A paramount concept with the free energy movement and over-unity technologies involves creating a divergence in the magnetic vector potential, which is an exponential gradient of extreme compression  along the the linear vector potential of the magnetic axis, each representing an opposing polarity of dielectric forces represented as rotary  phasing qualities in a longitudinal  standing waveform, sometimes referred to as scalar or torsion waves. Simply put this consists of two one-dimensional rays of light “cancelling” out as they are 180 degrees out of phase with each other. Their “collision” unfolds into an electromagnetic toroidal ripple that distorts or twists the phasing component into a vortex. When the twisted landscape expands, a traverse electromagnetic wave ripples into free space, or is reflected inward (ie perfect impedance mismatch, key with a working Tesla tower). More complex magnetic fields can be generated with three rays of a light aligned parallel 120 degrees out of phase, or say four rays 90 degrees out of phase, but specific angles pertaining to the golden ratio. These concepts relate to pyramids with simple ease of how light dances with space and time. The divine canvas of the aether is a playing ground for invention when consciousness sees technology truly as an extension of the self. And that being, there are many techniques and concepts involved in modulating the divergence of the potential.

The two fundamental polarities of magnetism are paramagnetism and diamagnetism. They are feminine processes that affect how certain materials respond to their magnetic environment. Ferromagnetism found with magnetized iron is a masculine process. Unmagnetized is like a single man in his 20’s. However, back to thus fundamental polarity of feminine magnetic energy. Paramagnetic substances converge magnetic field lines and align parallel with the exterior field. Diamagnetic substances diverge magnetic field lines and align perpendicular with exterior fields. However, the alignment with diamagnetic substances is generally more weak except for the case with superconductors with are perfect diamagnets that expel the entire external magnetic field, and are essentially a pure magnetic vacuum. It’s alignment potential is also more complex as a diamagnetic substance aligned directly in above a strong magnetic field along the vector potential, will result in an opposing parallel alignment, and no longer perpendicular.


In Ireland, there are round towers built by monks of long past that are out paramagnetic stone. There are ancient stone circle ruins of such paramagnetic towers of even greater past, and beyond known archaeological times, all throughout South Africa creating a giant grid over the landscape. This was a system of magnetic gears creating dielectric surface waves that would collapse pure aetheric potential, some would call neutrinos I feel, into electrostatic potential, a continually growing twist of our universal environment. This is apparent with the ionization of gas along the magnetic boundary condition of noise and silence. Plasma can be contained and funneled into magnetic vacuums very readily. Trees tend to get more helical in their later years, especially old growth with curvature beyond 45 degrees, and interact with this process. I previously called my work with the Tesla towers, the Tesla Tree Project.


So yes, the brilliance of the bees! Bees make hives out of beeswax, one of the few known organic paramagnetic substances (at least to my knowledge). This is due to the large concentration of oxygen trapped in the wax. The paramagnetic nature of oxygen is a vital process to how magnetism, and essentially chi, is transferred with the breath. Oxygen likes to dance through forests, as wood is diamagnetic. The hexagonal cavity effect causes a hexagrammatic flow pattern akin to the Star of David in the interior as the honey is diamagnetic. The toroidal coil patterns in VBM represents the boundary layer of these flow forms. Ideal systems involve high density paramagnetic pathways around perfect magnetic vacuums (ie superconductors). Paramagnetism allows “switching” in relation to torsional/phasing relationships. These are high frequency magnetic fields with slight oscillations in the same polarity (no complete reversal). Tesla learned that when oxygen is exposed to high frequency magnetic fields, it behaves more like a solid akin to jello due to it’s paramagnetic properties. Honey is indeed an ambrosia of the gods. Charged by the gods themselves one could say! Oh and by the way, this is also the fundamental basis to modulating gravity by redistributing the local electromagnetic pressure gradient. Bless!

– Gregor Arturo


Article Source: https://web.archive.org/web/20160805101534/http://gregor.ninja/the-brilliance-of-the-bees/