The Next Bigly Thing — Torsion Chemistry

80% Faster Reactions, 50% Less Energy with “Activators”

by Robert A. Nelson

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Science has bestowed many wonderments upon us, but the Return-On-Investment is quickly diminishing (think Peak Oil = Peak Civilization). The price we pay in time, money, and effort condemns us to a seemingly futile existence as slaves to putative convenience and perpetual debt at the expense of the biosphere and our souls. Alas, alack, all is vanity! These do indeed appear to be the latter days of “Civilization” as we knew it. We must resolve our problems or face the probability of self-extinction along with the innocent biosphere. Civilization is a heat engine that wastes much of the fuel it burns. Due to their relatively large particle, most combustion agents (e.g., gasoline droplets) never
perform work, and their energy is exhausted to the environment without being used cogeneratively. Most fuel-related losses can be avoided with very simple, efficient technologies — e.g., vaporization and plasma carburetors. The current regimes of corporatism, central banking and secret government deem otherwise, however, and therefore suppress many awesome inventions of all sorts. There is no apparent reason for such institutionalized insanity except for the usual culprits — sheer greed and lust for power. The replacement systems would generate huge
profits and savings, and would serve to empower humanity (or equally likely, further enslave the damned fools). But some ineffable, relentless dark force seems to have intentionally rendered humans awfully stupid, and holds us hostage to obscene, obsolete, toxic technologies such as nuclear power and coal.

Surely, you know all that already. And as a busy modern technophile, eager to learn about The Next Bigly Thing, you are of course understandably hurried and want to get to the point: What can be done about wasted industrial calories? Okay then, already! Here is the information you need to build the Wonder World of Yesternow through Torsion Chemistry! Or, if you prefer, Hyperchemistry.

Some dare call it Alchemy…

Leon Sprink

Leon Sprink was a Russian engineer who operated a cement manufacturing plant in France circa 1950. Thanks to him, it may be possible to bring about a huge reduction in our energy consumption in a very simple, elegant manner, and to do it quickly — meaning within a few years, or several, or a decade — certainly within a century or two … Sprink received several patents for a simple method employing geometric forms to create a special type of electrostatic field that accelerates chemical reactions, among other phenomena.

According to the example given by Sprink in British patent GB685522 (Method of and Apparatus for Carrying out Chemical Reactions), “One month after the setting in operation of the apparatus, the duration of the reaction, which normally is 24 hours, had fallen down to 3 hours and the saving in calories supplied for the reaction was 50%… When cement making is commenced, the reaction time is reduced from 2-1/2 hours to one hour… The field also affects the states of matter such as solubility and crystallization, distillation, reduction of metallic ores, etc… Large units also allegedly demonstrated “anti-gravitational” effects, and ultraviolet light became visible in the diagonals between the electrodes. Sprink called them “St. Andreas crosses”. By varying the position or form of the apparatus, other effects were obtained, such as speeding up, stabilization, or alteration, in the change of state of matter.

Sprink’s patent describes balsa wood forms, aligned N-S-E-W and mounted with 2 electrode pairs set 1 meter apart. When continuously charged with about 200 kv of direct current for 3 weeks, a time-warp zone is establishes that spreads up to 60 meters .

Sprink Activator

Sprink gave examples of Activators affecting various reactions in apparently impossible ways: The distance diagonally between the four points was 0.50 meter. The voltage supplied was 5000 volts. The apparatus was placed in a house near a set of autoclaves employed for the saponification of fatty substances. The distance from the apparatus to each of the autoclaves was 3 to 10 meters… One month after the
setting in operation of the apparatus, the duration of the reaction, which normally is 24 hours, had fallen down to 3 hours and the saving in calories to be supplied for the reaction was 50% …

The distance diagonally between points was 1 meter; the voltage supplied was 60,000 volts. The apparatus was arranged near a set of four vertical kilns employed for the manufacture of hydraulic lime; these kilns were loaded during 8 hours by day; the distance from the apparatus to each of the kilns was about 3 to 60 meters… Two months after the setting in operation of the apparatus, for a charge of 626,634 kg of lime ore and 79,945 kg of coal (calorific value 4460 calories) we have extracted from the kilns 447,091 kg of lime which corresponds to a rate of 790 calories per kilogram of unslaked lime obtained instead of the usual rate of 1200 calories for the same quantity of lime.”

