Human beings are made of water, yes, but a very special water composed of liquid crystals in the form of clathrates that allow light and therefore energy to travel at incredible speeds in and out of the body to transmit information. And according to Mexican scientist Dr. Esther Del Rio, the loss of this water is one of the leading causes of illness so its return can restore health. The impressive cures she has obtained in such serious diseases as cancer seem to agree. This is a momentous discovery.

75% of the weight of an adult is water (90% of the brain), but that ratio at birth was 90-95%, while at senescence barely reach 60-65%. Implying that, as we age we get “dried off”. Therefore, water being the essential broth where life manifests reasonably has been inferred that in the XXI century we know its secrets. Is that so? Well, no; Nothing further from the truth.

Obviously, we know a lot about water. We know, for example, the molecules that compose it, are semipolar and consist of two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen. And that is a substance with unique, unusual and unexpected in such a simple molecule. In fact, it is the universal solvent par excellence. That is, the medium in which almost all substances dissolve and there are taking place within it many fundamental chemical reactions for the metabolism of living beings. Something that is made possible by its polarity and electrical conductivity (again energy as the basis of life). It is therefore very important in stabilising the climate given the large amount of heat that can be stored in the seawater. Furthermore, depending on temperature and pressure, you can easily change state. Hence, we can see it as liquid into the river or sea, as a solid on an iceberg or gas in the atmosphere.

We also know that the intracellular water of the body represents 50% of lean body mass and extracellular water by 20%, which is divided between the interstitial liquid (15%) and the circulating liquid (5%). And we also know that water can be activated, energised, induced, oxygenated, ozonised, mesmerised, colourised, solarised, temperature and sound manipulated, ionised, magnetised, polarised, etc. Now, what does this all mean, do we have currently a final image of the structure of water? The answer is no. Certainly many models have been proposed for the structure of water in living beings, but none is fully satisfactory because they do not explain all its properties.

Hence the work of the Mexican biochemist Dr. Esther del Rio acquires special relevance. This is because her studies on the nature of water, the assertion of

the existence of liquid crystal molecules in the inner water of the body and the relationship thereof with a magnetic network covering the whole organism explain the rapidity of biological responses to cellular level also providing a practical tool for health care and anti-ageing. Moreover, her proposal would provide a scientific basis for all holistic, natural and energetic therapies.



In 1968, at the premises of the National Polytechnic Institute of Mexico, began to take shape one of the greatest advances and discoveries in science, when Dr. Esther Del Rio began to carefully observe tissue sections and found small fragments of rust that persisted even though the cuts were made with extreme care.

We talk about someone who started 50 years ago – in 1968 – two research projects that have advanced in parallel in recent decades. The answer was found in organisms where the signal exchanges may occur in millionths of a second when the apparent structure of water which has largely similar compounds should not allow such speeds of biological responses.

The fact is that every organism is made up of protoplasm, a vital substance that is characterised by movement and response in millionths of a second, made her think that the liquid that forms could have another molecular structure that operated at that time. Water is a substance of chemical characteristics sui generis, because of the bipolarity of the molecule and as a result is the best solvent in the world. It has other suitable characteristics to protect life. But what it refers to its conductivity is not the same order of response to that of the protoplasm. So, she decided to start the search in the molecular structure of water mechanism that allows this response to occur in millionths of a second.

To her surprise she found that these micro-particles were remnants of magnetic material (ferric oxide and ferrous oxide). She devoted exclusively to find the origin and reason of why they were there those particles of magnetic material.

One of the first discoveries she made, was knowing that there was communication between these ferrous-ferric particles, they also generated a potential difference. While one is oxidised, the other is reduced and therefore generated and formed electromagnetic energy individually and together around the entire body. To demonstrate that she used a modified x – ray device and photographed the centers of magnetic accumulation and energy, thus that matched the areas of concentration of each of these micro particles (magnetite) with the so-called chakras. She also discovered that this intricate web of particles of ferric oxide and ferrous oxide (magnetite) are responsible for protecting our body cells from damage to structural and biochemical level.


The second major discovery by Dr. Esthel Del Rio, was to discover the means by which information flowed and was transmitted between magnetite and our cells and also traveling at unimaginable speeds. She discovered it was water, yes, but not structurally as we know, this was a very special water (H2O) 37, or Liquid Crystal Water. What did this mean? Our cells all the water that enters our body arranged as clathrates, which are 37 H2O molecules, so the formula (H2O) 37, which retain the properties of movement of the liquid over the refractive properties of optical glass.

