Over the last few years Gerry Vassilatos has contributed several important and vital articles to the journal Borderlands. He is also the author of the many volumes of the Vril Compendium. In this interview, Gerry intimately discusses the work of many notable researchers, including his own researches, which naturally led to the rediscovery of Vril.

Michael Theroux: How did you first become interested in the “Borderlands” of science?

Gerry Vassilatos: This is a mystical theme whose traces have flowed over and through my life for as long as I can remember …
since childhood. The strange awareness of “a forgotten world” was deeply and continually impressed on me. I had numerous dreams
about farm like neighborhoods in my backyard, complete with brooks, sunlight, and people. When I was about seven years old I conducted an expedition with my friends to find it! Certain very special dreams excited my faith in the “secret world” found just within reach.

MT: How did this “secret world” hold up in the face of physical evidence?

GV: You mean did we physically locate the “secret world”?

MT: Yes.

GV: Well, yes we did. The question here is one of sensitivity. Here is precisely where quantitative science rolls its eyes and walks away. Children do not stop at the inertial boundaries of matter. Their minds and beings are permeated with the vision of whatever their
playworld reveals. They literally envision an eidetic world. This is especially true at a specific “borderland” age, when dream visions
and the material world are directly and powerfully sensed. At this critical age, both dream worlds and the material world sensibly coexist
in a state of maximum fusion. Were this reality apprehended and remembered by more adults, there would be no quantitative sciences at all.
The world-dream state explains and enriches our understanding of childhood’s lost sensations. The world-dream state explains all ancient natural sciences.

In this rare and often lost experiential sense, children easily comprehend that inertial matter is enhosted by visionary worlds, whose luminous existence for them is far more vivid than the dulled images of ordinary reality. During our childhood search for the “secret world”, my friends and I were each totally permeated with the vision of the place we sought. In this visionary fusion, we possessed … or rather, were possessed by … that secret world all along.

Furthermore, we were not disappointed with the fact that it “was underground … underneath our feet”. In fact, we kept going to the place where we most strongly felt its presence nearly every day for an entire summer. There was no question in our minds whether the
secret world existed. The wonderful phenomenon remains: children at play together share the same “invisible places and forms”.
There we were, looking for the portal of entry which seemed to be right under a very lush patch of dark green vegetation. In fact, the
sign which convinced us all that the portal was near came in the form of mysterious black caterpillars … creatures we had only seen
in that very spot!

While we were children, it was not difficult to see exactly “how” the neighborhood landscape was shaped by the permeating
presence of the secret world. Mountains grew straight out of the eastern corner of our block. There was a magickal blue lake behind
my friend’s house, and the “secret bubbling caves” were across the street, behind a row of houses under a patch of green. My friends
and I found a Martian portal near another friend’s backyard wall, made entirely of black sparkling mica schist. The imaginal memories are endless, and not without their landscape correspondence. Whenever I re-visit my old neighborhood, I automatically experience childhood’s world-schema. In fact, now that I think of it, my friends and I always did this while growing up.

You see, for children, the secret world is a fixed reality, one which interacts most directly with the apparent landscape. It was no problem for us as children to flow freely in the vision of this secret world, which here and there was peeking through the inertial boundaries of our neighborhood. Also, we were quite aware that adults did not share the secret world. They couldn’t see the secret places.

MT: Children see no difference between dreams and nature.

GV: That’s right. Dreams, visions, ideas, and nature … children know that there is no difference among these supposedly separated domains at a most fundamental level.

During this childhood period, my friends and I designed and built “machines” seen in dreams. When built of cardboard, aluminum, string, and other metallic parts, our devices performed a strange work. First, they intensified our memory of forgotten dream portions. This signalled the fact that our machines were “in tune with” the dream current source. It is marvelous that, with each visionary world we sought, there was a specific tool by which we each felt that world greatly focussed in our vision. But this is the very essence of radionic science at the new level in which you and I are working.

Once built, the machines stimulated us into powerfully imaginative “interplanetary journeys” during playtime. These hours were so real that I yet cannot help seeing the planetary landscapes when I recall them. We, as children freely do, travelled to the moon, to planets, and to distant worlds of legend. The phenomenon of playtime observed in . children, reveals fundamental principles concerning reality and perception. This, of course, is my point in mentioning these seemingly fanciful things.

I have since made a small study of “child machines”. The curious technology-defying behavior of these devices is a powerful revelation. Once constructed, these “machines” first magnify and revitalize the dream vision. They intensify the dream which inspired them. Dream machines secure a far more permeating power than that which ordinary inertial machines can ever achieve. Inertial machines perform familiar physical actions . . . lighting, heating, rotating, rolling, buzzing .. . all the signals which prove to mechanists that the machine is “a success”. Inertial technologies only count a machine successful when outward displays of sound, motion, and energetic discharges are perceived.

