Past owner of the Borderlands Research Journal, he has worked with many brilliant minds like Eric Dollard, Peter Lindemann, Bob Beck, Michael Theroux, and many other pioneers of the Aether. He is also on of the founding members of Aether Force, Thomas Joseph Brown has spent the past decades devoted to releasing the strange science of Mind-Matter interfacing and Tesla related Aetheric technologies. The movement at large owes a massive amount of gratitude for the time and energy this man has dedicated to the preservation and amplification of the New Energy and Qualitative Sciences Revolution.

Without the tireless efforts through suppression and experimentation, he has offered a major grenade to deliver the standard paradigms an unrecoverable blow. Thomas employs a supersensible thinking described through the phenomenology of Goethe and Steiner that catalyzed the merger of quantitative analysis and qualitative observations. Enjoy this recent talk by Thomas Brown as open new paradigmatic pathways about the nature of stars and their relation to physical morphologies of plants and crystals, projective geometry, the quaternity roles in formative forces, the 4-fold nature of fields as primary archetype for physical expression called the Quaternity, and its symbolic relationship with the Dorje, weather engineering, and the error of modern materialistic models in their approach to modelling “space”.

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