The liquid crystal water has the ability to save and store information and more importantly the ability to re-transmit, in the same way with a a computer microchip.

Dr. Esthel Del Rio developed her model from Linus Pauling’s work on the structure of water who already in the 50s using an apparatus of X – ray diffraction, formulated the theory that water molecules could be submitted together forming a dodeca-icosahedron of pentagonal and hexagonal faces which are called clathrates. A clathrate (clathratus in Latin means surrounded or protected by fences or railings) is a substance in which a component crystallizes in a very open structure containing voids or tunnels in which may be trapped atoms or small molecules of a second component. Pauling said that each clathrate consists of 32 external faces. The water macro-molecule has 37 molecules. 32 water molecules create an external dodeca-icosahedron and 5 molecules shape an internal pyramid of 4 equilateral triangles on the basis of a square. These liquid crystals are unstable and pulsating, they are created and destroyed every 10 -11s. (10 to the minus 11 seconds) through a range where 32 faces form 4 octahedrons to group again immediately in clathrates and returning to the original dodeca-icosahedron, responding to different vibratory wavelengths and can function as memory information. They allow light and energy traveling from one another at high speed conveying information. Most of the water that forms our body is in the *mesomorphic state. It is of great importance that these polyhedric structures create anisotropic crystals.

” The proposal of our project, we would say is that the water in our tissues is mostly in the form of liquid crystal clathrate (H2O) 37; that is, an intermediate state of matter (*mesomorphic), and being stable liquid crystal retains the properties of the liquids and the properties of optical glass; and most importantly it is able to store and transmit memory. ” ~ Esther Del Río 

The liquid crystals retain all the properties of optical glass and as we know the optical properties of solid crystals serve as memory storage units and respond to different vibratory wavelengths. All of which allows them to encode and re – encode information in millionths of a second. In fact, the properties of liquid crystals have been the basis of the most important inventions of the XX century and part of XXI. Thanks to its properties the development of modern computing has led to computers, lasers, plasma displays, mobiles, artificial satellites, spacecraft, telescopes, electron microscopes and all computer capable of recording, save, sort data, coding programs, etc. That is why Esther Del Río by incorporating this concept, she confirmed that our body is the best computer in the world and every cell communicates through a liquid crystal screen capturing and sending holograms that can be encoded.

Prof. P. Pappas (PhD on Physics and PhD on Mathematics) invented an ionic magnetic inductor called PAPIMI with which he treated water to become (H20)37 liquid crystal water. Analysis and comparisons of the PAPIMI treated water by Dr. Esther Del Rio confirmed the validity of his device. What is certain now and here is not all the properties of the water are due to its chemical composition. The most beneficial properties seem to be due perhaps to the crystalline structure of the water of 37 molecules, which primarily affects biological shaping of plants and animals.

The liquid crystal molecules are able to react to small changes of energy, to encode and transmit wavelengths as a memory unit like microchips and would be the ideal means for transmission of electromagnetic information with unimaginable speed. This energy has been identified by ancient cultures with different names – Chi (in Chinese culture), Ki (in Japanese culture) and Kundalini and Prana (in Hindu) and researchers like Prof. F. Popp of the University of Kaiserslautern (Germany) – call as biophotons today.

Biophotons explains Popp, enable a powerful tool for understanding health and disease from the point of view of internal communication and external within the living cell system under investigation, a source of healthy electromagnetic information. However, this light, these light waves, the liquid crystal – such as described by Dr. Del Rio – are ideal to form “materials for biophotonic channels ” between the various parts of the body. The light then run for our “electromagnetic veins” carrying information from one party to another body.

The exceptional research of Konstantin Meyl on the biological magnetic scalar waves has, expanded the initial discoveries of Nicolas Tesla who worked mainly with electric scalar waves. The DNA generates a longitudinal wave propagating in the direction of the magnetic field vector. Frequencies calculated from the DNA structure match those of the radiation of biophotons. To archive optimum efficiency and minimising conduction losses, you have the double helix structure of DNA. The model of magnetic scalar vortex wave not only covers many structures observed in the core perfectly, but also explains the Hyperboloid channels in the matrix when two cells communicate with each other. The vortex potential is an essential component of the scalar waves, as was discovered in 1990. The basic approach to a theory of extended field was confirmed in 2009 with the discovery of magnetic monopoles. For the first time, this provides the opportunity to explain the physical basis of life not only of biological discipline. Nature covers the entire spectrum of known scientific fields of research, and interdisciplinary knowledge is required to explain their complex relationships.

