Most of us think of ‘free energy’ as a totally new development — a latter day discovery that popped up out of nowhere just in time to save us from ourselves. If we were better informed we would all be aware that this new

development — a latter day discovery that popped up out of nowhere just in time to save us from ourselves. If we were better informed we would all be aware that this new development is by no means recent — and our perception of it as such is due to the fact that all of the information on that subject has been deliberately kept out of circulation for hundreds of years.

Why that knowledge had to be suppressed is one of the best kept secrets on the planet — but for reasons that are hard to explain, the truth about the Universal Life Force and the infinite energy it sources was never made available to the public. Now, faced with ecological disasters that give the powers that be no other choice, the long hidden free energy secrets are finally coming to light.

Fortunately, there are always those who see the light long before the rest of us do. Trevor James Constable is one of them. Ahead of his time, this man was experimenting with the Universal Life Force and knew how to tap it back when most of us were still in diapers. A legendary figure in the free energy movement, Trevor Constable’s discoveries have survived over fifty years of proof and testing.

Best known for his development and refinement of a reliable method of weather manipulation, this area of his life’s work delves deep into the purpose and function of the Unified Field. What came to be called Etheric Rain Engineeringhad its origins in Wilhelm Reich’s Cloudbuster research and is based on the etheric principles put forth by Rudolph Steiner, Gunther Wachsmuth, and Ernst Marti MD.


Trevor Constable’s early research also involved contact with alien life forms. In 1966-67, he and the late Dr. James O. Woods set out with a deliberate plan to photograph UFO’s in situ, using infrared film and esoteric methods. What began as an innocent exploration involved using a Cloudbuster to attract the unseen creatures and craft to their vicinity. The experiment went so well that hosts of alien beings materialized every time they stirred the matrix. Trevor’s photographs of huge, plasmoidal aerial creatures erase every bit of doubt about the existence of alien life forms and revealed the truth at a time when very few people were open to seeing it. Later realizing that the meteorological impact of the Cloudbuster had more far reaching implications, he dropped UFO photography and concentrated on the weather.

The same techniques that turned Trevor Constable into a modern-day rain engineer later proved to be just as effective against pollution. Experiments conducted in southern California during the late eighties and early nineties lowered pollution levels in the filthiest and largest smog region in America by 24%. Paid for out-of-pocket, the total cost for this project came to $35,000. Despite its success, federal and state officials took no interest in any further application of Trevor Constable’s methods. Since that time, California taxpayers have spent over ten billion dollars on useless smog expenditures.


Born in New Zealand in 1925, after finishing high school Trevor Constable joined the NZ Merchant Marine at the beginning of World War II. Spending one year on merchant vessels from his own country he went on to Britain and sailed with UK registered ships until 1950. This period included a tour of duty in the north Atlantic aboard the Queen Mary right after the war. Emigrating to the United States in 1952, he eventually signed up with the US Merchant Marine. Assigned to the brand new SS Maui in 1978, the next twenty-six years of his life were spent as a radio electronics officer for the US Merchant Marine — fourteen of them were spent aboard the Maui.

It’s interesting how fate conspires to place us exactly where we need to be. For someone whose purpose on this Earth probably had more to do with accessing the etheric continuum than it did with being a sailor or radio officer, the opportunity to spend endless weeks, months, and years sandwiched between heaven and oceans of salt water seems more like providence than petty coincidence. Merchant seamen work hard to be sure — but they have plenty of time on their hands. With the full force of the sea and sky at his immediate disposal, whenever free of his duties, Trevor Constable used the flying bridge of the SS Maui as an experimental laboratory.

