Swara yoga is an ancient science of pranic body rhythms and explores how prana can be controlled through the breath.

Traditionally a closely guarded science, taught only through direct transmission from guru to disciple, very little has ever been written about it.

Swara yoga is the ancient science of pranic body rhythms which explains how the movement of prana can be controlled by manipulation of the breath. Recently modern science has taken great interest in electromagnetic fields and the behaviour of bioenergy, which is the inherent energy principle of the body. With exciting developments accelerating in such areas as bioenergetics, psychotronics and Kirlian photography, the science of swara yoga is now in great demand.

[Also Radionics, Radiesthesia, falls into this categories cause its much related to the breath as well as pulse diagnose of ayurveda, its a form of device-less dowsing+psychotronics but much more elaborated. Also in Caucasian Yoga book it took the basis to chose which foot forward from Swara Yoga principles -Editor note.]

Although swara yoga is still practiced in India, it is not  well known, either in the East or in the West. Perhaps this is  because it was always regarded as an esoteric science which could possibly harm people if improperly practised. The tradition was preserved secretly by experienced yogis who handed it down in strict accordance with the rules of practice.   Previously, in fact, swara yoga was even more closely  guarded than most of the other tantric traditions. Initiation was only given by direct transmission or by word of mouth  from guru to disciple. Consequently, little was ever written down regarding the finer aspects of the theory and practice. For this reason, we find few references to the subject even in the yogic and tantric texts, and very little is available in English translation.   Swara etymologically means ‘the sound of one’s own breath’. Yoga means ‘union’. Therefore, swara yoga enables the state of union to be reached by means of one’s breath.  Through the practice of swara yoga, one can realize the breath as being the medium of the cosmic life force. The  breath has so much importance in human existence that the ancient rishis or seers evolved a complete science around it just from studying the simple process of respiration.   Swara yoga, however, should not be confused with  pranayama, which involves a different aspect of the breath. Although both deal with prana, swara yoga emphasizes the analysis of the breath and the significance of different pranic  rhythms, whereas pranayama involves techniques to redirect, store and control prana. Swara yoga may therefore be said to involve the practices of pranayama, but in fact it is a much more extensive and precise science. ” -Swara Yoga  The Tantric Science of Brain Breathing

In this video excerpts from Dr. Vasant Lad lectures, the topic is discussed in great detail. It shows how simple its to execute in practice and how big one person can influence his environment by just cultivating this science to turn the the odds in his favor in everyday life activities and beyond.

Most important books of the subject can be found here: https://drive.google.com/open?id=18bYa4jXZgKfi_8fIUtfO5JLe7MFDE_eI

Below is a compilation of the highlights from an excellent lecture on Swara Yoga by Vasant Lad