It may come as no surprise that this will not  be a how-to article explaining all of the tactics involved in modifying weather.  Also, you won’t see numerous charts and graphs revealing the success of the operator in his attempt to play God by manipulating the primary life-energy of our planet.  Although success was achieved on several occasions, there were nearly as many failures due to insufficient knowledge of nature’s laws.  The answers lie in the understanding through observation and experience.  Presented here is another Borderlander’s investigation into the living energy around us.

There are two basic principles underlying all weather modification.  First, and most important, is the acquired knowledge of how the weather functions, and its proper usage.  The second principle is the correct construction and operation of the apparatus used to engineer the weather.

In the course of study, the works of Reich, Steiner, Lehrs, Howard, Constable, and many others were consulted. Readers of the “Journal of Borderland Research” should be well aware of Rudolf Steiner’s concept of the four Ethers.

The chemical, tone, or number ether is the primordial living energy surrounding the planet and the understanding of its flows is of great import to the weather engineer.  Orgone energy, discovered by Wilhelm Reich, can be  considered the equal of this chemical ether.  Reich’s pioneering work in weather  modification has left us many inventions such as the cloudbuster and the orgone accumulator which are the staples of primary energy engineering today.  Following these leads, we come across the work of Trevor James Constable.  As well as reinventing the cloudbuster apparatus, he has combined the ideas of Reich and Steiner into a workable, viable science.

After considerable study and research into the foundations of primary energy modification, one  may feel it necessary to construct the apparatus, but let us first ask the question; “Why tamper with Nature’s living energy?”  There are too many ‘would be’ weather gurus out there already and many are probably not accomplished enough to tackle the responsibilities of controlling the weather.  Furthermore, it should be recognized that the disruption of the weather in one localized area will in turn affect other regions distant to the operation, and incorrect use of the apparatus may bring about disastrous results.

The devices used in weather control differ widely in their construction ranging from a series of long, hollow, metal tubes grounded to water (the cloudbuster) to resonant PVC sections coupled with orgone accumulators (Trevor Constable’s weather guns).

The apparatus used on the plains of North Dakota and northern Minnesota was similar in design to Trevor’s weather guns with a few minor differences.  The idea of construction is grounded in the theory that the golden mean is a basic mathematical property of the chemical ether.  The chemical ether travels around the planet in the form of a spinning wave, pulsating as it rotates.  The resonant section of the weather gun acts as a focusing point for this energy due to the golden section geometry of its construction and the accumulator enhances its operation.  This can be readily observed through the example of  log-periodic antenna theory.  The active dipoles of a log-periodic antenna are spaced  in accordance with logarithmic mathematical formulae based on the theory of an infinite spiral.  Radio waves, propagating through the medium of the chemical ether and its characteristic spinning wave, are more efficiently received by this type of antenna.

Another example of an energy focusing structure is the pyramid.  Its angular relationships are also derived from golden ratio mathematics.  A cross-sectional triangle from the pyramid incorporating the values of the base, slant-height, and overall height, are in perfect proportion of golden section.

Much has been written about the energetic processes of the pyramid, and the only two variables considered in its proper functioning are the north/south orientation and the correct geometry.  With the north/south orientation, we must include the simultaneous orientation to the west and east.  Thus, the etheric flows will impinge the pyramid’s sides at right angles.  The right angle is very important in the p physics of secondary energies, of which the finest example is the rotating magnetic field.  The four quadrature phenomenon of this rotating field is in direct comparison to the interaction of the north/south and east/west etheric flows, demonstrating the phase opposition characteristics of Wilhelm Reich’s cosmic superimposition theory.  Also, we should examine the fact that these etheric forces are formative energies originating from the periphery of space, and are drawn toward nature’s receptive centers of living form.  Hence, if a structure’s geometry is in accordance with the designs of nature, (the golden mean) it too will become a receptive center for this counterspatial energy.

