Chapter IV of “Radiations of Shapes and Cancer”

In First Steps I said that the radiation of an object proves not only its main color, but also and especially its form. As an illustration I gave an
example of the difference in radiation of two pieces of wood carved from the same piece and differing only in their length. The first book was intended for beginners, I did not want to go into this issue in depth. Here I return to it in detail.

Chaumery and de Belizal, in their beautiful book, have given several notions regarding the radiation of the Great Pyramid, the statues on Easter Island, and certain objects found in Egyptian tombs. Thanks to the invention of the Universal Pendulum, they could observe the presence of a mysterious radiation that they called Negative Green, because its place on a sphere is diametrically opposite to Green in the spectrum. I recall here the order of placement of the colors on a sphere so that the reader can follow more easily what follows: Black, Infra-red, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, Violet, Ultra-violet, White.

Between Black and White, at the South pole of the sphere, we find the mysterious radiation that Chaumery and de Belizal call Negative Green. Other radiesthesists call it Gray, considering it a mixture of Black and White, between which it falls. I prefer the definition of Chaumery and de Belizal because Gray names this vibration only from the point of view of its being a mixture of the two neighboring colors. What gave these two researchers the idea to name it Negative Green is the observation that when they put the Universal Pendulum calibrated for Green over the Negative Green, it turned in the reverse direction. I use the name Negative Green to define this unknown vibration.

Going further in their research, the same investigators observed that if the sphere was cut into halves along the equator, it produced a curious phenomenon.

The line appearing to be the center of gravity, so to speak, of the colors in the sphere was the equator. In the hemisphere this line has
seemingly moved toward the North pole. With it, the colors red and violet, which mark the extremes of the visible spectrum have also moved. The invisible colors that in the sphere were in the South hemisphere, have moved (once the sphere was cut in two) to the flat part of the hemisphere; these dark colors are thus more separated from each other in the hemisphere than in the complete sphere.

This permits obtaining from a North hemisphere a clean and very pure ray of Negative Green, that is to say without being mixed with other radiations. The reader will soon see why this is important.

The same experimenters observed further that the pyramidal form gives exactly the same radiations as the North hemisphere, that is to say, Positive Green of the spectrum at the summit of the pyramid and Negative Green at the center of the base, separated from the other radiations of the invisible spectrum.

Moving further ahead with their experiments, they observed that many objects used by the ancients and originating from different parts of the globe and from epochs separated by thousands of years, many objects, I say, and especially cult objects, strongly emitted Negative Green. Such emitters were, for example, the mysterious statues of Easter Island, the Chinese Yin-Yang, and statuettes and diverse ritual objects from ancient Egypt.

All this gives the idea that the ancients not only knew the existence of this radiation, but also knew how to use it to definite ends. Some
experiments proved that the strength of the radiation from a shape depends on the volume and the mass of the object and also the number of objects of identical shape grouped together and forming a sort of battery.

It has been observed that a battery of four elements gives the best results and can be employed for treatments without danger. If the number of elements of the battery is increased, the radiation becomes stronger and stronger and acts like poison on a living being. A battery formed of 9 hemispheres of around 10 cm. of diameter is sufficient to mummify a piece of meat or fish submitted to this ray within several hours. If the number of elements is increased, the necessary time for mummification is shorter.

Here I must make a little digression so that the reader can examine the reasons that I have indicated as the way to establish a new form of treatment. It was unknown until this day, and will be addressed in the second part of the book. My long Egyptian studies first gave me the idea.

In my book, Origins of Genesis, I have presented several details in the construction of the Great Pyramid of Giza. In another work dedicated to the mystery of life and death that is going to appear soon, I give many others. Here I must return briefly to this question.

There are more than 500 pyramids in Egypt. They are all mortuary monuments constructed to contain royal tombs.

The symbolic significance of the word pyramid, PR-Ms in hieroglyphic language, means “to go out towards birth”. This strange pile of
stones represents the first earth emerging in the form of a peak from the mass of the waters to the creation of the world. An ancient document of the civilization of the Mayans shows us the pyramidal form of Aztlan peak coming out of the water.

Thus the same pyramid form symbolized the resurrection, the birth, or rebirth.