MT: And most observers would say that radionic tuners appear “null”.

GV: Yes, radionic instruments appear to “do nothing” from the inertial perspective. But what they actually do perform is far more
potent action: they modify experiential reality directly. In fact, they work in this manner most powerfully when they appear “to do
nothing”. I have made a deep and intriguing study of the “nullpoints” or “inactivities” found among radionic circuit components.

Equally strange are the “nullpoints” found in natural settings. Regardless of their sites, whether natural or artifice, the most potent
and fundamental visionary power is manifested at “nullpoints”. Here, the material world is host to the surging currents which compose dreams and consciousness. The currents move through the static transducers. Sensitivity reveals the fundamental visionary content of these currents. Frequently used radionic tuners which are ground-connected often discharge visionary impressions to nearby recipients.

Dream machines are special radionic devices whose discharges require a special discernment and sensitivity before they may even
be recognized. We are always receiving these visionary currents, but have been trained to ignore their message. These compose the
“background imagery” which every mind’s eye envisions. It is not uncommon for an entire population to receive identical visionary
impressions when passing through a specific building or natural site in town. Buildings were someone else’s dream machine.

Therefore, most quantitative observers will smile benignly when watching children interact with their dream machines. These observers, insensitive to the real discharges and actions being released, rarely comprehend the great intensity with which children are so occupied. In this aspect, children behave with the power of a religious intent. Those who contradict the vision in playtime are outcasts from the corporate experience. Children know this, and make “gestures of pity” toward those who cannot participate. Children are in strict contact with ground-generative energies which transact as visions.

MT: How and when did you discover the visionary ground energy which you have referred to as Vril?

GV: Well, knowledge about Vril began with a startling experience. This all occurred during one summer period about ten years ago.

I was in Florida and feeling rather under the humid, oppressive August weather. There was a tall iron clothesline pole in the
midst of a large green meadow. One full sunlit morning, this pole seemed very radiant with a distinct violet glow. I had seen this
violet glow radiating from numerous grounded objects before … usually, at sunset. The glow varied with the radiating objects,
whether trees, telephone poles, steel towers, or stone buildings.

I walked out across the meadow and went directly to the iron pole, and was suddenly seized with the notion of grasping it with both hands. When I did so, the sudden eradication of every negative emotion, every negative thought, every physiological burden nearly rocked me off my feet! I was left in a very light dream state, standing there with eyes pleasurably closed. Quite unable to ·open them, and not caring at all to do so, I found that my mind was suddenly able to “see around” into the surroundings … right through my whole body! What unfolded to my gaze was a glowing black presence into which my mind’s vision could effortlessly project. It felt great. An exalted experience.

This experience became a familiar one, as I resorted to the therapeutic effect daily. Sometimes several times a day. I gradually found it possible to “navigate” through the experience, seeing more of the surroundings with eyes closed. What I recognized has changed my world view forever. I literally mapped a suffusive and permeating crystalline structure … an absolute structure within which our experiential world is rigidly poised. I found that this structure was anisotropic with respect to consciousness.

MT: What do you mean by “anisotropic” to consciousness?

GV: Well, when you gaze along specific viewlines in space, your conscious depth seems greater than along other viewlines. This method is assisted by the use of radionic tools. The assisting tools merely serve to focus, collimate, direct, and magnify incoming conscious energy. A simplest example would be the dowser’s rod, which magnifies aquavideo along very specific view lines only. This is qualitative science, where the percipient is the detector and laboratory of externally sourced experience.

MT: You mean that there is an external conscious supply.

GV: Yes. In this first experience, I consciously mapped an asymmetric and complexly crystalline space … rather like a vast consciousness-conductive crystal. I called this black radiant crystal structure “the space gantry” at first. Then I called it “the Structure”. It seemed as
though every part of the world were suspended, though fixed to this absolutely rigid generative structure.

I also saw that consciousness was able to project across space only along very specific and fixed raylines within this structure. This permeating external structure convinced me that the experience was externally generated. It was a permeating experience. In fact, this daily exercise enabled me to map the local black crystalline structure. I was convinced that the crystal, being so very complex and asymmetric, had
more of an organic nature. I finally began calling it “The Absolute” because it was very obviously at rest, while the world and everything of the world flickered through it. This was the ancient world-view. It is only through direct experience that we are able to escape the inertial
confines which block our deeper and fundamental perceptual senses, and experience this “Absolute”. There is no quantitative proof in the discussion at all. From this absolute world-view, one does comprehend the seemingly continuous and coordinated appearances by which heliocentrism is composed. In the experiential vision of which I speak, it is easy to see these as curious distortions and projections.

