Sound as the carrier of a biologically active information polarization-laser-wave spectra.

The results of the study show, that the impact of the Tibetan Mantra and the acoustic version of NTI PLR (Polarization-Laser-Radiowave) Spectra of medicinal plants (helichrysum, Gotu-Kola, Ging-Ti, St. John’s wort, Ginger, motherwort, milk thistle, etc.) and minerals (B-quartz, Golden citrine, Sunstone, Topaz), has a positive effect on the pulse and electro-punctur Diagnostics. There is increased functional activity of all acupuncture channels, which is the basis for the development of the braking technology of aging in humans.
The human body, Since the level of cellular structures (proteins, DNA, RNA, the cytoskeleton, the chromosome, Ribosomes, mitochondria) to cell-tissue-organ levels, have the ability to self-organization and gomeostazu. This capacity is being implemented at all levels of the organism, Since the quantum and molecular and Biochemistry and physiology until the higher nervous activity. These processes are manageable. One of the main vectors of this Office-quantum biokomp′ûting the chromosome apparatus, implemented as endogenous holographic, radio waves and other functions [2,7,10]. Such views have emerged as a new direction in computing;, When the DNA molecule was used as a parallel to calculate “structures, and it was called “DNA computing” [12]. Using such a “computing” was created by the algorithm for solving the so-called. “the traveling salesman problem», When, for example, It is necessary to sink single-shortest route to visit each of the seven (or more) cities. This task required the entire week, While traditional digital computers would be required several years. It used the basic phenomenon, typical molecules of DNA-the ability of its solitary chains to fast complementary vzaimouznavaniâm. This phenomenon is, that any fragments of each of the two chains of DNA in solution (or in the chromosomes of a living cell) only their own, in a sense mirror, halves and form a normal dual spiral. This phenomenon is a manifestation of the common properties of highly organized biostructures and biopolymers to samosborke. Both in vitro and in vivo to self-assemble Ribosomes, membrane, the chromosome, viruses and phages. Similarly DNA odnonitevye associate at by DNA double. The success and speed of spontaneous DNA halves each other searches, as an act of self-organization (self-Assembly), and provided high speed through billions of options within the “traveling salesman problem». Causes and mechanisms of quick and accurate vzaimouznavanij halves of DNA, as well as vzaimouznavaniâ codon and protein synthesis in the antikodona or vzaimouznavaniâ of Antigen and antibody in the immune processes, enzymes and their substrates, etc.. so far have not been explored. Especially difficult are strategic mechanisms vzaimouznavanij for long distances in the living cell (hundreds and thousands of Angstrom), greater than equal recognition (from one to three Angstrom), typical ion, Van der vaal′sovym and hydrophobic interactions. Moreover, mistakenly thought of as associating complementary single strand DNA as biokomp′ûtinga. The point, the Combinatorics of options the Assembly of DNA fragments and results in “traveling salesman problem», i.e.. actually computing, are people. DNA gives billions of possible solutions, but chooses the right solution people [13]. Real DNA computing in vivo-in vitro occurs differently, namely, using the principles of holography, solitoniki, Quantum non-locality and other patterns [14]. This approach led to the establishment of a pilot model of quantum biokomp′ûtera (KB), who is able to control the physiological and metabolic processes in biological systems using Photonic wave as a sign of the polarized radiation (PCR-spectra) [7,1415].
Investigated indices of pulse diagnosis (DD) and electro-punctur Diagnostics (EDR) patients-participants, owning a technique of psycho-physiological self-regulation “key” [8]. Self-regulation is the key to YOURSELF is the key to the system of self-organization, self-development and self-improvement. It is in its simplest way to achieve inner harmony.[1,3]. The workshop used the program with the acoustic impact of Tibetan mantras and PCR-spectra of medicinal plants and minerals, recorded with the KB.