The characteristics of the vortex potential are significant. With its concentration effect, and miniaturisation to a few nanometers, it allows enormously high-density information in the nucleus. With this first introduction to magnetic scalar wave, it becomes clear that a wave of this type is able to use the genetic code chemically stored in the base pairs of the genes and electrically modulate them, in order to transmit cell nucleus information to another cell. At the receiving end, the reverse process takes place and the information transmitted becomes again in a chemical structure. The necessary energy required to power the chemical process is provided by the magnetic scalar wave itself.

The approach of the biochemist Dr. Esthel Del Rio certainly would support the tenets of Soviet scientist Peter P. Garijajev from the Academy of Sciences of Moscow who considers one DNA biocomputer is able to collect and transmit information from their environment through waves from which can be modified patterns of behaviour of cells.

The proposal of water as liquid crystal within the tissue structure (H2O) 37, Del Rio points in her writings – is enough to satisfy the transmission of both electric and electromagnetic data, internally or externally of every living organism. This possibility was confirmed during a second investigation, she discovered a ferrous-ferric network made up of macromolecules of ferrous-ferric iron in their crystalline forms and tetrahedral rhomboids working intermittently producing electromagnetic potential difference. Both the liquid crystals as ferrous-ferric form a network information system wherein each iron macromolecule functions as a magnetic liquid crystal surrounded by microcellular water (H2O)37 and other alkaline and metalloid elements.



Iron macro-molecules would be discovered in 1974 by the research group of Dr. Del Rio and her discovery presented in 1984 during the congress of the Academy of Medicine and Homeopathy held that year in Mexico. And in 1986 she released her work but only at a national level. Later, in 1989 J. Kirschvink found magnetite in the brains of animals accounting them for their orientation towards the magnetic axis of the Earth, a discovery that would complement three years after discovering magnetite in human brain’s morphology of crystals.

Those magnetic particles according to the Esther’s work may have spherical or pyramidal shape and their distribution is not uniform. They are larger than a cell, they intermittently react becoming oxidized and reduced, as a rust and reducing potential differences are formed and hence an electromagnetic current runs all our body, fed by electromagnetic fields formed within the body, acting as a protection barrier against biochemical imbalance. They have also found that in the central column of the body, they are denser and outwardly presented in a more isolated form. And their electromagnetic emissions can be linear or helical.

Importantly, these iron macro-molecules when are oxidized and reduced are denser in the center of the body forming an axis that runs in front of the spine where there is a presence of spheres composed of reduced and oxidized macro-molecules, stand out with a blink rate stronger by bouncing the produced energies which have helical movements upwards and below this axis. These magnetic fields remind us of the chakras or energy centers that were expressed initially in very old books and then retaken by Vedas.

A network composed of magnetic micro-fields has been seen through X – ray machines modified with electromagnets being able to see the body full of fluorescent and bashing lights with abundant magnetite densities, where are the most important glands matching body sites where mentioned the existence of chakras. In conclusion, each chakra consists of thousands of ferric magnetites forming true spheres. And it is important to mention that these areas are in the places where the most important glands in the body and are also consistent with what is expressed in books about chakras. Such energy centers are 7 and are located on the sex organs, adrenal, between the liver and pancreas, thymus, thyroid, pineal and the pituitary. Hence, we can deduce that this magnetic order protects the biochemical order through the liquid crystals of the chakras and glands.

Dr. Esther Del Rio has no difficulty in recognizing the existence of an integrated total of three bodies, magnetic body, biochemical body and mental body connected to a higher human consciousness. The magnetic body as its approaches, protect cellular biochemistry as this network is responsible for producing electromagnetic energy that, like a spider, entraps liquid crystals and encode information stored as liquid crystal display.