MT: This is absolutely fascinating!

GV: Fascinating and real. It was through experiential familiarity that I recognized distinct raylines which coincided with the landscape directly. I had the very clearest impression that this normally invisible crystalline structure, in its vast conscious proportions, generated and formed the physical landscape: the childhood world revisited on a vast scale! What attracted me most powerfully was the black radiance which not only surrounded me, but suffused me as well.

MT: You have written before about this black radiant state. Would you care to tell a little bit more here?

GV: Yes, since it is the most central aspect to my entire thesis. This black radiance is suffusive. We each experience waves of the black
radiance which course over us at times. When this occurs, we experience a vivifying “buzz” after which all our senses are magnified. It is easy to draw relationships among the historical accounts of black radiance. The black radiant state was observed in the human aura .by Dr. Walter Kilner .. He described the same glowing black radiance in the structure of normal human auras. It is the striated black radiant zone immediately adjacent to the skin surface, projecting outward just before the more extensive luminous striations manifest their presence in cross-section. I suggest that the black radiant state is the actual auric anatomy, and that luminous emanations are secondary effects. I believe that the black radiant anatomy of being is crystalline in form, and not a gaseous region of experiential suspension.

Vril radiant blackness is absolutely suffusive and generative. One can develop the ability to see it in its ground-traversing, ground-permeating radiant black threads. Sir William Crookes observed the black radiant state when very hard vacuum discharge tubes were electrified. Tesla observed the inky black radiance upon the wintery plateaus of Colorado despite the bright light of a full moon.

One can see this black radiance rising above ground during winter and spring, where it rises as a radiant crown. Again, the black radiant state extends from a deep structure into one of familiar manifestations. Since auric anatomy clearly resides in the black inner structure of being, why then should we not suppose that a greater inner structure similarly exists within the ground as a black radiant state? The black crystalline structure also interacts with natural topography. It is possible to see trees projecting their fundamental black radiant auras just near the treetop line. Evergreens more powerfully extend this black radiant state, being the more vivified of the trees. I called the black radiance by several names … geomantic energy, radiosensic energy, radosensia, blackray vision, radovision, Rado, and so forth, While these names limited
me to a merely descriptive term, I wished a more personal one. Ancient sciences often gave personal names to such energies. You see, the experience greatly exceeded a mere surficial description. It required, even demanded a more personal name. After laboring over this for a great long while, only one seemed right. The name I chose is VRIL, taken from an ancient source.

MT: Can you define what Vril is?

GV: Yes. The word is very ancient and very attractive! I use it when referring to the black radiant states which are engaged when grounded iron rods are personally contacted. In these experiences, one envisions a vast black crystalline structure which is suffused with beautiful black fluidic threads. I found that this visual ability continually grew in clarity. I was able to see this structural foundation everywhere. The black radiance suffused everything I laid eyes upon. When I drew the attention of others to this sight, they were suddenly astonished to see the black glow beneath evergreen trees at summer noonday! The fundamental black glowing state is Vril. Upon this foundation, luminous worlds converge and materialize. The word itself finds its source in Celtic, Old English, Old Norse, and Old French. Virol (woven, bracelet), Vaifri (waver), Vrille (tendril, vine), and Viril (vivifying), each convey the general ancient meaning quite directly. The earliest observations of Vril began with study of vegetation and its growth patterns.· Twisting and growing, assimilating and proliferating, rooting and flowering across meadow, ancient sensitives recognized that vivification proceeded from the ground. The ancient geomancers and visionaries of these lands had no difficulty comprehending that a ground-sourced energy vivified the dead earth each spring, generating and impelling green vines in twisting ground paths. They could clearly see the green dendritic paths of vegetation across brown hillsides which seemed vein-like in their
initial manifestation.

The black radiance can be seen within and among the dark green of ivy vines and evergreens. When Vril states are properly engaged, tree auras radiate a strong black glowing layer. In cross-section, this black glowing layer projects from the tree tops well before the familiar whitish layer is seen. It also emerges from the ground during winter nights, where it rises as vertical striations. It is also observed as the mysterious “black lightning,; during thunderstorms. I once saw black lightning twice in a minute’s time, casting sharp black dendritic shadows against a terrace window. It was no afterimage. Vril is dendritic, and is observed to precess throughout the natural world as thready bundles of dendritic form having a black “glimmering” or “wavering” vortexian nature. Vril passage through materials modifies and filters Vril patterns with special clarity. Numerous persons have reported this as “heat waves”, having black radiant edges (Blondlot, Reich). Vril radiant blackness can be quickly experienced just by gazing at some grounded iron object of sufficient mass, or an evergreen tree of equally sufficient mass for several seconds without blinking. The effect is. not a mere chemical failure to see. One sees through the thin veil called “the world solid” when performing this. experimental exercise. Radionic tuners achieve deeper and more permeating black radiant states without the gazing.