Employing Reich-type Cloudbusters at first, he soon learned how to divorce that equipment from the need for water grounding. At this stage in his research Trevor began to base his experiments on biogeometric forms and phi geometry. Using rotating formats and injecting spiraling motions into the atmosphere, his simple aetheric vortex generators worked to create rain even through half-inch-thick steel, six decks down within the ship’s hull. Compelling video of this is in public release*. (*Etheric Rain Engineering on the High Seas — By Trevor Constable)

The same results were later magnified when Trevor discovered that he could work more efficiently from the air. With a level of accuracy that improved upon every previous success, he adapted his nautical methods to the sky. A series of airborne tests performed in Hawaii proved this conclusively — the widened horizon, the outstanding visibility, and the infinite heading control made it easier to engineer conditions in the atmosphere and replace drought with moisture and fertility His Singapore corporation, Etheric Rain Engineering Pte Ltd, formed with George Wuu, now provides rainmaking services to governments all over the world. ( Since its inception Trevor Constable has met with no difficulty engineering rain and eliminating smog wherever his services are rendered. The bigger challenge has involved overcoming bureaucratic inertia and the vested interests that stand behind it. Those who profit from drought, pollution, and global disaster have gone out of their way to block all of Trevor’s efforts to bring the methods that took so long to perfect into drought stricken regions where famine and economic depression need not exist.

All of Trevor Constable’s research is documented in his books and on video. ‘The Cosmic Pulse of Life’, first published in 1975, and updated in 1990, draws attention to the contributions made by free energy saints Wilhelm Reich, Rudolf Steiner, and Ruth Drown. In it, he gives them credit for laying the foundation for his own discoveries. This book also exposes the secret agenda of the fourth-dimensional alien forces. Twenty-five years before David Icke wrote ‘The Biggest Secret’, Trevor Constable was already well aware of the malefic intentions of the Shadow Government, the Reptilians, and the Illuminati.

‘The Loom of the Future’, written in 1994, is a step-by-step record of Trevor’s progress as an etheric weather engineer. This book is in the novel form of a giant interview. It includes over 130 photographs, keyed to the text, that substantiate his experimental process. His video, ‘Etheric Weather Engineering on the High Seas’, is a ‘right before your eyes’ demonstration of the same methods on board ship. Time-lapse film shows downpours of rain falling in response to Trevor’s application of etheric laws. This film leaves no question as to the effectiveness of those techniques.

The two-part video, ‘Evidence; The Case For NASA UFO’s’ verifies Trevor’s 1958 research and is one of the best UFO disclosure films around. Anyone who still has doubts about life on other planets will have those doubts erased by these videos. Filled with footage of space vehicles and extraterrestrial ‘critters’, ‘Evidence’deals a crushing blow to the theory that aliens don’t exist.

In addition to all of this, Trevor Constable has an international reputation as an aviation historian. Specializing in the fighter pilots of World War II, his four aviation books, written with Colonel Raymond Toliver, document the aeronautical feats and heroism of flying aces from both sides of the Atlantic. ‘The Blond Knight of Germany’ his biography of the world’s greatest fighter pilot, Erich Hartmann, has sold over 300,000 copies in 34 hardback printings in Germany. It is one of the most popular fighter ace biographies ever written.


We pulled into San Pedro the night before Slim and Trevor were scheduled to talk. Tired from the road, we checked into a Holiday Inn and crashed without a whole lot of ceremony. I don’t know about Slim and Katharina but I didn’t sleep a wink. Too excited to rest, I felt a bit like Dorothy, going ‘off to see the Wizard’ — only this guy wasn’t just a lot of smoke and mirrors — Trevor Constable was the real thing.

Up and dressed before Slim and Katharina were out of bed, I waited impatiently for them to go through their morning routine. Three rounds of bad, motel coffee perked me up enough to realize that Slim never said anything about what this meeting would be about. I could only assume that he saw it as an opportunity to introduce him self and get acquainted. With no agenda and no formal business to discuss, it meant that they would probably talk shop and swap war stories. ‘Good’ I thought, ‘It’s always much more fun when things are loose — this is bound to be incredible.’

Trevor came to greet us outside the building and guided us to his front door. A gracious, well put together man in his seventies, he looked a lot younger. It surprised me to find that this free energy icon lived in a modest condominium. Don’t ask me what I pictured — a futuristic dome filled with free energy gadgets, perhaps — but no, this place wasn’t the least bit extraordinary, and the man who inhabited it didn’t appear to be either.

