WRC vs Thunderbolts

MSS = main stream science
TBP = The Thunderbolts Project team
DLaP = David LaPoint (Primer Fields)
TBP = Thunderbolts project
WT = Wal Thornhill of TBP

It is to their great credit that the guys at Thunderbolt (TBP) are promoting an electric universe model. They do a great job attributing an electrical cause to the cosmological observations rather than the current empirical gravitational model. WRC has a more detailed approach, because WR goes further down the rabbit hole to incorporate the metaphysical/spiritual aspect into a meaningful philosophy which explains the true Cause of these physical phenomenon. Although the TBP researchers are performing sterling work they do unfortunately carry too much MSS baggage into their work.

Too much credence is given to the standard view of free electrons running in plasma. While Birkland currents  may be a true observation free electron cannot be their cause. In addition to this, WT only develops his theories to a certain point allowing widely held MSS dogma such as a force of gravity to also play a part in the overall EU. This might be a valid result if the TBP offered a theory of the electrical cause of those gravitational observations.

The TBP initial starting point is that plasma is the fundamental state of matter. It is fair to say, that WRC winds the electric universe model right back to establish the bridge which connects the metaphysical to the physical universe.
As trained physicists, I guess the TB project members find it difficult to fathom, that there could be a Creator who directly influences all observed phenomena within the physical universe, and that there is no energy in matter.

As Einstein suggested, there is an Intelligent Cause to the observed effects.
Solids when heated create a liquid. When liquids are heated create a gas. When a gas is heated it creates a plasma. It is described as a condition whereby the electrons are free to move, and as such a plasma has the ability to carry an electric current. A plasma is thus an ionized gas. If the universe is then filled with this plasma the universe can be considered as an electric field, with visible and non-visible currents running in all directions. Some may describe this omnipresent plasma as the ether, a condition required by Maxwell.

WR would argue that plasma, filaments and electricity are physical effects but the Cause of those physical effects do NOT lie within physical matter itself. Physical expressions are only simulations of a spiritual underlying Cause.
The TBP explain the universe as a plasma while WR describes the universe in terms of the fundamental force of electricity which precedes plasma.

If the universe is constructed as described by the TBP, one might expect to see more frequent arcing events between bodies, particularly between the sun and the inner planets including the Earth. The TBP do say that space is too diffuse to support these filaments, but witnessing an occasional lightening bolt at night does not seem too unreasonable.

Electricity is born from the division of this spiritual (photographic negative) Cause into apparent opposite physical aspects. Electricity is the force used by the Creator Mind to force the separation of opposite physical poles. Electric force thus hold these opposite poles apart and the manifested results are the entire empirical simulation of measure/dimension and seeming solidity.

Even if electron exist as individual particle necessary to carry the electric current, WR teaches that ALL expressions must have dual polarity. There can be no condition of motion which is expressed as a single charge. All bodies express a positive condition in the hemisphere facing a primary, BUT a negative condition on the side facing away from the primary. This is why comet heads always orientate their anode bodies towards their primary with their tails orientated towards the cathode of space.

There is an electric structure to all matter although there may be no structure at all associated with the building blocks of that matter !! Any single expression must be thought of as having di-pole character. It is impossible to have a singly charged particle for the same reason it is impossible to charge a single pole of a battery.
Like orientates itself to like. If this were not a Natural Law, then it would be impossible to gather together a bar of sodium or gold !

When opposite poles are orientated towards one another, polarity is lost as the poles void each other. A polarised condition is necessary to express motion within the physical universe. Salts such as sodium chloride are voided conditions. The polarity of the single sodium and single chlorine has been lost.
Another assumption of the TBP is that space is littered with examples of magnetic fields. Nature does not create magnetic fields. She operates with a geometry which utilises 100% E-field.

According to WRC the effect of magnetism results from an electrical technique which is out of balance with Nature. In effect, a ‘magnetic’ field is the leakage of a pure E-field. The leakage manifest at right angles to the E-field and thus appears to be another force. Nature operates with E-fields.