It is the pre-structural creative presence from which all structures are projected and maintained. Vril blackness is not darkness. Quite the contrary, Vril blackness is a generative and vivifying presence. One envisions wonderful created things emerging out of its unfathomable depths. Vril black radiance frames the crystalline world structure.

The blackness of space is Vril radiance beyond inertial resisttance. Vril radiant blackness stimulates the mind completely. Vril is consciousness, pure consciousness. It is the ground of being, if you will.

MT: In your view, how is Vril related with dreams, matter, and space?

GV: Vril is the World-Ground. This is an experiential fact. Once experienced, there is no doubt. The unmistakable sense of the external consciousness is revealed in direct experience with Vril. The mysterious blackness, the generative blackness, is the focus of every sentient being. Minds naturally seek out local Vril ground points, drawing consciousness itself from these. This is why ancient people drew near to these sites, securely placing megaliths in the V ril radiant points. Rocks of special composition were anciently discovered to give magnified Vril effects. This was the true start of radionic science, the original technology. Vril technology had as its aim the elevation of life force and consciousness.

No doubt, these descriptions sound quite mystical and ecstatic. There are numerous experimental proofs which show that Vril is the formative agency which molds world-structure directly. But first, in order to recognize the V ril Structure one must be properly equipped. The use of special iron ground systems enable a continuous experience of this black radiant state. It is very comforting, not frightening at all. The effect is gradual; magnifying as you are willing to absorb it.

Several years ago I developed certain chemical mixtures which enabled a smooth transition into the Vril experience. This was my “N-Mixture”. It is a special mixture of carbon, iron, and manganese dioxide powders. The mixture is applied to long glass or iron plates. Connected to grounded iron rods, these plates provide a large surface area of contact for human physiology. Placing the hands on such plates brings the Vril visual experience directly into focus. With the use of several variable capacitors in series between ground rods and N-mixture glass, one can effortlessly observe and map the local black radiant Vril structure. I built this system into an armchair, and was able to rest while my hands contacted the plates. It was rather like watching the room go black rapidly, and then “seeing” the whole Vril landscape. The Vril landscape retained its features with each sitting.

Vril is unique in that it absolutely unifies external and internal experience … dreams, experience, natural creation, and space. The N-mixture plates in combination with grounded radionic tuners provides a personal observatorium of Vril structure. Vril projects new conscious states into recipients, and is a desirable presence to concentrate and maintain. Vril primarily interacts with consciousness and physiology. Very magnified Vril experience is found at specific ground points. These have been called sacred spots. Sentient beings recognize the Vril presence in a Vril discharge site by noting the conscious and vivifying elevations which are experienced there.

Ground points which are especially Vril radiant are true sacred spots. From these, one can literally map the black thready Vril discharges which reach across topographies and out into space. Both physical and electrical tensions can be measured along these raylines. One recognizes that Vril raylines precede geological stress and determines geological formation. Close study of ground matter reveals a strangely unmapped macrobiological organization in rod structures which conform with Vril raylines in an area.

MT: You frequently use the term “Eidetics”. What do you mean by this?

GV: Each of these magnified manifestations of Vril is accompanied my visionary experience … eidetic imagery. This vision component of Vril is its fundamental nature, that which distinguishes Vril from all other manifestations. When black radiant states rise above ground, as during winter nights, visions are received. Vril projects eidetic imagery into recipients, giving visionary and conscious states which transcend the ordinary sense of surroundings. Visionary experiences are most powerfully experienced near and upon Vril active grounds … where Vril rises from deep ground. There also we find extremely green vegetation which seems never to fade well on into winter. These places seem
continually still, peaceful, windless, and warm … shielded space: Cathedrals were originally built upon these Vril sites.

MT: This was explored in Charpentier’s book, “The Mysteries C Chartres Cathedral”.

GV:, Yes. ·There the Vril is ·powerful, projecting lovely revelations and ‘visions. True eidetic vision is a distinctive phenomenon. It differs completely from the eidetic vision which academic science teaches.

Psychology teaches that “eidetic vision” is a phenomena closely associated with visual after-images. They insist that it is an ability limited to children and certain rare adults. Eidetic individals were once called “Eidetikers”. I have not intended my use of the term for these academic limits. Vril-projected eidetic visions a solid images however, not planar after-images. They are not planet pictures. Vril projected eidetic images are solid miniatures of distant realities. They can be examined in three dimensions. This discernment was lost during the 1930’s when psychology attempts quantitative study of the phenomenon.