Liquid crystals he explains may be in colloidal form within the cells between the helices of DNA or between amino-acids of proteins that make up the connective tissue is the tissue contains more liquid crystal water (80%). Here we see that electromagnetic impulses are also involved in this network of information because the cell is immersed in a magnetic field and this allows us to propose a working link between electromagnetic energy produced by living beings and the outside like a large satellite dish receiving information and emitting wavelengths outside the body in intermittent pulses at different energy levels; That could be the electromagnetic aura. At the same time explains the work of our magnetic system like a coil whose centre is denser with production of spiral energy into the less dense outside with power line forming the meridians that are used in traditional Chinese medicine and other therapies holistic.

In summary, investigations have led to the conclusion that all cell requires liquid crystals for the transmission of their messages, that all internal data is stored in the corresponding brain structures through liquid crystals and that the body is like a computer with LCD.



Consequently, for Esther Del Rio, health it is but a state of equilibrium between the magnetic body and the biochemical body and for both, the ferrous-ferric body with its liquid crystal molecules plays a key role. Just when our network is disorienting magnetically or destroyed by external and internal causes, in the magnetic body is where the disease begins to develop. Meeting between external environmental pollution, food contamination and ionizing and non-ionizing radiation, among other factors. And between the inner emotions, stress, genetics, etc. According to Mexican researchers, to reorder the magnetic network and correct the internal and external pulsing magnetic field of the body in order to avoid biochemical failure, it is perfectly justified the use of any holistic therapy that includes the application of pulsed magnetic field regulated in general or particular way, using the techniques of magnetism, acupuncture, aromatherapy or any of the therapies that work by balancing energy. It is thought that in some way, this information network is present in all being alive. The electromagnetic system named by Dr. Esther Del Rio and her team as ECOR (Extra cellular Cofactor of Oxide Reduction and Liquid Crystal Water (H2O) 37, are the scientific basis on which the beneficial action of all therapies is based complementary or integrated.

Logically, if the magnetic body doesn’t transmit correct and suitable vibrational information to the cells through the liquid crystal molecules to perform its biochemical processes, the cells become increasingly defective, which is leading to disease. The magnetic body is necessary as a battery and as a vehicle of transporting energy.

Another function of the liquid crystals inside the body is related to the recovery of damaged tissues, since re-establishes the correct sequence information between cells corruption reversing the process that led to an incorrect or impaired communication. Precisely, according to Dr. Esther Del Rio – the loss of ability to transform normal water (H2O) to (H2O) 37 is what leads to cellular ageing. Even for DNA replication is required from the liquid crystal to transmit the memory that stores life.



Dr. Esther Del Rio has patented a chemical process to produce vital water or liquid crystal water. A method thanks to which starting of purified water can be obtained liquid crystal water. With high – precision equipment she managed to convert ordinary water into liquid crystal water as a colloid or in a mesomorphic state. Its physical characteristics are also different. It has a high dynamic surface tension roughly of 60 dyn/cm2, it is denser, heavier than normal water, slightly turbid due to precipitation of ferrous-ferric salts that have not been added, but are part of the natural water, it’s odorless and it always stays fresh. This type of water can be an electrolytic supply to the tissues which improves the functioning of organs, cells are stimulated and the tissue is reorganized, in all cases improving the quality of life.

This description has similarities to the properties of the Ormus water and with many Alchemical texts regarding elixirs. Moreover, this type of water is part of the treatment which Dr. Patricia Perez Del Rio, surgeon, daughter of Esther Del Rio used for years in her practice in all kinds of diseases and to prevent ageing. In recent years, she has achieved impressive cancer recoveries. Perez Del Rio concluded after so many years, that cancer is an emotional problem and therefore the results with liquid crystal water are still very good. And when the patient improves emotionally, recovery is achieved. Also in the case of autoimmune diseases such as lupus or rheumatoid arthritis say they have obtained excellent achievements.

Although the results really start to look after the third month in most cases can be seen improvement from the first month of treatment. This is also a cheap and simple to apply treatment for drinking just two glasses of liquid crystal water, by applying pads for example in psoriasis. It is not however given intramuscularly or intravenously. They have obtained the appropriate permissions by the Mexican Department of Health and its application only requires the patient to stop consuming any other toxic substances.

Summarizing, the approach of Dr. Del Rio allows to complete some other theories of modern physics. On the other hand, it responds to how human energy channels (biophotons today, Prana, Ki, Chi) from how we get it from our environment to the proper functioning of the biochemistry of our body. The surrounding environment would be the battery to the power of our engine and each of its parts. Energy absorbed through the “storage” of our body chakras system is making electromagnetic pulses circulating the liquid crystal molecules between cells.