In accordance with the view of acupuncture channels (AK) as functional systems, participating in the psychosomatic interactions, It is reasonable to expect, the acoustic version of the PCR-spectra, which saves the information of the original wave radiation, in this case, the plants and minerals, should be reflected in the indicators of functional activity of AK. The most informative method of assessing the State of AK, and through it-and the State of internal organs, is POA [4] and EDR [6]. This assumption is confirmed by EDR of healers and indicators of PD and EDR seminar “teaching self-regulation key»», which, after appropriate psychological customization, were able to walk on broken glass and glowing coals without injury [8].
In this paper, we will attempt to analyze the changes in the dynamics of some indicators of HOW the participants, due to the influence of the subjects of an acoustic version of the PCR-spectra, selected as a factor in normalizing the functions of internal organs and inhibition of aging.
The main means of assessing results was pulse and electro-puncture diagnostics have seminarians with the normalization of the function of internal organs for inhibition of aging processes under the influence of Tibetan mantras, and an acoustic version of the PCR-spectra of medicinal plants and minerals.
Materials and methods
Research conducted during the 5-day workshop “an in-depth method of self-regulation”. The seminar was attended by 36 man, who own method of self-regulation key; 9(25%) men and 27(75%) women. The average age of the patients is the core group 51.9 ± 2.7 years. The POA and the EPD conducted prior to the seminar, through 1 day and 10 days after the procedure of self-regulation.
For biologically active PCR-spectra in acoustic version created Quantum Biocomputers (KB) generation of coherent laser He-NE laser (power of 2MW, wavelength 632 .8nm) with two, orthogonally related to intensity, optic mods, that can interact among themselves in such a way, the sum of the intensities remains constant. [2,5,7]. At least one interaction of laser radiation with fashion scanned object (Donor) reads the quantum information with Donor due to redistribution of the optical intensity mod on change law of polarization, the new State after the laser beam interaction with dynamic mikropolârizatorami scanned donors — abiogennyh substances, plant material or living cells. One of the modes of laser radiation, If a certain mode of generation, capable of working with a donor cause radiation KB biologically active modulated broadband radiation (MBER, PCR-spectrum) in the range of 2 up to 0 [5,7]. The mŠÈI correlated with modulations in optical probing of the laser radiation modes and thus mŠÈI retains quantum bio-information, the optical reading it with a donor. The modulation depends on the rotational oscillations of microstructural components of scanned objects (for example, liquid crystal domains of DNA in the chromosomes of plants), i.e.. bioznakovoj optical activity of Donor. MBER (PCR-spectrum) as the radio frequency signal in a range 640 KHz after detecting a radio is served on a personal computer with a special program processing. The output is the Fourier spectrum of dynamic radio, describing the bioznakovye parameters of the donor to be scanned. Physics of these processes is described in detail [5]. Thus, that is triggered by the radio wave laser radiation KB is the result read a previously unknown biologically active wave (quantum) information from any suitable substances, minerals, plant extracts, living cells and tissues, cellular biostructures, DNA, RNA, etc.. Such information is not invasive, non-invasively and safely enter a strategic regulatory body, animals, plants and microorganisms [11]. You can take the spectrum, BANKROLLED the acoustic spectrum and burn to a CD (CD) in mp3 format, i.e.. the sound of the usual range of audibility, which saves the information of the original bio-active Photonic radio frequency radiation [2,10]. The CD spectra of the samples provided courtesy of:, ACAD.. RAMTN and NATURAL SCIENCES P. Garâevym.
Study of the biological effects of records of Spectra, BANKROLLED in acoustic version conducted according to the previously developed technique [6,8]. Every single diagnostic examination was held consecutively the procedures of PD and EDR. To compare the analyzed indices of the functional State of AK-point scale used estimates [6,8] medicinal plants and minerals.