Strange and numerous eidetic experiences were reported by telegraph and wireless operators. These accounts are found as anecdotes in trade periodicals of the time period. I suspected that this Device Assisted Remote Viewing phenomena was actually evidence of a natural communications channel which surpassed geological veins and strata. Hard evidence for the eidetic nature of Vril was found in chemical telegraphy, which used sensitive electro-photographic techniques. Chemical telegraphy registered exceedingly faint electrical signals on sensitive papers, using very little or no current to do so. Accounts of sudden impression epiphanies often manifested in telegraphers just as the transmissions were arriving. At other times, signals began unexpectedly arriving at the receiving cylinder, producing strangely contoured
“strays”. When inquiries were made as to their source, it was almost certainly found that the phenomenon was “natural and spontaneous”.

Others recognized the anomalous registration of incoherent words, as dot and dash “trails” drawn by no specific operator, the eerie rehearsal of ground-stored meanings. I have detected this process in special chemical emulsions which were directly irradiated by Vril ground tuners. The images reproduced in these emulsions are dendritic and wavy.

Two major components of old telegraphic systems involved ground placement and rheostatic ground entunement. Old telegraphy and wireless alike were grand radionic machines which functioned as Vril tuners.

MT: What are some of your new developments in Radionics?

GV: I may cite the development of natural Vril auto-magnifiers and ground-powered Vril oscillators. The discovery of both eidetically active and inactive elements has triggered a major experimental epiphany. Through the proper configuration of these elements, we obtain powerful inertia-dissolving devices. These magnify local mindstates as required. The discovery of vacuum-carbon ground absorption was overshadowed by the development of powerful Vril pulsators. These dissolve inertia with power, permitting the development of greatly
magnified Vril currents.

I have been developing several modified radionic tuners each of which is connected to Vril points through ground rods. One unit is designed for therapeutic purposes, using high pressure Xenon tubes to project a powerfully penetrating and soothing Vril Ray.

I also designed and have installed a 24-dial radionic tuner which functions as a consciousness elevator in my neighborhood. Raise the consciousness of an area, and new social reactions will occur. I utilize element samples which are separately entuned from a single highly treated Vril channel. Received up through an articulated iron-ground system, Vril passes through several stages where it is “fractioned” … that is, its patterns are selected out and conducted into a system of diodes and vacuum capacitors. These have been found to collimate, magnify, and clarify the pattern energy. Each element can be separately entuned with respect to the local sense environment. Each turn of the dials effects sensible changes in local “quality”.

The strange experience of telegraphers and wireless operators alike manifested “remote views” at specific times of the day. Accounts tell of an ability among such operators to “know both the individual calling and the exact nature of the message”. While T. G. Hieronymous proved that ground energies have optical characteristics, it was not he who discovered the nature of these optical signals. Dr. Ruth Drown achieved the most thrilling success in these venues with her Radiovision devices, proving that eloptic energies contain graphic visionary content eidetic images.

This so stimulated my thinking that I made a complete study of the topic area, retrieving several rare documents from the forgotten
archives. These include studies made in Japan and in Germany before World War II. I believed it was possible to “entune” remote
scenes from a grounded radionic system. You and I coordinated those first few experiments three years ago Michael. Designed to
ultimately receive images through the ground, both you and I have obtained results which are staggering in their implication, having
been able to receive sudden image-discharges of distant surface locations with a high degree of accuracy. As you recall, the device
seemed to operate best in the daytime, solar light being the requisite stimulator of surface eidetic imaging.

Device Assisted Remote Viewing is completely astounding technology, being based on Dr. Drown’s developments. I have very recently constructed a more developed model whose emissions are truly powerful. Images are received in discharges, in the same manner as when one receives imagery from poetry reading. The process does not require the graphology of words, projecting directly into peripheral portions of the retina, and being recognized as scenes.

MT: We worked together on the “Earth Tones” project. Do you have any new discoveries along these acoustic lines?

GV: I do not think that many researchers have thoroughly comprehended the importance of the Earth Tone phenomenon which we both took great pains to study MichaeL It proved that grounded objects are “irradiated” with a non-electrical energy. In other words, pure Vril. This was shown when glassy substances, connected by a single wire, emitted their own distinct sound. Furthermore, the complex multi-cyclic nature of these tones made them unique detectors of Vril pattern pulsations throughout the day. But we have both shared in the extended research of ground derived Vril.