Similar results were obtained during tests on the reduction of ores of iron and aluminum. Sprink also noted the importance of aligning the frame with the geomagnetic field : “For the speeding up of reactions such as the manufacture of cement with clinker, the manufacture of lime, or saponification, the best direction will be the plane at right angles to the direction of magnetic north at the place in question.”

Think about it! 80% faster chemical reactions, 50% less fuel consumption, and levitation! The implications, ramifications, possibilities and potential profits thrill the imagination! Despite which, Leon Sprink died a pauper. Go figure …

Jacques Ravatin

Jacques Ravatin was a research associate of Leon Sprink, and he received French Patent FR2421531 (Apparatus for Amplifying Emissions Due to Shapes). The device comprised a small 16-sided frame, fitted with four electrodes to generate a very high electric field with bizarre properties. After half an hour of operation, effects on certain physical parameters occur within a radius of about 200 feet — much faster than the Sprink design, which requires weeks to build up its force field. Areas may be insulated from the effect of activation by shielding
with rubber or resin. Metals, wood, and structural material (viz., bricks, stone, cement) are pervious to the phenomenon of space activation.
After warming up for an hour, the Activator field begins to produce extraordinary anomalous phenomena, including :

(1) The magnetic variation moves about 60º west of magnetic north; Ravatin noted, However, if one directs the axis of the frame with 60 º west of magnetic north, the other effects, occurred rapidly and with more intensity.
(2) A wide range of variation in the local magnetic field was observed.
(3) At 50 kv, there was a 10% loss of weight on the apparatus, and the reduction increased with higher applied positive potential.
(4) The index of refraction of the air increases slightly, and more so at higher voltages.
(5) In combustion reactions such as a blast-furnace where slag is produced, usually there is no ash during the operation of the Activator and for a few days afterward.
(6) The amount of fuel required for combustion reactions is greatly reduced, yet obtains the same result.
(7) At 50 Kv, approximately 30% less coal is used to obtain same thermal energy, and at higher potentials, even less coal is required. In the case of gasoline engines, fuel consumption is reduced about 50%.
(8) The coefficient of solubility increases for a salt in water, particularly sodium chloride. A 50 kv field multiplied the coefficient of solubility by 2.1 to 2.3 times.
(9) The speed of plant growth and size is increased in the Activator field. These increases vary according from plant to plant but they are appreciable. In some case,s the yield increased up to 10 times.
(10) The Activator field makes it possible to partially or completely eliminate a catalyst in a chemical reaction that requires one.

The invention makes it possible to amplify the torsion field emissions from a 16-sided polygon to obtain industrially exploitable effects by application of  magnetic, electric, or electromagnetic fields ( 60-300 Kv @ 100 microamperes ). The construction details are elaborated in Ravatin’s patent, WO8000293 (Apparatus for Amplifying Emissions Due to Shapes). In a preferred embodiment, some of the small planks are right-twist Moebius strips, and others are laevo￾rotary. One can also add acoustic resonance systems near the frame, and select
mineral crystals (carborundum, quartz, tourmaline, barium titanate, etc.). Natural materials with directed fibers, such as wood, give good results, but rubber, plywood, or plastic do not. To obtain practical industrial results, the frame must have a diameter of at least 250 cm, and the electrodes are charged to at least 60 kv, up to 300 kv per meter of electrode separation.

Ravatin Activator

It was noted that “One could also favorably influence the effect of amplification by affixing with ankles, volumes manufactured in the same material as frame. These volumes consist of cylinders with cones on their ends, the point angle of these cones being preferably approximately 140 degrees, the diameter of the cylinders being low to the length of with dimensions form, and the height of these
cylinders being of about size of a few centimetres … “The point angles of electrodes are, preferably, of 23º +/- 30 ‘ ; the point angles of
the cones are preferably 28º+/- 30 ‘. The length of each electrode… is approximately 60 to 90 mm… The points of electrodes are preferably at least 400 millimeters apart with 45 Kv, and at least approximately 1 meter when the potential is about 300 Kv.