Walking down the entry hall I noticed what looked like a small laboratory in a room off to the right. Other than that the space was decorated with sixties-style furnishings and absolutely normal in every way. Over the couch in the living area I saw three huge photographs of lightning bolts cutting through the night sky. The words ‘Free Energy’ stood out in small print at the bottom of one picture. It was the only visible piece of evidence that the man we had the good fortune to be visiting was in fact, Trevor James Constable.

Slim was his usual self. Never one to put on airs, I figured this time he might step out of character for at least a moment or two — but that didn’t happen. If Katharina was excited, her manners didn’t show it. As for me, the nervous energy that kept me awake all night finally had something else to do. Suddenly aware of how important this was I pulled my self together and put my whole heart into writing it all down.

Sitting down at the table it occurred to me that Slim Spurling and Trevor Constable have worked in the same field for years but up until that morning they had never taken the time to sit down and talk face to face. People who dedicate themselves to saving the planet don’t have the leisure to hang out and chat. Most of them are so committed to their research and so aware of what they are up against, they don’t talk about it much — they just keep working. As these two old lions circled around each other for the first time the thought that this was a rare and perhaps historic meeting of the minds didn’t escape me.

Trevor began by looking back over the last fifty years. He talked about his rain engineering research and mentioned how happy it makes him knowing that everyone is finally coming around to his way of thinking — or that at the very least, they are beginning to see that these things work. He made the statement that there is no need to get too precise about setting up a Cloudbuster. According to him these things are inherently simple, and it is the talent and capability of the operator that determines how well they work and what can be done. In the same breath Trevor was quick to say that playing around with the atmosphere is serious business. This is why he does not publish his designs.

‘One of the biggest problems you encounter with a Cloudbuster is that they create such complex remote effects. I have worked with batteries of tubes out in the desert where we were impacting the weather patterns over eight or nine states — you could see it on the satellite weather reports. It makes you stop and think. Knowing how to pull the circumpolar vortex that goes around the Canadian border all the way down into the California interior, sounds like a whole lot of fun, and it isn’t that hard to do. But if the distance effects generate huge deluges of rain in Texas you need to be knowledgeable enough to get a handle on that or you shouldn’t be doing this kind of work.’

‘The energy that goes around the Earth is in constant motion, moving faster than the Earth in a gigantic envelope at the equator and in other energy flows in the temperate zones! It’s crazy to tinker with that force if you don’t know how it operates. What the part-time Cloudbuster jockeys don’t understand is that when you get rid of the chemtrails in the sky above you, or you make it rain in your back yard, you don’t know what kind of an effect this will create within 24 or 36 hours over in Africa somewhere. And what makes it more complicated is that conventional science is doing a lot of nefarious things with the atmosphere — most people don’t know this — and what they are doing conflicts with the type of energy we’re working with. You can’t just go around aiming a Cloudbuster anywhere you please without a great deal of study.’

He went on to say that back in the beginning, when he first started working with what are known as Rack Units, the effects were so subtle he couldn’t tell what was happening. Only later, as satellite depictions improved, did he see that these devices had an impact on thousands of square miles of the Earth and its atmosphere. He learned right away how important it is to pay close attention and observe Nature, because results will show up there.

Lit up by this statement, Slim agreed with it. He said that no one knew where to look for the changes his Harmonizers were making back in the early days. Those who did notice were amazed by the subtle changes they observed in their surroundings — but everyone else wrote it off as a freak and invalidated the effects because none of his original experiments were measured or documented. Trevor commiserated, ‘I went through the same type of thing. At one time officialdom denied the impact the Cloudbusters were having — but because success is always the best way to measure whether something works or doesn’t work, they can no longer close their eyes to the facts.’

Wilhelm Reich’s name came up next. This was inevitable. Trevor’s work is mainly rooted in Reich’s research. He gave kudos to Wilbert Smith at this point too, which sparked a response from Slim. Slim told Trevor that after working with a Smith Coil for three or four years he discovered that it replaced a Cloudbuster and was just as good for pollution clearing.

Describing the pollution clearing experiment he conducted in Denver in 1994, he shared a story about getting caught in a field collapse — an experience that nearly killed him. Playing around with the life force has a dangerous side to it and every renegade inventor goes through this kind of thing. Trevor must have had a few close calls himself or his next statement would not have been, ‘It’s a good rule to keep ‘the juice’ away from the primary force — they’re antagonistic.’