While not at all interested in the generation of electricity, I have measured steady electrical currents in dry ground when using a widely separated system of carbon and iron grounds. Galvanometers remained absolutely “pinned” for days with this system. An
intriguing Vril characteristic was confirmed when this flow was interrupted once.

MT: What happened?

GV: Well, the current vanished! Once extinguished, Vril with drew into the deep ground again. It was impossible to regain this greatly magnified state even when replacing the electrodes into the exact same holes! The Vril growth and pulsation characteristic preclude any electrical analogies here.

MT: How does Alchemy match Vril dynamics?

GV: Alchemy is the central study which we have both found “fit the action” of Vril. In alchemy we find the natural science which studied growth, propagation, and transmutation of substance without violent application of force.

Furthermore, true alchemists were not concerned with the “ash” left in the crucible, however gold-rich this might be. Alchemy was a visionary study … one whose observations were focussed on the radiant eidetic qualities of a chemical reaction. True alchemists were more intrigued with the manner in which space radiant aureoles propagated from a chemical reaction than the actual manufacture of elemental gold. Disagreement on this point is inevitable, but study has shown the truth of this statement. There is no other way to truly comprehend alchemical symbology from its base.

Visionary currents are what the true alchemists cherished and prized. These currents were personally experienced when specific conditions were met. All the conditions centered about Vril. In order to obtain visionary currents, V ril was necessarily summoned into the proper substrate. Imitating nature, the alchemists discovered how natural element-genesis occurs.

Originally the alchemists were not trying to “make” anything. Their study centered on understanding and participating in the natural Vril process. Vril is a mind-expanding presence. Communion with Vril is a revelatory experience. This is why so many ancient castes focussed Vril with megaliths and other monumental accoutrements. Vril presence is greatly heightened consciousness.

Articulate Vril conduction was the alchemical discovery. Vril currents carry in them the articulate world-patterns. One can theoretically connect to anywhere in the world by connecting with an appropriate Vril channel. Fr. Kircher stated as much in his “Mundus Subterraneus”.

Vril responds to certain ground surface activities, emerging in articulate processions. When it does so, one senses the radiant blackness in fluidic waves. Conducting Vril from the deepest subterranean regions up into appropriate vessels requires some care. Vril surges can be terrifying when overwhelmed by the radiant blackness. When specific patterns were desirably enhosted in matter, the use of the warm incubator simulated organic temperatures in earth.

Correctly shaped ceramic and glass vessels were ·placed by alchemists in ground contact. They most certainly stimulated Vril emergence when their overall volumetric capacity and expansive form were properly arranged.

Vril enters all grounded objects, especially those having specific forms which enhance Vril growth and stream pulsation. Casual study of alchemical vessels reveals arrangements in which ground emergent Vril can cascade in a series of pulsations and auto-magnifications.

MT: Will you clarify what you mean by auto-magnifications?

GV: Yes. Vril auto-magnifies when it encounters certain materials and geometrical configurations. This is especially pronounced with
Vril barricades or resistances. Vril encounters these material arrangements and grows in pattern clarity. When Vril surges, elements are created. Now there are two ways for achieving Vril growth, one of which is natural and ordained. That is by providing Vril with conductive paths through vessels and other kinds of conductive capacitance. The use of pre-existent elements and material shapes causes V ril auto-magnification.

There have been those legendary investigators whose work with percussion, shock, violent electrical discharges, and extreme heat
have succeeded in torturing the transmutation of elements. Emmens percussed his metals. Paneth studied electrical shock discharges in
gas filled tubes which were fitted with heavy metal electrodes. Moray used gamma ray blasts to stimulate gold crystallizations in soily gold tailings.

Yet, such violent ways are not the alchemist’s ways because none of these engage Vril. Electrical, radioactive, frictive, and thermic methods are preceived by Vril as irritants. In fact, the violent methods engage Vril magnifications of a kind designed to destroy the irritant. Often, the destructive effects plague the devisors of these apparatus in now-legendary ways.

To know more about Vril activity is to know alchemy, a science most certainly not permeated with the violent methods which the
decadent “puffers” engaged.

Alchemists studied nature and the manner in which mineral, vegetable, and animal manifest the life energy. Alchemists observed Vril patterns. Imitating natural process, they were able to demonstrate the gestation of minerals while in the fertile earth, the auto-refinement of certain ores being a common occurrence. You and I have that the alchemical models completely match observed Vril activity, being sure of its involvement as prime activator in all of natural alchemical process.

Growing Vril is rather like growing tissue cultures in laboratory vessels. We enjoin patternate Vril energy in ground-sourcing radionic tuners systems and host compounds. The ancient use of radionic device may be seen throughout the alchemical laboratory. Earthen furnace, alembic, earthen incubator, condensers, each conduct Vril through their material contents in throbbing pulsations.