The TBP makes no inclusion of thermodynamics and the importance of how ‘energy’ can flow up hill, and how planets are condensed by cold space. No indication is given to the concept that our solar system was and is radiated from the suns equator and will return to a sun again, when the expanse of space is recompressed into a raging sun.
The TBP build their philosophy on their interpretation of ancient glyphs and on the work offered by Immanuel Velikovsky.

WR does not support the idea of a two sun solar system, while an imbalance within the solar system caused by an impact by an outside body is not excluded.

The solar system is born of the sun through equatorial expansion of the sun. The sun is born of Mind, and the effect of unwinding suns is the physical universe. Planets are the slow route back to Source. Planets are crystallised suns, which have been set out to cool just as the blacksmith tempers his metals.

We can sense the emanations of a unwinding sun, but cannot sense the generative streams which create the sun in the first place.

Wal Thornhill tends to flipflop at times saying on one hand that the force of gravity is too weak
to hold matter together, then applies that same weak force to his model of how planets are formed.
As if gravity takes over in the wake of a lightening bolt of creative energy.
In fairness WR does his fair share of flip flopping also !

WRC teaches that the only motion within the 3D physical universe is expressed by either a centripetal winding up of potential or a centrifugal unwinding of potential. When the electric current is on, potential is wound up centripetally into expressions of density.
When the current is off, those accumulations unwind centrifugally into expressions of cold nebulous space, death.

The Creator of this universal model cannot be separated from its own creation.

Can you say that the spirit of Da Vinci is still present in his works of engineering and art ?

The Creator is IN and AROUND every aspect of the creation Idea, because this is a CREATING piece of art, not a created one. There is unfortunately no place within the TBP for a metaphysical aspect to the observed effects. Therefore, the TBP not unlike the conventional scientific (myopic) approach which only focuses on half of the cycle, albeit, another part of the ‘effect’ half.  The Creation Idea is thought into existence by the action of Mind thinking, just as you give a material body to your ideas, for example, a painting or writing a novel. The thinking process compresses space to suns and relaxes that thinking to radiate those suns back to space.

The TBP can not offer any explanation as to were the electric current emanates from. WRC clearly attributes the Cause, to Mind thinking, in electric thought waves. WRC also offers the conical potential distribution between anodes and cathodes, which explains where the effect of gravity originates. TBP does not offer an electrical explanation for the effect of gravity. It concedes that gravity does exist although it is a weak force compared to the available potential. WR shows that effect of gravity are electrical.

Yes, electric current is manufactured at some distance from the effect, just as the power station is quite remote from the consumer, but WRC indicates that power lies in the DESIRE of Mind to expression the idea of creation. Energy, power is extended TO the simulation, but they are not properties of the simulation.
I think WR would approve of the TB theory that pulsars work in a similar way to relaxation oscillators.
The TBP believe the sun is the source of all the elements. That the elements are actually manufactured within the sun.

WR on the other hand teaches that the elements emerge from the inert gases. The inert gases act as the seeds which contain within themselves all expressions for the inert gas octave of elements.
Helium has within it the expressions for Li, Be, B, C, N, O and F. When the inert gases are suitably germinated then the elements unfold for the inert seed.

WR teaches the sun is flaming carbon, held in place by the surrounding cold of space. The sun is not held together by gravity, nor is it a fusion reactor. It is a focal point of compressed electrical potential, compressed to incandescence, which is prevented from exploding by the cold of space. Thermodynamics cannot be ignored from the electrical model.

The TBP does not understand this important clue. They discount out of hand that matter can emerge from space. They do not support that a sun can form from helium. The reason the elements appear in the suns spectrum is not because the elements are manufactured within the sun but rather because, the elements can only express themselves as individual elements because of the input of the element below it. Elements are acting like electrical transformers in series. Carbon has within it Li, Be and B etc. Lithium is teenage carbon !