Ravatin further details the homothetic ratios, preferred sizes of the ovoidal and rhomboidal bodies, and the addition of select inorganic materials. “Inorganics [e.g., carborundum] make it possible to increase the amplification of the device and/or to change the nature of the emissions and/or to confer to the frame the fractal character, which is a known mathematical character.

For the inorganic natural, one can for example use proustite, pyragyrite, obsidian, etc…, as well as several of these inorganics simultaneously. It was also noted that natural graphite has a strong influence on the fractal character. One can also use in the place of inorganic, or in addition to those, of nematic liquids [ Oil, gas, gasoline, water, nitrogen] … It is possible to increase the effect of amplification of the device, and to unify the effects obtained in space and time, and to avoid the creation of freezing conditions for human use.

One can also add acoustic resonators, lasers for continuous or rhythmic emission, or many fluids in movement in conduits of appropriate form. To further increase the effect of amplification of the equipment… one can lay out it in a truncated pyramid frame approximately 4.5 meters height and whose base is 5 meters square… One can supplement this truncated pyramid with a small base.

Ravatin recommended the application of an electric, electromagnetic, and/or magnetic field. In fact, Without the application of one of the aforementioned fields, one obtains effects relatively not very exploitable, but the application of the one at least of these fields allows one to increase the intensity of the effects obtained, especially when the applied field is higher.

Ravatin also invented a Device for Activating Fluids & Solids” ( FR2716123 ), in which curved fluid circulation pipes “in a left-handed cycloid in the orthonormal reference frame” generate an activation process where a fluid is circulated through the unit by compressed gas. The device is claimed to desalinate and purify water, and to treat fumes. Glass, metals, ceramics, and plastics are “activated” by immersing the material in the fluid and cooling it below -80 deg C for at least 1 hour.


J. Ravatin : French Patent # 2,716,123 ( Device for Activating Fluids & Solids )

This activation persists when the fluid one does not circulate any more, and especially when the conduits are made out of particular alloys of copper, chromium, iron, cobalt and nickel, with the heavier metals (rare earths) added in very small quantity. The activation is reinforced when the compressed air being used to put the fluid one to treat in movement, is itself activated.

A more labile activation of fluid to treatment can be conferred by the action of electromagnetic rays for three hours, with a wavelength of 3800-3860 A, 4400-4480 A, 5500-5600 A and 8000-8700 A. The ageing of wine can be accelerated in containers made of microbubble activated glasses; in a few weeks the color becomes amber and the ethyl taste disappears.

The process of ageing wine also can be zoomed by ultrasound, and several entrepreneurs already are marketing bartop machines to do the deed. They are not, however, applying “activator” or torsion fields, but ultrasonic frequencies could well be applied to the Sprink and Ravatin devices.

The Russian astrophysicist Nikolai Kozyrev reported similar properties in his epochal “Experimental Study of the Properties of Time”. Comparison of the work research conducted by Kozyrev, Sprink, Ravatin, and others indicates that the “Activator” also is something of a Time Machine — a Chronon Generator ! Other pundits will opine that it is producing a “Torsion Field”. They too probably are correct, in that Time is a scalar or torsion field, depending on which definition you subscribe to at any said Planck unit.

The implications of “Activator” for energy economy and other industries arerevolutionary, but the implementations are somewhat… delayed.