Vril is the radiant black generative presence, whose creative impulses ordain the generation of elements with a wisdom adored by very few visionaries. Vril projects elements. These projected elements are the eidocurrents of other worlds. Proper entunement brings their presence.

Vril continues moving and articulating through its own creations in new creative ways. Vril grows in these generated things, surmounting its own created foundations with new patterns. As it does so, it spontaneously mutates into improved forms.

A very intriguing and important viewpoint was advanced by our dear friend Jorge Resines. In his treatise on Dr. Moray, Jorge introduced the idea that Moray employed an essential “improvement of elements”. Each elemental “improvement” produced elemental species which neither chemists nor physicists recognize. He progressively engaged and improved elements which had no terrestrial equal. It is clear that his method produced Vril surges from the ground into his samples. Unfortunately, he focussed those irritating inertial energies in his process . .. those energies which literally enrage Vril into destructive surges.

Vril mutations have little to do with atomic mass or atomic weight changes. We do not see most of the elements which Vril generates. Vril elemental mutations reveal new visionary qualities, visionary currents in matter. Recall, if you will, those legendary and mythological elements which are now lost. There are those tales which describe magickal elements, by whose presence dream world realities and desires materialized.

MT: Would you tell me more about your eidetic photo-emulsions?

GV: My studies in the Manhattan Public library Annex gave me familiarity with the chemical telegraph systems of the 1870’s. These used ferrocyanides and other light-sensitive chemicals to record faint telegraphic registrations. What struck me was the often mentioned “anomalous” action of these chemical recording systems with certain “ground conditions”. Wavy patterns covered these papers, which spontaneously appeared while none were transmitting along the lines. Ferrocyanides were somewhat poisonous, so I decided to fmd another chemical reagent. Searching through old chemical experimenter’s books, I found that sodium and potassium iodate solutions
could record faint electrical and photic energies. So many critics appeared during my discussion of eidetic communications, that I decided to attempt a direct photographic capture of remote views. I performed experiments whose aim was the capture of Vril process in photographic wetplates. I used various solutions to achieve these results. Potassium iodate solution was mixed with starch and brushed onto appropriate plates. These were firmly placed over the discoidal ground. Into the plate center dipped a fine wire which was connected to a variable capacitor taken through a distant second ground. In a very few moments, the plates begin to exhibit blue-brown dendritic and wavy markings across its surface. I was shocked. When and only when the capacitor was tuned … haloes appeared with force and motion in the
emulsion. I established two such sites in my cellar, making hundreds of these emulsions for two month’s time. The results were absolutely enthralling, revealing the unmistakable trace of a twisting ground energy whose pattems pulsate throughout the day. The patterns have been identified, being completely plasmic in appearance. A defined CCW rotation manifests throughout the diurnal recordings, made 3 to 4 hours apart. A beautiful occurrence chanced to be preserved last year when flowers began to bloom here. Preceding the emergence of each wildflower sequence, I recorded chilling prints where crystalline wreaths threaded their way through the wavy, haloed emulsion patterns. I took this to be proof that Vril process precedes and activates earth life processes, being the generative source of mineral, vegetable, and animal life.

MT: Do you care to discuss the “Vril Compendium”?

GV: Certainly. In 1990 I chanced to discover a warehouse annex of the Manhattan Public library which contained all the Victorian texts and journals. Here was also found a complete patent archive dating back to the mid-nineteenth century. Two notable “patent cyclopedias” were accidentally discovered here. Dust covered and forgotten, they contained the documented treasures of lost electrical technology. It became apparent after a few moments of study that these old and weighty volumes contained communications systems which “should not work”. Here again was that science in which dream and nature were fused. I found document after document in which the empirical discoveries defied theoretical dogmas. The Vril Compendium was the catalogue – my files – of these documents. The late R.J. Reynolds was my generous patron, a debt of which I will always be thankful. His kind help allowed the publication of seven Vril Compendium Volumes. I had planned a continuing series, numbering up to twenty five. There certainly are enough files left to publish. I haven’t even brought forth my files on old wireless as yet. That material is fantastic! All of it very clearly supports the Vril world model. Hundreds of hours in the study of early telegraph) and wireless patents taught me that most of the early systems empirically designed and operated, were plagued by notably
unexplained “electrical” anomalies. Furthermore, these “electrical anomalies” were so frequent!) observed that entire sections of the various telegraphers’ periodicals were devoted to them. All ground referenced technology is necessarily suffused by Vril, the permeating and fundamental energy whose presence produces “anomalies” within those systems.