All the pyramids of Egypt as well as those of South America were built in the same way. They first constructed the funerary chamber with
passages in order to introduce the coffin. These were carved in the rock onsite or constructed of imported stone. Then they amassed above it a pile formed of earth and rubbish, they recovered this mound with cut stones fixed one atop the other in order to dress the exterior of the pyramid. After installing the coffin in the funerary chamber, they sealed the passage in ingenious ways in order to protect the tomb from intrusion by thieves.

I have said that all the pyramids were built in this way; all, except one. The Great Pyramid of Giza, the construction attributed to Cheops (Khufu), was constructed in a completely different way. All the stones of which it is composed were dressed and adapted one to the other in a unique and perfect way with the care that would have been taken by a jeweler cutting a precious stone. No filler, no debris. From bottom to top it is such a close fit that one cannot introduce a knife-blade into the joint between two stones. I am not going to pursue the astronomic givens that are revealed by this marvelous monument, because this is outside the goal of the present work. What interests us is the interior of the monument.

A gallery sloped at around 30° of which the ceiling is as high as that of a cathedral, leads toward the chamber called “royal”, in which was found an open sarcophagus of granite, and which has never been destined to serve as a coffin. A system for perfect ventilation aerates the royal chamber, the conduits for air having been constructed through the pyramid. This sole fact will have to suffice in order to prove that this edifice was not destined to house the dead, but very much to the contrary, that it was made for the use of living beings having need of air. Whoever stands in the entryway to the passage that had been forced through by the treasure hunters of bygone centuries can see one toppled stone of an ingenious system originally positioned over the entrance. This proves again that the gallery was used for entering and leaving the edifice, while in all the other funerary pyramids once interment has been accomplished, the entrance was hermetically sealed.

In my book on the mystery of life and death, I have been able to reconstruct the rite of the spiritual renaissance that was celebrated in the
Great Pyramid and where the passage rises to the chamber of the sarcophagus as well as the sarcophagus itself, have a profound sense of the symbolic. I will return to this question later.

But what no one has been able to explain satisfactorily is the presence above the said chamber of the king of four enormous stones superimposed one upon the other at equal distances, and the whole forming a sort of series of roofs.

The hypothesis that this strange structure was constructed in order to alleviate the pressure of the edifice over the king’s chamber is purely
infantile. The vault of the slanted corridor that leads toward this chamber would need more reinforcement, because it carries along its entire length the enormous weight of the whole edifice. And yet nothing like it has ever been seen.


No, this strange structure above the sarcophagus, which was not necessary from the architectural point of view, had a completely different and very specific end.

The pendulum reveals that the entire sarcophagus is under constant radiation of Negative Green emitted by the entire shape of the pyramid,
which is concentrated by the structure formed of four superimposed identical elements forming a battery above the royal chamber. The ray that these four elements emit is not sufficient to mummify or threaten the health of a living being, but on the contrary can be employed either to a curative end or in order to produce another effect, of which the explanation will be delivered toward the end of the present work.

Chaumery and de Belizal understood that this instrument was installed in the body of the Great Pyramid to be a powerful emitter antenna of
radiesthesic radiations. According to them, the ancient Egyptian travelers, who did not have or know how to use our magnetic compass, could safely venture in their boats at sea and caravans in the desert by detecting the rays emitted by the Pyramid.

I stop here and recapitulate the essential points of which the reader ought to remember: 1) the pyramidal shape emits a particular radiation; 2) preferably four elements in the form of identical pyramids or northern hemispheres, constitute a battery that continually emits the mysterious wave that we have called Negative Green.

We will return to this subject several times in the course of this work. Now we will see which other shapes are radiant and the way in which one can concentrate and activate their radiation.

I said in my previous work that it was Abbe Mermet who first used maps on which he made discoveries with as much success as when he was
present at the actual site. By applying these same principles, we can establish a procedure for examination of an ill person by using his witness and anatomical charts.

