The following is a question and response from the Journal of Borderlands Research regarding the extent of the the “emissions-due-to-form” from the geometries of Trevor James Constable Etheric Translators for weather engineering.

“I greatly appreciate the magazine keep up the good work! Reading the Weather Engineering article in Borderlands, 2nd Qtr. 1996, Trevor Constable states: “The etheric is manipulated by the geometry of the bulls, the geometry of their insertion into the etheric continuum, and the velocity … ” Several points occurred to me:

1) Without knowing the specific “Geometry of the Bulls” involved in weather engineering, it is reasonable to expect that different forms will have a continuum of varying effectiveness, the more or less closely they approximate some ideal effective shape. Forms of any given shape should demonstrate some predictable effects. If a specific shape, cut to some precise “geodetic” measurements produces 100% of the effect, another shape, less exact, should produce 90%, or 80%, etc. For any standard-shape object, some effect would be expected, even though it may not be the full effect of an ideally shaped object.

At the present time, enormous numbers of highly-standardized-shaped objects are routinely “inserted into the etheric continuum”, particularly in transport of building materials: bulk shipments of piping both metallic and nonmetallic, bulk shipments of metal rod, bar, and sheet stock; bulk shipments of finished lumber and plywood. These objects should act, albeit inadvertently, as “Bulls” of some sort or other.

These objects, of a limited number of highly standard shapes and dimensions, are routinely palletized-packed, and shipped in such a way that orientation aboard their transporting vehicles is very often predictable. Routine vehicle speeds in any particular transport corridor are determinable. The specific and average compass headings of the transporting vehicles is readily determined for every transport leg.

There should thus arise opportunities to demonstrate measurable and quantifiable weather alteration pattern effects generated by the regular and repeated shipments of, for example: steel pipe of standard dimensions; from a specific foundry; at standard compass headings, and mostly uniform average speeds along specific roadways; upon specific sectors of countryside There should also be consistent, detectable effects of vehicle traffic itself, when objects of regular general form (for example, the rather consistent cylindrical shapes and proportions of jet aircraft hulls) repeatedly and regularly traverse the same compass headings at relatively uniform velocities over well-defined corridors.

Specific etheric effects must be produced by the processing or assembly of any standardized-shape objects. There should be zones of etheric effect detectable and the objective reality of the effects should be measurable in the vicinity of any such “ethericly [sic] manipulated” location. Possible sites for investigation: a post office (standard letters and packages, with regular stacking and routing orientations); a library (standard book sizes, with linear orientation on bookshelves); business or government records depositories (standard file-folders, in linear grids of file-cabinets, currently; standard size parchment & papyrus scrolls, in classical times; standard size cuneiform tablets, in Ur and Babylon); very large structures (the Gizeh Pyramid – standard sized, regularly oriented stone blocks by the tens of millions).

2) Could the effect of external mounting of”Etheric Bulls” on small aircraft be accomplished also by carrying them inside an aircraft? How about, by simply shipping them, via air freight palletized to ensure their particular orientation to the air-flight corridor traversed?

3) The phenomenon of “sequestration” of attention noted is real; but the idea that overcoming blindness in one limited area confers unlimited vision in all areas is a premature conclusion. The idea that a coming era of “etheric engineering” will be (or could be) characterized by “commercial” exploitation and development, may be illusory.

Serious metaphysical consideration suggests that the exploitative nature of the “commercial development” paradigm may be physically inapplicable to etheric-engineering efforts -the nature of the ether itself may well preclude “commercial utilization” of these effects. The author of the article does not seem to be able to imagine anyway other than “commercial” to make the benefits of this science available to humankind.

There do exist alternative models for achieving development: for example, in the culture of classical Rome, wealthy individuals competed for the right to build bridges, waterworks, etc., not for the pay-back of tolls for their use, but for the honor of having made donations to the general weal. Throughout Asia, and even in parts of Europe, individual ascetics and monks excavated hard-rock tunnel-passages for the ease of travelers in mountainous regions, for the attainment of solely religious merit. Cooperative development schemes in the 3rd world also provide possible models – and in exactly those regions that most suffer from extremes of weather, drought, deforestation and desertification.