This now brings us the electrical nature of the weather in conjunction with the orgone accumulator.  The weather can be seen to produce statical electricity on its own due to the merging of the light and chemical ethers.  The orgone accumulator, with its layers of organic/dielectric and metallic/reflecting material, performs somewhat like a capacitor by building up and storing energy.  This energy can be measured with a device called an orgonotester or by a simple atmospheric charge indicator.  With this in mind, one could quite possibly construct a variable accumulator to adjust for certain atmospheric conditions.

Orgone energy, as determined by Reich, is blue in appearance and this can be witnessed in all visible OR energy functions, such as the sky, protoplasm, auroras, sunspots, and lumination in vacuum tubes.  Similarly, statical or dielectricity possesses the same characteristic color as can be seen in various electrical discharges.  In light of all this, we can theoretically assume that dielectricity and the chemical ether are inseparably related, if not the same thing.

The operations carried out in Minnesota and North Dakota this summer (1988) were primarily experimental in nature and due to the severe drought, they were considered a necessary course of action.  The project entailed the use of  a stationary battery of weather guns injected into the various streams of etheric flow.  The west to east flow is a year-round flow and is governed by lunar influence.  In the spring and summer there exists a south to north flow and conversely the autumn/winter flow is from north to south.  Other factors of importance include solar influence, planetary alignments and lunar cycles.  These subtle energies cannot be overlooked as they directly and indirectly affect the weather.  When solar activity is high one can expect the weather to become disturbed on or shortly after the occurrence.  The planetary geomagnetic indices are an important factor as well  Not only the sun but the relative positions of the planets revolving around the sun play an important part in the activity of the ionosphere which in turn can be directly translated to the weather below  The lunar influence upon the west to east flow can be observed by a buildup of the flow up to and on the full moon and by a breakdown of the flow soon after the full moon, closely following the moon’s waxing and waning cycles.  All of this isn’t necessarily helpful in accurately predicting the weather, but it is essential in determining the most stable conditions for modification.  We must also consider the location in which the project is performed.  In the flatlands and maritime regions, the atmospheric energy is usually evenly distributed with little variation in potential, but in heavily forested areas or mountainous regions, there can be great differences in the concentration of etheric energy due to temperature modulations and the energy-accumulating qualities of plant life.

Let’s examine a four day operation performed in early to mid-June in Northern Minnesota.  In preparation, solar and geomagnetic activity was monitored on short wave radio station WWV, and activity was found to be low.  The moon was in its waning cycle; in general conditions were optimal.  A battery of six weather engineering devices, in matching pairs of three different types, was pointed directly into the oncoming west to east flow on day one.  This action produced a void in the flow and allowed the summer south to north flow to pass directly overhead, ensuring local evaporation.  Wind direction soon changed from a subtle northwest breeze to a moderately strong southeast gale.  The following day, record high temperatures were recorded throughout the local area.

Nearing the end of day two, the weather modification devices were aimed into the south/north flow to  ‘soak up’  its high activity.  The following morning the devices were again re-positioned toward the east resulting in the development of dense clouds in the west.  This process of nubification was allowed to continue until the desired amount of accrued mass presented itself in the form of a large cloud wall across the western horizon.

Day four heralded the anticipated precipitation with movement of the devices to the north.  This action deterred the south flow from interfering and permitted the buildup in the west to unload as it passed over the area.  The circumambulation of the apparatus to the four winds proved to be the only effective method of operation for stationary employment.  Note that in spring and summer this is a counterclockwise rotation changing to clockwise in the fall and winter, with the direction of commencement dictated by the location of the operation.

There are many methods other than stated here by which results may be obtained, and there are many more to be discovered.  In the process of writing this, much pertinent information has probably been left out as there is not nearly enough room here to expound on the intricate processes of nature.  Although there could have been many diagrams accompanying this work, none were included in light of this quote by Luke Howard in his “Essay on the Modifications of Clouds,”

“…the real student will acquire his knowledge in a more solid manner, by the observation of nature, without the aid of drawings, and that more superficial are liable to be led into error by them.”

The engineering project this summer could not be considered successful in defeating the prevailing drought conditions, due to lack of time and insufficient funds to continue the project, but it was a great learning experience, confirming many ideas about the primary life-energy around us.


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This article was sourced from the Journal of Borderland Research – Vol XLV, No 1, January-February 1989

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