This pearl of wisdom prompted Slim to say that John Wagner’s research on superconductors proved to him that it is possible to create a room temperature superconductor with no power source. His Harmonizer technology evolved out of this revelation, growing gradually, over a period of 14 years into a grass roots network.

Talking about his next project Slim said he wanted to activate 700 Harmonizer units in different locations all over the country. According to him, this would create a sixty-five-mile-high energetic ‘fence’ through which the pollution would have to pass, and by which the chemicals that comprise it would be reduced to their harmless, base elements. He added that he had an interest in getting a handle on site-specific pollution and told Trevor that the EPA is aware of what the Harmonizer technology is capable of. With a touch of skepticism Trevor asked, ‘Are they interested in results? I think it surprised him to hear Slim say, ‘The EPA took note of the fact that the Mercury levels in several experiments dropped noticeably — so to some degree, yes. What they will do about it, I don’t know.’

Referring to an altogether different undertaking, Slim started talking about how versatile the Harmonizer technology seems to be when it comes to bringing benefit to every possible situation. A few years back, his good friend Randy Kemberling, a renegade astronaut and remote viewer, got wind of the fact that a nuclear detonation was set up to go off in southern California. As soon as he heard about this, Slim installed eight Harmonizer units down in Van Nuys. The field effect generated by those units brought the situation to a halt — and the end result turned out to be even more positive. It is now impossible to activate anynuclear device anywhere on this continent due to the frequencies pouring out of this free energy technology.

In response to this story Trevor was quick to remark, ‘they (the Secret Government) throw atomic explosives around like birdseed!’ Then he went off on a slightly different tangent, talking about how the powers that be tried to subvert Bruce Cathie. Well known to anyone who has an interest in Earth harmonics and UFO’s, Bruce Cathie’s independent research has made him a sought out authority on both subjects.

Trevor met with Bruce in New Zealand and heard all about his adventures with US government intelligence. Bruce described how he was taken to a government facility in Devenport, on the north shore of Auckland, New Zealand where officials offered him everything a person could ever want to pull out of the public arena and work exclusively for them. Trevor went on to say, ‘Bruce would have been taken care of for the rest of his life but he had too much personal integrity to accept the bribe. The public has no inkling what’s going on. We’re all mesmerized by wrongful conditioning and celebrity worship. The strength of the Secret Government lies in the fact that no one believes they exist.’

Brian Desborough’s name came up next. Good friends with both Trevor and Slim, Brian also happens to be an expert on free energy and an authority on the hidden agenda of the Shadow Government. Trevor talked about how he and Brian did a lot of Cloudbusting theorizing together and referred to him as a wellspring of knowledge and information. As soon as Slim mentioned that it was Randy Kemberling who introduced him to Brian the subject shifted to the secrets and lies behind the space program.

Slim said that when Randy got fed up with what really goes on behind the whole astronaut scene he backed out and became more interested in the invisible forces that run it. Trevor’s immediate response was, ‘When they (the astronauts) see what’s up there a lot of them back out. Big disks, two-nautical miles in diameter are all over the place. There are dozens of these things. It’s such a joke. They tell us they want to colonize the Moon — there’s already people there — and they have told our astronauts not to come back!’

‘In 1996 NASA was on a kick to prove that none of this was true — but a man from British Columbia recorded all this NASA material exactly as it was sent down from the satellite. They launched a power generator on a tether probe twelve-miles long (out in space). The tether broke. The camera on the satellite, which was sensitive to the ultraviolet, showed that the tether was surrounded by UFO disks. The astronauts couldn’t see these things with their normal vision, but Houston could, because it was getting the UV feed from the ultraviolet camera. Forty or fifty UFO disks would materialize into the ultraviolet and dematerialize out of it. It’s obvious that there is a highly developed civilization up there. I knew back in the 50’s that they would have to get into the technology of the invisible, but no one paid attention — and the UFO cult people made me into a pariah. Now they all say they knew I was right.’