Could it be, that etheric weather engineering, while in theory profitable in the commercial sense, is simply not amenable to being manipulated for individual or corporate “commercial” gain? The remarkable difficulty and resistance experienced by numerous researchers who have attempted profitable commercial exploitation of these sorts of phenomena, could be the result of orderings of the physical world as a result of a priori metaphysical realities. This might explain the apparent (so far!) absence of use of etheric weather engineering for strategic political or military purposes. That absence is glaring, considering that the military/political sector has such ready access to aircraft and personnel for experimentation, and extremely powerful motivation for the investigation”. – Rashid Raymond Patch, San Francisco, CA

Trevor Constable replies: Referring to his points: 1. Of course it is reasonable to expect that different geometric forms will have different effects. One must nevertheless begin where one can, and preferably where the original discoverer broke through. This, we have done, starting with the cylindrical tubes of Dr. Reich.

From there we have investigated other forms, whose capacity to interact with the etheric continuum is well-established, e.g., cones. Cones and cylinders have been used separately, and in combinations, both statically and dynamically. Many other shapes have been tested in various formats through the years, always with the Golden Section proportion central to designs.

Whether or not declining precision of geometric shapes produces linear decline in results in this work, as Mr. Patch conjectures, I cannot say. One could spend decades elucidating such things, but to what purpose, when precise shapes are the obvious and effective way to go?

I do not doubt that commercial shipments of such geometric forms as steel and concrete pipe, exert effects on the weather. I have several times directly observed such happenings. My reaction to Mr. Patch’s proposal that palletized shipments of various geometric forms, in regular commerce, should be tracked and plotted to determine weather modification effects, is that such a proposal is totally unrealistic and irrational. Factoring in compass headings, highway speeds, traffic conditions and so on, as he envisions,-would soon bury any etheric effects under tons of mechanistic data.

Extending this proposed analysis to shipments of books, file folders, file cabinets, papyrus scrolls, or to an effort to determine the etheric effects of processing and assembling such geometric forms is not feasible at this time. The cost of any such program would be enormous. Furthermore, if we have learned anything in our work, it is that geometric forms must be entered into the etheric continuum as purely as possible, with minimal appendages for mounting. Bundling, crating or packing geometric forms would certainly scramble and probably nullify their effects. There is no sound reason to make such investigations, whereas utilizing the etheric continuum to engineer and control weather is of obvious value and merit. This despite attendant hazards stemming from dishonest and malicious human beings.

Let me point out also, that in our early work, we entered tubes into engineering work in random diameters and lengths, sometimes using as many as 150 such tubes. This produced such vast effects we could easily detect and analyze them. As time passed, and we learned more, these massive batteries were supplanted by ever smaller units right down to the size of a coffee mug. So the processes Mr. Patch seems to be reaching for, have been developing over the past 28 years.

2. Etheric translators about half the size of a human head, but not the 4-ft long Bulls, have been carried inside an aircraft hull, circa 1991. They work there, with grossly tangible but highly undesirable effects. There is a difference between 70 mph at 1,000 feet, and 500 mph at 35,000 feet, and as I have so often said, velocity is a multiplier in mobile operations. Mr. Patch’s passion for palletizing things, is not necessary in airborne applications, which are proceeding one step at a time to maintain control of such operations, and to directly observe local effects.

3. Repeatedly I have emphasized that the coming epoch of etheric power will have to be undergirded by a new kind of financing, and a new type of financier. Such things will duly eventuate, and we wait more on them than we do on inventors with new ways to power our civilization. There can be no enabling of satisfactory fusion of these radical new technologies with the old greed driven order and its compulsive criminality. As far as commercial development is concerned, nothing effective will eventuate nevertheless, without the application of modern business methods. These methods already exist and are proven ways to get things done. In partnership with the coming etheric technology, they will be purged of the criminality that pervades commerce and politics today. The methods themselves are an evolutionary development.

As far as Mr. Patch’s assertion that I “do not seem able to imagine any way other than ‘commercial’ to make the benefits of this science available to humankind,” merely signifies that he does not know me very well. I have toiled in the etheric vineyard for over 40 years, and have carried out my version of the ancient tunneling monks he cites, with every bit as much energy and dedication as those estimable Holy Judes. In the article that Mr. Patch seems not to have fully read I sketch the type of human beings, and their qualities, assets and motives, necessary to carry the work on into the world. We were driven throughout by the principle of service to others. We can expect to see businessmen and businesswomen begin appearing who will have similar drives, along with the abilities necessary to play their part in the transformation of’the Earth. Solid, sound business methods are a vital part of all this. -Trevor James Constable ~ TJC


This article was sourced from the Borderlands Vol LII No 4, Fourth Quarter 1996 

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