pendulum. Below are some examples of different Pendulums.

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