Alexandr Golod

Alexandr Golod has built large pyramids of his own design in Russia, and they produce some of the same effects obtained by Sprink and Ravatin. Experiments and tests conducted with his nonmetallic structures produced several extraordinary results:

1) A radar shows a huge ionic column reaching a few kilometers into the sky above the 44-meter Golden Section Pyramid. With the help of a series of radars working in the centimeter range and placed at 60 km, 32 km and 30 km from the Pyramid, scientists conducted radiolocation of the area of vertical axis of the Pyramid. During this research, the existence of an ionic column with a height of 2000 meters and width of 500 meters along the vertical axis of the pyramid was established. This allegedly ionic column was constantly changing its height from
800 meters to 2000 meters… Moreover, a circle with a diameter of 300 km, with a higher degree of ionization and a center within the zone of the Pyramid was discovered…

2) Even at –40° C, regular water does not freeze inside the Pyramid. Several plastic bottles with regular water were placed inside the Pyramid and their state was observed within a period of three winter months. The water was not freezing and had all the properties of a liquid during this whole period. The lowest air temperature inside the Pyramid was –40°C. Measuring water temperature inside the bottles showed that it was the same as the temperature of the air (i.e. the water was not freezing even when its temperature was –40°C). However, it was noted
during this research, that if a bottle of this water was shaken or hit, a crystallization process was beginning inside and the water was turning into ice within 3-20 seconds (depending on the degree of water super-cooling).

3) Pyramid has powerful protective characteristics against lightning bolt hits. Therefore, a contour of granite stones exposed to the pyramid energy has powerful protective characteristics against lightning bolt hits within the area of the contour.

4) The Golden Section Pyramid harmonizes space within its radius of influence. New streams appeared in the area of the 22-meter pyramid on the Seliger Lake, a stork set up a nest, and nearby fields became covered with previously extinct kinds of flowers.

5) Many substances and materials change their physical and chemical properties… inside the pyramid, electrical resistance had doubled …

6) “Qualitative structure of oil changes : A complex of pyramids was installed on an oil field. Within the next few days the viscosity of oil decreased by 30%, which correspondingly led to the increased oil production. Gradually, the structure of oil began to change, i.e.,. amounts of tars, paraffin, etc in oil decreased. Fractional structure of oil has shifted towards the light fractions (Moscow Academy of Oil and Gas).

7) Burning of any substance inside the Pyramid Of The Golden Section produces pleasant aromas

8) “Increase in crop productivity: Before planting the crops, their seeds were placed inside the Pyramid for 1-5 days. Tens of thousands of hectares were seeded with more than 20 crops. In each case crop productivity was from 20% to 100%, the crops were not sick, were not bothered by droughts. Quantity of toxic substances in plants decreased. Similar results were obtained when closed contours of stones, previously exposed to the Pyramid energy, were placed around the crop fields. 500 small stones with total weight of 20 kg were placed around a 10 hectare field.

9. Medical research, experiments and tests in medical laboratories and science centers have confirmed that Golden Section Pyramids neutralize geopathic zones… have powerful anti stress effects… slow aging processes by enhancing immune system… increase vitality of cellular tissue, slow development of negative processes in living organisms… reduce negative influence of the environment on humans and nature.

Golod has been granted several patents for his invention and its applications:

RU2149650 (Apparatus for Exposing Biological Object to Energo-Informational Flux)

Three regular metal four-angled pyramids of similar geometry, whose apexes are disposed in single straight line. Pyramids are inserted
one inside the other and rigidly interconnected through similar metal bearing rods so that spaces of equal size are defined between them. Pin fixed to apex of outer pyramid is extending perpendicular to pyramid bases. Block of equally spaced antennae is secured to pin. Antennae are arranged along circumferential line and provided with emitters. Bearing rods are positioned at an angle of 42 degrees to
pyramid bases. Ends of rods are fixed to respective apexes of pyramid squares. Length of pyramid members and bearing rods is selected such that ratio of distance between bases of smaller and outer pyramids and base side of outer pyramid is 0.16, and ratio of height of each pyramid and length of its base side is 1.618. Block of antennae has hub allowing array of antennae bundle composed of three vibrators arranged to define a tetrahedron with three ribs extending from single apex. The ratio of base side length and diameter of circle circumscribed by bundle apexes, and the ratio of this diameter and length of vibrator are 1.618. Such construction allows energo-informational flux of controlled intensity to be directed to biological object.