Results and discussion
The improvement of the functional State of the AK was observed on day 10 after holding a seminar on self-regulation by the sound of Tibetan mantras and PCR-acoustic spectrum of medicinal plants and minerals. EDR data results (Watch) have shown, day after the end of the seminar there was disparity AK-“redundancy” leg AK LR, ST and “failure” hand AK PC, TE. This shows that, sound effects changed the functional State of AK, that garmonizirovalos ′ through 10 days. The disparity of the functional State of AK is completely gone, but still functional activity of AK. It should be noted, that the EDR records the percentage of health status dynamic survey. The overall improvement in health has the of 17% up to of 36% 29 seminarians. THE 7 participants of the seminar there were changes on the 5%-9 of %, as originally, prior to the seminar their performance has been 80%-89 of % (contingent interest) health. The rest of the seminarians with the EPD to hold the seminar showed the of 46% up to of 68% health.
It should be noted, EPD values for AK, electrical resistivity increases above normal corresponds to a negative value for PD. For simplicity, visual perception of two y-axis Diagnostics (com) on (Fig. 2. Watch) presented from top to bottom. Of rice. 2. You can see, that there is a convergence of orientation deviation parameters PD and EDR and shows whether there is a match between the results, with the exception of the channel T.
Changes of PD are represented on (Fig. 2. Watch) As with EDR, There is a tendency to reduce the spread of the values of the POA after holding a seminar on self-regulation. Options DD aspire to “normal”, i.e. to the mark 0.
Analysis of interaction of AK on the results of the PoA and EPD conducted by calculating nonparametric correlation coefficients Kendall. Data calculations on EDR in Table 1.
In the table 2. Kendall correlation coefficient values are calculated for PD measurements before and after the seminar on self-regulation. The values of the coefficients of correlation of Kendall, with the significance level <0.05 are highlighted in bold, the central diagonal dividing values before holding a seminar are allocated light-gray. Results of the conducted research confirm a basic possibility of use of methods of reflex diagnosis at participants of a seminar of psychophysiological self-control “Key” with influence of the Tibetan Mantras and PLR-akustichesky ranges of curative plants and minerals. The characteristic changes of indicators of PD and EPD testimonial of normalization of a functional condition of system of joint stock company with their activation of internals are found. What role in this research of the quantum biocomputer? It is used for a design of programs of wave management of fiziologo-metabolic functions of people. At the same time it carries out the following functions: 1. reading of information from bioactive substrates 2. its transformation to a form of the photons modulated on polarization (spin) 3. transformations of such photons to the modulated broadband electromagnetic radiation (Modulated Broadband Electromagnetic laser Radiation) with saving initial bioinformation 4. the Modulated Broadband Electromagnetic laser Radiation transformation to the acoustic field (AF) with saving primary information 5. adjustable noninvasive and safe management of fiziologo-metabolic processes of people.
The results of the study show, that the impact of the Tibetan Mantra and PCR-acoustic spectra of medicinal plants (helichrysum, Gotu-Kola, Ginngo-Ti, St. John’s wort, Ginger, motherwort, milk thistle, etc.) and minerals (B-quartz, Golden citrine, Sunstone, Topaz) has a positive effect on the performance of the PoA and EDR. After holding a seminar on self-regulation is the functional activation of all of AK. This is reflected most clearly in the EDR. Comparative analysis of parameters of PD and EDR matched directivity deviations AK and shows a concordance between the results, with the exception of the channel T. The PoA and EDR are informative, simple, non-invasive methods of diagnosis with the normalization of the function of internal organs, which is the basis for the development of the braking technology of aging in humans.
In general the work confirms and expands upon earlier results [16] the possibility of using biokomp′ûtinga to control quantum critical biological functions.
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Usupbekova B.Sh., Mansurova R.A., Gariaev P.r.
Results of carried out research have shown, that influence of the Tibetan Mantras and acoustic variant Polarization-Laser-Radio wave (PLR) spectra of curative plants and minerals has a positive effect by results of pulse and electro puncture diagnostics. The raised functional activity of all acupuncture the channels as a basis for development of braking technologies of ageing processes at the person