Moreover, the work of Esther del Rio also allows to understand the research of Garjajev that presupposes the existence of a sub-quantum world that DNA extracts the information with which the human being is formed. In this case the liquid crystal molecules would be responsible for transmission of information from the inside out through the ferric-ferrous body such that in our external magnetic field can have embedded aura information from inside our body.

Our body, is a holographic computer with a LCD screen that relates to the outside and inside as well as the hard drive, which is the brain giving answers in millionths of a second thanks to liquid-crystal magnetite making ιτ virtually cybernetic and integrated into a large network of external and internal electromagnetic lines connected to the universal mind. Moreover, it can be said that all human beings are interconnected through a liquid-crystal magnetite system (Internet lines) with the universal mind and this connection is constantly refreshed every 10 to the minus 11 seconds.

Beyond the biochemical level, there is a crystallo-magnetic one, founded on geometry, polarities and harmonics. This is an even higher level of encoded information, this is how cosmos is constructed and all beings in it, through harmonics and shapes, moves, colours, rhythms, sounds, all as octaves from one source. The science of Physics of Quality by Dr. Ibrahim Karim has very deep roots into the Pythagorean mathematics, the geometry of shape and harmonics, the science of ancient Egypt in relation to life functions with many practical applications and seminars worldwide. A branch of the Physics of Quality is the science of BioGeometry which has numerous applications of the universal principles of Physics of Quality or Physics of Information. BioSignatures to heal the body and soul, protective solutions for electromagnetic pollution and geopathic radiation, bioenergetics, agricultural projects, architecture, clinical studies for autism and hepatitis, airplane and car industry projects, etc.

Mesomorphic state of matter

Mesomorphic state of matter is a state of matter intermediate between liquid and solid. It occurs with the solids having greater tendency to an ordered arrangement. It has certain properties of solids like double refraction of light or interference pattern in polarised light. It also has some properties of liquid, like surface tension, flow and viscosity.

Cholesteric Phase: Composed of molecules containing a chiral centre which produces intermolecular forces that favour alignment between molecules at a slight angle to one another. The structure can be visualised as a stack of very thin 2-D nematic-like layers with the director in each layer twisted with respect to those above and below forming a continuous helical pattern about the layer normal. They organize in layers with no positional ordering within layers, but a directoraxis which varies with layers. The variation of the director axis tends to be periodic in nature. The period of this variation (the distance over which a full rotation of 360° is completed) is known as the pitch, p. This pitch determines the wavelength of light which is reflected.


The Scutoid

Scutoids are a geometrical solution to three-dimensional packing of epithelia. As an embryo develops tissue is bent into the complex three-dimensional shape, and the tissues eventually turn into organs. The cells are packed very tightly at this stage and to accommodate the curving that happens during embryonic development scientists discovered with further research that the epithelial cells at this stage adopt a shape that wasn’t previously described. The scutoid shape allows the cells to use minimal energy and maximize packing stability. The project was a collaboration with the US and EU between teams from the Seville University, Spain led by Luis M. Escudero and a team from Lehigh University in the US led by Javier Buceta. Other members of the team include authors Pedro Gomez-Galvez and Pablo Vicente-Munuera and scientists from other institutions. In August 2018, they announced the scutoids. They did a phenomenal collaboration between biology and mathematics.

Scutoids were initially discovered using computational modelling that used Voronoi diagramming, which is a tool used in multiple fields to understand geometrical organisation. Buceta says that during the modelling they had results that were “weird.” He said that their model predicted that as the curvature of tissue increases columns and bottle-shapes weren’t the only shapes that cells adopted. The other shape that was discovered didn’t even have a name in math. Scutoid was chosen because of its resemblance to the scutellum, the posterior part of an insect thorax or midsection. The shape can stabilise three-dimensional packing and make it more energy efficient. The team says that the findings could help in the understanding of 3D organisation of epithelial organs and advancements in tissue engineering.

