Michael Theroux, former Borderland Science Research Foundation Director has been a major inspiration for Aether Force. Initiated under the guidance of Thomas Joseph Brown into the world of kooks and spooks, he has kept vitality to a lost world of science. True Gratitude Michael.

Michael was a major player in the distribution of some of the great psychotronic and qualitative research of the 1980’s and 90’s. Some of his accomplishment in the qualitative realms include aiding Gerry Vassilatos in his pioneering Vril research and Eric Dollard with the Integratron to confirming Etheric Weather Engineering and Biodynamic Communication & Eidetic Imaging to studying the qualitative aspects of music through the rhythms of the formative forces. Outside of Aetheric Science, Michael has worked in the financial sector as well being a pioneer in the world of computer programming.

Read Michael Theroux’s Book “Meeting with Remarkable Kooks”

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Michael’s Website and Music


Mundus Subterraneus (1992)

Plant Tones (1995)

Earth Tones (with Gerry Vassilatos) (1998)