On this Youtube Channel Sky Scholar, many myths about standard model’s cosmology fall about. With loads of empirical data, the spectrum of the sun is heavily investigated while scrutinizing the fundamentals of thermodynamics and astronomy such as Kirschoff’s law and the existence of black holes. Through his research he shows plausible evidence of how a metallic hyrdogen core and surrounding layers can account for the spectral lines of the sun as well as the temperature gradients increasing from core outwards. THE SUN IS NOT A NUCLEAR FURNACE. From my perspective the sun is a converter of a higher dimensional space, not a nuclear furnace. Maybe these metallic hydrogen lattices are perfect geometrical resonators for couterspace or the perfect anode for the cosmic birkeland current battery ?!?!?

Pierre-Marie Robitaille, Ph.D., is a professor of radiology at The Ohio State University. He also holds an appointment in the Chemical Physics Program. In 1998, he led the design and assembly of the world’s first Ultra High Field MRI System. This brought on the need to question fundamental aspects of thermal physics, including ideas related to Kirchhoff’s Law of thermal emission, and more. These presentations are not endorsed by The Ohio State University.