Before engineers began designing resonant-matched telegraphy, the world used ground ended telegraphic systems. These operated as gigantic radionic tuners, interacting with the Vril in a biological manner. The “electrical manifestations” of Victorian inquiry were produced b
Vril. These ground connected systems manifested energetic atoms characterized by organismic growth, assimilation, intelligence
and irritability. Tesla made great headway in these venue: observing the self-magnifying nature of once-initiated ground currents. The operation of no such system was ever completely an satisfactorily explained by electrical activities alone. Numerous highly credible and noteworthy academicians honestly proclaimed these truths in the periodicals of the time. The Vril Compendium contains the highest concentration of anomalous such technologies in the form of patent reprints and unexpected magazine article (note: Four new volumes of the Vril Compendium on wireless technology are due to be published this fall by Borderlands.)

MT: I understand you are working on a book about Tesla.

GV: Yes, I am. What began as a short article on Tesla’s accidental discovery of impulse-broadcast electricity has became a romanticized biography. Tesla, while maintaining the outer Stoic face, remained an individual thoroughly impassioned with life and very much the romantic. One reads between the lines of his biography with ease. Neither his infatuation with Katherine Underwood Johnson has not been investigated nor the complex “fatal attraction” of Anne Morgan with Tesla have been explored.

How Tesla’s relationship with both Anne and her formidable father figure in a possibly intended assassination attempt was never fully discussed by other writers. The disappearance of Tesla for more than a week was not previously given much attention, though I cannot imagine how such an event could have been overlooked. How he emerged from the total destruction of his laboratory fire in the light of his transmuted poise thereafter are the items on which I have focussed much of the action. While the book portrays Tesla’s thoughts and conversation with others, the text remains scientifically accurate.

I have addressed the re-emergence of Nikola Tesla after a few years of poverty. I have expanded on the means by which Tesla managed to regain a fortune, by which he also later owned two penthouse suites atop the Hotel New Yorker. This biography also deals with the emergence of his new electrically empowered radionic technology.

MT: How do Tesla’s ideas, as somewhat mechanistic, fit in with this new technology?

GV: Tesla accidentally discovered the effects of high voltage impulse radiance. His employment of this dielectrical radiance formed the very centre of his technology, an understanding curiously absent among those societies who purport to represent him. Nevertheless Tesla discovered the distinctions between these forces electrical from those forces vitalistic while investigating the therapeutic effects of currents developed by his Transformers. He eventually found that these vitalistic effects could be derived from grounded coils which were non-electrified. Lakhovsky later reinvestigated these “non-powered” configurations and, long before his implementation of spark generators, found vital influences emanating from such grounded coils of specific dimension and composition. Tesla’s mechanistic views enmeshed his thinking only as long as he was enthralled with the “electrical” nature of his devices. As soon as he recognized the conjugate vitalistic signal
which vivified human recipients of impulse currents, he changed his views.

Tesla cherished Goethe, Reichenbach, and Abrams. It is clear that Abrams was a favorite, since Tesla uses several of Abrams’ terms in his famous article on “Increasing Human Energy”. Tesla cryptically proposed the elevation of the world mind-state through ground-broadcast impulses. He further described means for “transmitting intelligence” directly throughout the world in “light-like” patterns. He maintained the amplification of radionic signals through electrical means … through electro-irritations. Those who doubt this are directed to recall the “Wheatstone Bridge” which was found after his death with an attached warning.

MT: What are some things to look forward to?

GV: The necessary experiments are endless! I do not seek the development of technology which first converts Vril say, into electricity, and then derives utilities from that electricity. Vril contains every potential of utility and more. Vril is the energy which links conscious experience with physical experience. It is the unifier of sciences. All we need is the discovery of means by which specific patterns may be derived from the Vril current.

Vril current is a pattern polypotential. Every created pattern is in it. We need to fraction the Vril current as chemists fraction petroleum. Radionic artifices enable this fractioning process to occur. The discovery of Vril auto-magnification effects is the second step. The third step in Vril technology is the discovery of natural sources of light, heat, motion, and other yet-undreamed utilities by which will be defined the future course of qualitative science.

The desired technology is not one whose utilities focus consciousness in little appliances and devices. The lamps, heaters, and motors of existing technology would be replaced by units capable of entuning experience-permeating light, heat, and motive power through space. Whether the world can accept it or not, Vril technology is here to stay.

MT: Do you have anything to say in closing?

GV: I really enjoyed sharing these facts and technical developments with you Michael. I would be very happy to address any other questions in the future. As you, I believe that the future technology is a non-inertial one, but a radionic one. The discovery of natural eidetic channels, however, has forced me to rename the science of radionics. EIDONICS now seems a better term, the technology which will change the world.

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