RU2149039 (Device for Treating Biological Object with Energy and Information)

A rectilinear pyramid with a rod mounted on its apex and a set of circumferentially arranged antennas provided with emitting units. The antenna unit has a boss and four tetrahedrons. Each tetrahedron has one of its apices attached to the boss. The tetrahedron heights corresponding to the apices belong to the same rotation plane running in parallel to the pyramid base plane. Pyramid base side is twice as small as the pyramid height. Radius of the circle drawn by the tetrahedrons apices is equal to the tetrahedron side length and four times as
small as the pyramid height. The tetrahedrons are mounted in a way that one of the base sides of every tetrahedron is in parallel relation to the antenna unit rotation plane. The effect enables production of energy and information flow of given power.

WO9526215 (Method of Immunomodulation of the Non-Specific Reactivity of an Animal Organism):

The non-specific reactivity of an animal organism is stimulated by the immuno-modulating effect of an energy field generated by
pyramids. The source of the energy is the background energy of the environment. When this method is used, the reactivity of the animal organism is raised and its resistance to infection significantly increased.

WO9511585 (Method of Preliminary Treatment of Seed for Planting)

Describes the treatment of seed by pyramids.

WO9512052 (Process for Improving the Efficiency of Crude Oil Extraction and Processing)

The efficiency of crude oil extraction and processing is improved by lowering the viscosity of the oil by the action of pyramids placed in
the extraction or processing zone to create an energy field.

RU2094698 (Method for Treating Oil and Its Products) and RU2110672 (Method for Oil Recovery from Wells)

Intensified recovery of oil from wells is achieved by reducing viscosity of oil. This is reached by energy influence upon oil through positioning of one or several pyramids at distance not over 1000H from well head, where H is height of pyramids in meters.

RU2152813 (Method for Correcting Human Bioenergy Disorders)

The patient is placed into harmonizing energy-and-information field of the main pyramidal generator. The detected pathogenic zone is exposed to concentrated unidirectional field produced in the space between two pyramidal generators arranged in unidirectional coaxial relation to one another …

Pyramid power” was of course known to the ancients, and we their descendants have only very recently begun to rediscover science of energy generation by shapes. Although not specific to this article’s titular topic of “torsion chemistry”, the following review of factoids about the electrical properties of pyramids may provide a better understanding of the mysterious chemical effects claimed by Sprink, Ravatin, Golod, and others.

Karel Drbal

Karel Drbal was a Czech radio engineer who invented the “Pyramid Razor Sharpener” which cosmo-stropped dull blades to provide about 50 shaves each. Public interest in the alleged power of pyramids was piqued by the 1970 publication of Psychic Discoveries Behind the Iron Curtain, written by Ostrander and Schroeder. Therein the reporters from The National Inquirer informed their readers about this accomplishment, which anyone can test.

Drbal designed a cardboard pyramid which kept razor blades sharp. He tried to patent it, but the examiners demanded that he have a theory for the operation of the device. Drbal spent years trying to determine the cause of the sharpening effect, and finally figured it out (viz., migration of ions in a natural electrostatic field). After the Chief Patent Officer personally tested a model pyramid at home with his own razor blades, Drbal was granted Czech Patent 91304 (“Method of Maintaining Razor Blades and the Shape of Straight Razors”):

The invention relates to the method of maintaining of razor blades and straight razors sharp without an auxiliary source of energy. To sharpen the blades therefore, no mechanical, thermal, chemical or electrical (from an artificial source) means are being used. There are various mechanical sharpening devices being used up to now, to sharpen used razor blades. The blade is sharpened by crude application of sharpening material, which always results in certain new wear of the blade during the sharpening process. Furthermore, it is known that the
influence of an artificial magnetic field improves the sharpening of razor blades and straight razors, if their blades are laid in the direction of the magnetic lines.