Officially, the name scutoid was coined because of its resemblance to the shape of the scutum and scutellum in some insects, such as beetles in the subfamily Cetoniinae. Unofficially, Clara Grima has stated that while working on the project, the shape was temporarily called an Escu-toid as a joke after the biology group leader Luis M. Escudero. Since his last name, “Escudero”, means “shield” (or “squire”) in Latin (“scutum”), the temporary name was modified slightly, and they coined “scutoid”. Epithelial tissues line the outer surfaces of organs and blood vessels throughout the body, as well as the inner surfaces of cavities in many internal organs. An example is the epidermis, the outermost layer of the skin.


The Scarab

The importance and recurrence of certain numbers, number combinations and forms have long been remarked upon by naturalists, botanists and biologists. As science delves ever deeper into molecular, atomic and subatomic realms, the physical world continues to reveal its innate harmonic and proportional nature in ever more striking and precise fashion. Scientists note these data but because they never subject them to Pythagorean scrutiny, they continue to learn more and more about how the world is constructed, but not about why. Yet these answers seem practically on the verge of imposing them selves, if only the right questions were asked. The form of the double helix and the sequences of amino acids and proteins in basic cell structures and enzymes all follow clearly defined and precise patterns whose proportions and numerical relation ships must conceal the reason why these things are as they are. For example, water (H20) displays two basic harmonic attributes. Two hydrogens to one oxygen gives the octave; by volume, eight oxygen to one hydrogen gives 8:9, the tone.

Is this ‘coincidence? No one can ‘prove’ that it is not. And yet these basic harmonic attributes do seem too neatly Pythagorean to dismiss. Remember that in the ancient system ‘water’ is the fourth element, the primal, principal ‘substance’ and analog of one, as the octave is the analog of the fundamental. In the physical world water is the support of life. In the meta-physical world of Egypt, Turn creates himself out of Nun, the primeval waters. Creation proceeds harmonically, the octave is the instrument of process, of ‘life’, and the first note of the octave is the tone. To produce the perfect tone, the string must be proportioned 8:1 — just the ratio of oxygen to hydrogen atoms by volume. And creation is volume, which is space.

Egypt understood why the world is as it is; her choice of symbols, as well as countless indications from scientific, mathematical and medical texts, proves that she also knew an astonishing amount about how. Obviously, Egypt had no lasers, electron microscopes or particle accelerators; she could not have specific, quantitative knowledge of the microscopic world. But the curious appositeness displayed by her symbols and texts makes it clear that technology is not the only means for gaining insight into these realms.

The Egyptian god Khepri, Ra as the rising sun, was often depicted as a scarab beetle or as a scarab beetle-headed man. The ancient Egyptians believed that Khepri renewed the sun every day before rolling it above the horizon, then carried it through the other world after sunset, only to renew it, again, the next day.

This beetle was famous for his habit of rolling balls of dung along the ground and depositing them in its burrows.

This resembles with what occurs in the central column of the human body, the iron macro-molecules as dodeca-icosahedron balls when are oxidized and reduced are denser, forming an axis that runs in front of the spine where there is a presence of spheres composed of reduced and oxidized macro-molecules, stand out with a blink rate stronger by bouncing the produced energies which have helical movements upwards and below this axis.

These magnetic fields remind us of the chakras or energy centers. Such energy centers are 7 and are located on the sex organs, adrenal, between the liver and pancreas, thymus, thyroid, pineal and the pituitary.

One of the things that Dr. Esthel Del Rio achieved to photograph in her laboratory is the holographic communication system of the cells via the biophotons, which appeared as a scarab!


Five represents a complete living structure, while the number 6 represents its entrance to a time space continuum, the observable consequence of pattern in time and space.

To the Pythagoreans, Five was the number of ‘love’ because it represented the union of the first male number, Three, and the first female number, Two.

Five may also be called the first ‘universal’ number. One, that is unity, containing as it does all and everything, is strictly speaking incomprehensible. Five, incorporating the principles of polarity and reconciliation, is the key to the understanding of the manifested universe. For the universe, and all phenomena without exception, are polar in nature, treble in principle.

From the roots of Two, Three and Five all harmonic proportions and relationships can be derived. The interplay of these proportions and relations commands the forms of all matter, organic and inorganic, and all processes and sequences of growth. It may be that in the not too distant future, with the aid of computers, science may come to a precise knowledge of these complex interactions. But it will not succeed in doing so until it accepts the underlying principles which the ancients knew.