So, the idea came to me of obtaining Negative Green, not from the same shape, but from its representation on a plan. Experiments confirmed that that was possible and I have been able to obtain this ray at the middle of a wooden cylinder around which equidistant circles were drawn in ink. This worked just like superimposed hemispheres, that is to say, by forming a battery in which one could increase the number of elements as required by adding circles. To develop this idea, I have attempted another design, involving parallel lines along the length of the cylinder. This design radiates Positive Green. Thus I obtained a right angle (90°) between Positive Green and Negative Green. It seems reasonable that the colors of the spectrum, placed in order between these two limits on a sphere, could also be found on the cylinder.

Experiments prove the exactitude of this supposition, and I can make cylinders corresponding to each of the colors of the spectrum, visible or
invisible. The color difference depends on the angle of the parallel lines traced on the cylinder, as formed with the cylinder’s axis. These lines
constitute a helix that twines around at a particular angle, greater or lesser, around the body of the cylinder. These helices can be right or left. The right helices emit the negative colors (blues) and the left helices the positive colors (reds). In order to differentiate one color from the color following it, the angle inclination of inclination of the threading of the helix must be changed by 15°. Thus Green is found in the plane of the axis of a cylinder we call 0°. Blue, its neighbor color, will be emitted by a right helix of which the lines constitute the inclination toward the axis of the cylinder of 15°, Indigo from 30°, and so on. For the positive colors it will be the same, but the helix will be a left helix. For example, Red, which is the third color from Green, will require an inclination of the helix at 45°.

The Escargot of Chaumery and de Belizal, of which I have spoken in First Steps is based on the principle of the spiral, which is related to the

The discovery of the cylinders radiating a single pure color renders a very great service, which I will address in a following chapter I will also
explain the way in which they must be used in order to obtain the best rendering. The fact that two sets of lines drawn perpendicular to each other give two opposite colors explains the reason why a square drawn in ink on paper establishes a sort of “Faraday Cage” which will not permit penetration by radiesthesic rays.

We jump now in the blink of an eye to other radiating forms. This will be a very short summary, because a detailed exposition on the subject
would require specialized knowledge and deep and necessarily lengthy study.

All drawn signs emit a radiation. This will be clear after what was just said with respect to cylinders. We have seen that the fact of drawing the
lines at a certain angle is sufficient to create a radiation.

The letters and signs that constitute mystery teaching of the ancient initiation schools weren’t drawn by chance. They represent the forces of
nature and even their hieroglyphs emitted the forces they expressed. These magical figures that are mocked at by our modern civilization, presented in the eyes of the ancients not a fantastic design, but accumulators of very real forces of which the effectiveness has been proven thousands of times without leaving any possibility of doubt.

Among the ritual objects from ancient Egypt, there exists one named the Wr-Hekau, “the best of spells”. It is a rod in the form of a serpent with the head of a ram. Is it not so, perhaps, the cane that was said to have changed into a serpent and which Moses used to accomplish his miracles? This remains to be known.

In any case I can say that I have been able to prove the enormous power of this instrument and I have had many sorts of difficulties from
which I needed to protect myself that it neutralized.

The Yin-Yang is another proof of a design emitting a radiation. One can construct batteries by superimposing Yin-Yangs, and also by changing the equilibrium of the drawn figure by augmentation of either the white field or the black field. In this way unknown and sometimes dangerous vibrations are obtained that can act in a harmful way against health. On the other hand, if one surrounds the Yin-Yang with a circle of the eight signs of the Ba-Gua, each sign radiates a precise color.

Before ending this chapter, here is what the eminent radiesthesist, Mr. Louis Chouteau, gives as his method for treatment. His idea, as the reader will see, obviously relates to those given in the present work.

“I have studied and found in plants, in metals, in minerals, not the customary, that their substance acts on our organs or on microbes, but,
rather, that it is the nature of the movement that derives from their shape . . . It is not the chemical quality that interests me but the disposition of the matter and the atoms that vibrate in each material, since the power and mode of action that its matter exerts resides especially in the vibratory mode that it transmits to our organs. There is in medication an action that is without relation to the chemical composition of this material. It is no longer deniable. And this action is utilized by classical medicine, even sometimes empirically . . .

I am going to stop here. If the reader is interested in the subject that I have but lightly summarized here, I send him back to my previous works where they are amply treated.

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