Carried away by this flow of thought he continued without appearing to hear Slim say that it’s very easy to pick up on UFO’s with the Tools. Trevor’s next words were, ‘they’ve been chasing UFO’s since World War II. Famous generals have admitted this. I’ve seen them on ship’s radar. They shoot across the scope real fast. I’ve seen them come straight down. They return a radio echo, but nothing you can see with your naked eyes. You can detect it with radar, but it’s all etheric or invisible. What is the answer to this but to expand into the invisible with our research.’

Slim remarked that William Cooper talked about seeing UFO’s come right up out of the ocean. Author of ‘Behold a Pale Horse’, William Cooper was an intelligence man for the US Navy. He began exposing the black ops of the US military and the Secret Government a long time ago and it ultimately cost him his life. William Cooper died under mysterious circumstances in 2001.

Trevor reinforced Slim’s reference to Cooper by saying, ‘When you’re on a long ship’s voyage spending time on the bridge conversing with people, all you have to do is bring up the subject of UFO’s and it’s like a beacon — the minute you tune to them, they are likely to show up.’

Slim told Trevor that on January 11th, 1999 ‘I made a ring construction, coupled some power to it, and before I knew it there was a spacecraft with its lights shining down, hovering overhead. For two hours I had a direct experience of this thing. My feeling is that they are material objects — but due to the way they control the gravity field they bend light so that we can’t see them.’

Trevor said that, ‘Back in the fifties, infrared photographs taken in the empty sky didn’t show anything in the prints — but all kinds of forms were casting their image into the emulsion without turning it, that is, without a chemical reaction occurring. Similar photos taken behind my North Hollywood office revealed images of serpents that showed up on film, but weren’t apparent to the naked eye. It’s clear that we’re dealing with the invisible. The world is finally beginning to see this — they’re catching up with what I did. Back in the olds days they wrote it off as fakery or fraud, but now they see that it’s probably all true.’

‘In March 2004 there was a UFO interception down in Mexico. A transport plane on drug patrol, all fitted out with radar, and FLIR (Forward Looking Infra Red) equipment picked up a UFO. As they closed in, it flitted away. When they pursued it they found themselves in the middle of eleven UFO’s. This information was released to the media. It made the papers. None of the crew ‘saw’ these things. All the men on board testified to the fact that they could see nothing with their eyes — but it was recorded by their radar and FLIR instruments. This established without any doubt that we’re dealing with invisible phenomenon. It’s been a fact of life since the 50’s, but people are still in the dark.’

When Slim mentioned that there is great ultra-violet scanning technology available now Trevor told him that, ‘sometimes good results can be obtained by doing exactly the opposite of what would normally be done. An old, Super 8 camera set to expose two frames per second, with an 18 A ultra-violet filter works great. Shot randomly at thirty five thousand feet, out the airliner window, UFO’s can be recorded in full color, right through the UV filter. We have a lot to learn.’

He went on to say, ‘I did these experiments with Bob McCoullough when he was still alive. It’s time to ashcan all the old Newtonian theories and pay attention to the reality of the results we’re getting instead of denying them.’

Slim began to speak about the Tools and the way they increase the life force by functioning in harmony with it. Trevor’s comment was, ‘the life force goes where it’s invited. It doesn’t like electric power or man’s dirty habits.’

Bringing up one of his newest ideas Slim told Trevor of his plans to set up 800 Harmonizer units to clean the ammonium sulfide and hydrogen sulfide off feedlots all over the country. ‘There has already been some documented success with this — enough to indicate that it will work anywhere, with as much success.’ He proceeded to talk about how the scientists at Penn State were ready to conduct controlled experiments with the Light-Life� Tools. ‘This will provide the public with official proof that the technology works.’ And then out of the blue Slim added that all but one of the Penn State researchers came from India.

‘Ah, the Indians’, Trevor remarked, ‘they know about the life force. They know everything is Prana. I did a demonstration for an elite group of Asians who gathered to hear me speak at the home of Master Nan in Hong Kong a few years back. When I held up a P-Gun* (*A P-Gun is an empty hollow tube, about 4 feet long, precisely tuned and with a two-way mirror on one end.) and told them, ‘what we have here is a Chi device’, not a hair on their heads stirred. Neither did they show the least bit of resistance when I said ‘it’s full of emptiness’. They really understood.’