Remember, the inert gases (9) lie one inside the other, like Russian dolls.
The inert gas acts as the primary transformer coil for the generative half of the cycle
Heat and Light do not leave the sun and travel across space to then heat and light up the Earth. The emanations leave the sun as expanding radiating streams. The heat and light we experience here on earth are reproduced here on Earth, as those centrifugal radiating streams interact with the plane of zero curvature that divide any two bodies, which reverses the centrifugal motion to compressing, centripetal, generating streams. This is analogous to the ‘echo’ reproducing the original sound having radiated across the valley and is re-generated as a positive sound upon impact with the cliff wall. This is how emanations can appear to be both wave AND particle. Emanation are radiative and as such will centrifugally expand, becoming less dense as they do so. In this expanding direction they appear to lose particle character and gain wave character. However, interrupting this centrifugal direction will reverse these conditions, condensing diffuse wave like matter into more dense physical particles. We experience wave character close to the cathode, with particle character manifesting close to the anode. The TBP does not recognise this as an important aspect of the creation model.

The space between the sun/earth is cold, unless you stand in the way of the centrifugal streams, because you will then act like a condenser and reverse those centrifugal stream into centripetal streams. YOU will then reproduce the conditions on the sun within your physical self !!

TBP was spot on with the prediction that any bodies approaching each other (comet/space probe) will discharge before impact, particularly when that probe is copper. However, venus ejected from saturn, I don’t think so !
WR explains the retrograde rotation of venus by saying it is simply upside down to our perspective. Direction is uniform. All bodies rotation on the N/S axis from E to W.

All in all, the TBP and WRC are singing from the same hymn sheet, however only WRC offers an explanation of the full cycle.

Why are the oceans saline ?

Well, if you subscribe to the electric universe theory, and at this stage I hope you do, the saline oceans acts as the electrolytic medium of the Earths poles. The Earth is an electrical body just like any other, and in order to facilitate electrical communication and channeling of electric field currents between the poles, the oceans provide the electrolyte. It is these electric channels that aid the ocean animals to navigate the vast ocean distances. The alignments of the field is electrical not magnetic.

WR and the TBP both agree that the speed of light is not a constant. We know for example that a lever will respond to an action at the opposite end. There is no delay between the action at one side of the lever and the reaction on the opposite side of the same lever. Likewise, rotation and torque respond to each other instantaneously, regardless of how big the machine is !

WR and the TBP both agree that the big bang theory (alone) is nonsense. WR teaches that the universe is expanding because it is simultaneously contracting. Nature works in balance. The big bang as described by MSS never happened.

WR and the TBP both agree that dark matter, and dark energy and of course black holes are not consistent with Natural Law. These models are the constructs of a mathematically minded man wishing to balance equations. Remember, mathematics is a tool to describe Nature. It has however, become distorted into a from a tool to a RULE by which Nature should operate. Nature precedes mathematics, not the other way around !
WR and the TBP both agree that time travel is impossible.

I am personally not convinced that rock art or plasma mythology describes the electrical character of the universe !
To use the term rivers to only mean a lightening bolt seems far fetched when you can easily apply the same description to the band of the milky way. Anyway…

The TBP would argue that a spiral galaxy is the result of an electric discharge. WRC teaches that spiral geometry has two expressions. One is the centripetal compression towards the central hub, while the second is the centrifugal unwinding of that central hub back to the rim, so that the cycle can start again.

The TBP does not offer much of an explanation as to why the sun appears more of an incandescent sphere and less as a plasma ball !
The corona emanations can not be described as lightening bolts !

WR teaches that the generative streams responsible for the formation of stars are invisible. We can only sense the radiative half of the cycle. In short, all physical expressions within the perceived universe are a result of the radiative half of the cycle and not the generative half of the cycle. We cannot therefore find evidence of star formation in a radiative emanation !

The TBP is not adverse to considering the contribution of consciousness in the creation story they just need to take the quantum leap to realising the Source of that consciousness and consider that man’s thinking and the Creator’s Thinking are one. The universe is a thought form of Mind. The Creator must be included in its own creation story.

SOURCE: http://walter-russell.com/wrc-vs-thunderbolts/