According to this invention, the blade is placed in the earth’s magnetic field under a hollow pyramid made of dielectric material such as hard paper, paraffin paper, hard cardboard, or some plastic. The pyramid has an opening in its base through which the blade is inserted. This opening can be square, circular, or oval. The most suitable pyramid is a four sided one with a square base, where one side is conveniently equal to the height of the pyramid, multiplied by pi /2. (which is pi or 3.14 / 2). For example, for the height of 10 cm, the side of 15.7 cm is
chosen. The razor blade of a straight razor is placed on the support made also of dielectric material, same as the pyramid, or other such as cork, wood, or ceramics, paraffin, paper, etc. Its height is chosen between 1/5 and 1/3 of the height of the pyramid, this support rests also on a plane made of dielectric material. The size of this support should be chosen as to leave the sharp edges free. Its height could vary from the limits stated above. Although it is not absolute necessary, it is recommended that the blade be placed on the support with its sharp edges facing West or East respectively, leaving its side edges as well as its longitudinal axis oriented in the North / South direction. In other words to increase the effectiveness of the device it is recommended lie in essence in the direction of the magnetic lines of the horizontal component of the earth’s magnetism. This position improves the performance of the device, it is not however essential for the application of the principle of this invention. After the blade is properly positioned, it is covered by the pyramid placed in such a way that it’s side walls
face North, South, East, and West, while its edges point towards North-West, South-West, South-East, and North-East …

It is beneficial to leave a new blade in the pyramid one to two weeks before using it. It is essential to place it there immediately after the first shave, and not the old, dull one. But it is possible to use an old one, if it is properly resharpened. The blade placed using the method above is left unobstructed until the next shave. The west edge should always face West. It improves the sharpening effect.

Example: When this device was used, 1778 shaves were obtained using 16 razor blades, which is 111 shaves per blade on the average. The brand used was “Dukat Zlato” made in Czechoslovakia. The lowest count was 51, the highest was 200. It is considered very easy to achieve up to 50 shaves on the average (for a medium hard hair)…

Joe Parr

Joe Parr conducted research onto the properties of pyramid energy and discovered several phenomena that may help explain the effects obtained from the Sprink-Ravatin Activator.

[T]o my knowledge, there is only one secret of the pyramids! It would still be a secret today if not for the Gamma-Ray Transducer (The mating of a 1.0 uc isotope of Cs137 and a dosimeter of 200 mr.) and the Negative Ion Generator. That secret, which Antoine Bovis discovered in dehydrated animal bodies during the 1930’s and all the pyramid energy reports since 1970, is an Orb surrounding the pyramid …

The Orb expands and contracts with the moon phases and requires the energy of the ion generator to study it. The edge is not detectable by conventional methods …

What are these things inside the pyramid? I chose to use the definition by Leonard G. Cramp and refer to them as ‘Mass Particles’. The mass particles are excited into being by inertia at around 360 Hz. The particles have a magnetic signature, the Orb does not. As the inertia increases the density of the Orb increases …

Flavio T. Trawoeger

Flavio Trawoeger has developed an arrangement of copper tubing and coils inside a pyramid to capture, collect, and convert atmospheric electricity to do useful work as direct current. Patrick J. Kelly has represented construction details in his monumental online encyclopedia, The Practical Guide to Free Energy Devices. This is a must-download book for any serious student of fringe sci-tech R&D.

At this writing, Flavio Thomas Trawoeger’s videos, explaining the construction of his pyramids in every detail, can be found at these YouTube links until the Inquisition deems otherwise. This writer advises that you download them:

Peter Grandics

Peter Grandics was issued United States Patent 6974110 (“Method and Apparatus for Converting Electrostatic Potential Energy”), in which “A new method is described to produce useful electrical energy from DC electrostatic fields using a pyramid-shaped capacitor. The system uses no moving parts and no mechanical energy is introduced. Also, when a pyramid-shaped electrode is charged with DC high voltage, a propulsive force is generated. This will allow the manufacture of vehicles capable of levitation and flight.

In Summary : It is apparent from the examples shown here that something very hinky happens in pyramids and other geometric forms when they are saturated with electrostatic energy (and stuff): somehow that hinkiness induces 80% faster chemical reactions, 50% less fuel consumption, electrical power, and levitation!

The implications boggle the imagination and invite investigation, speculation, and investment.

Please get on it ASAP, thank you…

About the Author : Robert A. Nelson is a 10th grade dropout with no credentials. He established Rex Research in 1982 to archive information about suppressed, dormant, and emerging inventions, therapies, and theories. He persists …

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