It may seem odd to saddle numbers with gender. But reflection upon the functional role of numbers quickly justifies such a procedure. Two, polarity, represents a state of tension; Three, relationship, represents an act of reconciliation. Fem ale numbers, the even numbers, represent states or conditions; the female is that which is acted upon. The male is that which is initiative, active, ‘creative’, positive, (aggressive, rational); the female is correspondingly receptive, passive, ‘created’ (sensitive, nurturing). This is not a tract advocating universal male chauvinism; the universe is polar, masculine/feminine by nature. And it is probably no accident that in countless phenomena of the natural world, we find this relationship between odd numbers and masculinity, even numbers and femininity. Genital organs are usually treble. Female mammals of all species have two (or multiples of two) breasts. In an accidental universe, there is no reason why such uniformity should prevail.

So Five, to the Pythagoreans, was the number of love, but given the innumerable connotations of that much abused word, it is perhaps preferable to call Five the number of life.

Four terms are necessary to account for the idea of matter, or substance. But these four terms are insufficient to account for its creation. It is Five — the union of male and female — that enables it to ‘happen’.

And it is an understanding of Five in this sense that is responsible for the peculiar reverence in which Five has been held in so many cultures; this is why pentagram and pentagon have been sacred symbols in esoteric organisations (and why it is so ironic to see it currently used as the basis of the plan of the world’s largest military headquarters). In ancient Egypt, the symbol for a star was drawn with five points. The ideal of the realized man was to become a star, and to ‘become one of the company of Ra’.

In mundane terms, Four accounts for the fact of the sculptor’s statue, but does not account for the ‘doing’ of it. Five terms are required to account for the principle of ‘creation’; Five is accordingly the number of ‘potentiality’. Potentiality exists outside time. Five is therefore the number of eternity and of the principle of eternal creation, union of male and female — and it is for this reason, and along these lines of thought, that the ancients came to hold Five in what looks to us like a peculiar reverence.

But five terms are insufficient to describe the framework in which the event takes place; the actualization of potentiality. That framework is time and space. We may call Six the number of the world, in this sense. Five, in becoming Six, engenders or creates time and space.


Six, the number of the material world and therefore of time and space, is the number chosen by the Egyptians to symbolize temporal and spatial phenomena. Six served the Egyptians, as it does us, for the basic temporal divisions: twenty four hours in a day (twelve of day, twelve of night), twelve months of thirty days each in the year, plus five days in which ‘the Neters were born’. This is neither accident nor coincidence, but a natural corollary of the functional role of Six. (In celestial mechanics, discussions of motion employ a six-dimensional space — three for the position and three for the velocity of each particle or planet.)

The framework in which creation takes place is time and space, which requires six terms to define them. Creation does not take place within time; rather, time is an effect of creation. Things do not exist within space; things are space. There is no time except that which is defined by creation; there is no space except that which is defined by volume. The material universe is an interpenetrating hierarchy of energies at different levels or orders of density, to which our senses have but limited access.

Volume requires six directions of extension to define it: up and down, backwards and forwards, left and right. So in Egypt the cube, the perfect six-sided figure, was used as the symbol for actualization in space; the cube is the symbol for volume. Pharaoh sits squarely upon his throne, which is a cube (some times he is sculpted emerging from a cube). Man is placed unmistakably in material existence. Spirit through geometrical archetypes shapes liquid crystal water from which our magnetic body is made, the great attractor and configurator of our physical body.

Five and Six are observed in the pentagonal and hexagonal surfaces of the dodeca-icosahedronal liquid crystal water of the magnetic ferrous-ferritic body and the scutoids, prisms with a zipper, of the epithelial cells of our physical body. We are unions of love (5) expressed in time and space (6).

Therefore, looking at the Platonic solids we can decipher the composition of the body. Which means that our body consists of water (pulsating icosahedron) and ether (pulsating dodecahedron), air (the 4 internal octahedrons), and fire (pyramid in the center). Where is the earth? In the minerals, in other words, in the ferromagnetic parts at the core of the liquid water crystals. That leads us to the blood, especially to the haemoglobin in the red blood cells, from which every organ, tissue, nuerons, gland is produced through differentiation. Animal life goes through an alchemical process of transmuting cholorophyll to haemoglobin. Nature sacrifices herself as a plant kingdom to develop the animal kingdom, green to red, and further, the prince of the animal kingdom, the Man who walks the road of infinity, red to gold.


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