Every now and then anyone who is interested in Free Energy and related topics comes about the subject of antigravitation, that is manipulating the gravitational field. Most often articles concerning this topic are extremely superficial and offer no concise physical explanation – instead most of them wander off to even more detached subjects, mostly UFOs. But are there any reasons for why antigravitation might be possible? I can assure you: There are plenty.

It is obvious that in order to answer this question we first have to establish what gravitation actually is. It is commonly understood as the attraction between two bodies of some mass and mathematically stated as Newton’s Law of Attraction (resp. Universal Gravitation):

F = G * (m*m’)/r²

where F is the force of attraction, G the gravitational constant, m and m’ the masses of two bodies, and r their distance.

If you have never seen this law and don’t know its effect – well, shame on you! You shouldn’t concern yourself with antigravitation having no ideas of the basic principles!

Now this mathematical expression looks pretty nice, but it is of no use to is as it only allows for attraction. Of course their could be repulsion if one of the bodies had a negative mass; but this obviously cannot be the case. What else can be do? We should try to generalize this law – but how?

Well there is a law from electromagnetism which looks very similar and which might offer a clue. Of course the electric interaction is fundamentally different from the gravitational one, but let us just contemplate for some time. It is the law of attraction for charged bodies, most commonly know as Coulomb’s Law:

F = k * (q * q’)/r²

where F is the force, k Coulomb’s constant, q and q’ the charge of two bodies and r their distance.

It really is stunning how close these two laws come to each other. The nice thing of the latter however is that we can detach it from the force using the commonly used equation F = E * q, where E is the electric field and q the charge. Thus:

E = k * q’/r²

While we know no technical means to change the force between two bodies subject to gravitation or electrically charge, we indeed have the means to change the electric field intensity! Assuming that k and q’ are constant, we get the proportionality:

E ~ 1/r²

This is probably the most general form to describe the relationship between the electric field and the distance. I very much hope that the reader is not bored by all the already well known facts stated here – I can assure him that now the most important point follows. We should not read this proportionality as is standard in textbooks that the electric field intensity on at any distance from a charged body decreases by 1/r², but rather we should imagine that this equation describes every point of space and can also be interpreted the other way around. That is the dimensions of any point of space are antiproportional to the square of the electric field intensity at that point, assuming same direction.

To illustrate this: Imagine you would walk into an area of space where the electric field is considerably strong than where you have been before. The dimensions of this space would be a lot smaller and thus you would shrink – obviously not noticing this as all your body and senses are subject to it.

At this point most readers probably think: Well this is all humbug! Well, for those of you who are still reading, and especially for those of you asking: Alright. Is there any experimental evidence for this? This evidence I will outline now.

There is the well known Tamarack mines experiment. In this two long metal rods were inserted through two shaft into the earth. At their deepest point, there was a horizontal shaft connecting them. The original goal of the experiment was to measure the distance between the shaft at the earth’s surface and between the deepest points and thus determine the earth’s curvature. The problem now was that the measurement rod inside the earth had to be longer than the one on the surface, implying that we life on the inside of a sphere! Well, this must obviously be nonsense. So I went through all the documents concerning this experiment. Indeed the scientists conducted it again and and again getting rid of all possible measurement errors and the result was still the same! What is going on here?…

From a common sense standpoint we must take notice of two things. First the measure of distance must be subjective to us, and second when instead of the electric field intensity the magnetic one is used in the last mathematical expression used above, the reason becomes obvious. This two points demand some explanation.

That the measurement of distance is subject to our sense has been known for about 100 years by now. It was Einstein who first made public (it had actually been known some time earlier) that the curvature of space is dependent of the gravitational field, thus making such an observance as in the Tamarack experiment plausible. Obviously, as inside the earth the gravitational constant is greater than outside, the curvature is greater and there is ‘more space’. Conversely on the surface the constant is correspondingly smaller, allowing only for ‘less space’.

For the second point if we assume that the above mentioned proportionality is also valid for the magnetic field we have:

H ~ 1/r²

I want to stress that this is merely an assumption. However it is well know in physics that every particles has a magnetic moment, that is a magnetic field whose lines of force are closed (in contrast to charged particles). Thus when you have to uncharged bodies, their magnetic fields will overlap leading to an increase of the magnetic field intensity between them, leading to a reduction of their distance. What a surprise! We found an alternative description for gravitation which we sought for!

Still the question remains why we only observe an attraction with gravitation while there is repulsion between electrically similar charged particles. The answer for this is quite simple: magnetic lines of force are always closed, as is well known from Maxwell’s equations.

Furthermore down the earth the same principle applies as does Einstein’s curvature of space!

We have found a exceptionally simple mathematical expression giving easy explanation to two of the most fundamental phenomena of physics!

So how do we apply this to antigravitation? It’s quite simple. You only have to find a means to increase the magnetic lines of force in the direction you want to move in, while deceasing them in the other direction. That is all there is to it. I urge every having this topic to look in detail at the flying saucers the Germans built during the second World War.