‘Science confuses what is clever with what is profound. When you demonstrate the energy of the life force on a large scale the educated become terrified by it. They all say, ‘well, it would have happened anyway’. This is always the reaction to what is bio-energetically real.’

Continuing with this thought Trevor began talking about Wilhelm Reich. As far as he is concerned Reich built the bridge from psychology, to biology, to physics. His next words were, ‘Reich understood that human beings have been inverted by their programming to a point of dysfunction that makes it impossible for them to see or register what is real. That the nature of this dysfunction is genitally based was something Reich had no doubt about. He was the greatest natural scientist of the 20th Century, and one of the greatest men of all time. The powers that be were so threatened by Reich they locked him up and threw him in jail. He died in a penitentiary. ALL of his published books were burned. At the time of his death there were over 100,000 pages of unpublished manuscript that had never seen the light of day. All that information was lost forever, enough material for 100 more huge books.’

Slim’s response to this was, ‘I believe the Harmonizer technology can re-harmonize human nature. It has already proven itself to be effective in crime reduction — which gives me faith that whatever is out of balance in us might eventually be restored to balance. If those who are running the show start cooperating, we could turn things around in a heartbeat.’

After fifty years of dealing with armored officialdom Trevor had this to say, ‘It’s pointless to work with them. They don’t want to hear about it. In 1990 I pre-notified NOAA about an epic experiment I performed in southern California. In the six months of the smog season I managed to reduce the smog levels by 24%. The Southern California smog authority wasn’t interested. The first time I tried a similar experiment was in July1987. The State Air Resources Board was doing lavish pollution tests at the same time — but there was nothing for them to do. They had to send them home because I had already removed all of the smog!’

Slim laughed and told him about the pollution clearing work he and Drunvalo Melchizedek did in Phoenix. ‘An hour after we set up the Harmonizer units a big UFO showed up to see what we were doing. The next week the EPA couldn’t figure out what was going on. Apparently their pollution monitoring equipment had broken down and the papers said it would cost a million dollars to replace it. The government sent their guy out to do the repairs and he found out there was nothing wrong with the equipment — there was just no pollution!’

The talk began to ramble at that point. It was almost noon and Trevor had to go somewhere. Before we parted ways he invited us to check out the P-Gun he had mounted on the roof of his car. In the garage space underneath his condo complex he ushered us over to an old Dodge Omni. Attached to the roof rack, from front to back, was a four-foot length of four-inch PVC pipe, with a sheet of milar laminated on to the outside of the tube.

Looking at this set up I said to my self, ‘That’s it? That’s all there is to it? No fancy vehicle, no expensive gadgetry, no state of the art equipment? If tapping into the Universal Life Force is so simple then why are we scratching our heads wondering what it will take to heal the environmental mess and the so-called energy crisis?’

Coming out of this thought I wanted to say something but Slim and Trevor were discussing the finer points of weather so I didn’t interrupt. Watching them, for a split second they appeared to be just a couple of old men talking about the weather — and it seemed surreal because of course, that’s exactly what was going on — but this was no ordinary conversation and neither were the two men.

I overheard Trevor tell Slim how a small mirror fitted to one end of the pipe will clear the air, and maybe bring rain. He finished explaining which placement did what and then we all shook hands and said goodbye. As we took our leave Trevor said, ‘The conditions are perfect today. I think I’ll go out for a spin and make some rain — we need it badly.’

Within an hour it began to pour. By that time Trevor was probably safe at home and the three of us were half way to our next destination. Looking out the car window, listening to the sound of the windshield wipers I quietly reviewed the morning’s conversation wondering how I would go about committing it to paper. Mulling over everything that took place, in the midst of a million thoughts the following quote restored it self to my memory — I scribbled it down in my notebook, knowing that I would use it here.

  • By Cal Garrison

“So history, namely change, has been mainly due to a small number of ‘seers,’ — really gropers and monkeyers — whose native curiosity outran that of their fellows and led them to escape here and there from the sanctified blindness of their time.” James Harvey Robinson, The Mind in the Making: the Relation of Intelligence to Social Reform, 1921