40th Annual USPA Conference

The 40th United States Psychotronics Association Conference is being held on July 20th-22nd, 2018, at the Hyatt Regency in Deerfield, Illinois, outside of Chicago. The USPA is one of the last remaining networks of the living and qualitative sciences. They hold a vast archive of Aetheric Physics & Psychic Research for all of their members. They have laid a major foundation for the new sciences and Aether Force is in deep gratitude for their work. Please support the USPA either by liking and subscribing to their Facebook page and newsletter, become an official USPA memberstream the conference online, or attend the conference.

For the past forty years, this dedicated group of subtle energy scientists and researchers converge to discuss the latest in Psychotronic research and technology. The majority of USPA researchers practice and study Psychotronics from a multitude of perspectives. Many of the topics covered by lecturers include Radionics, Radiesthesia, Pyramid Power, & ORMUS to Orgonomy, Structured Water, Cymatics, Aetheric Theories, Subtle Anatomy and Holistic Therapies, They empirically demonstrate the influence of the nonphysical emissions on physical systems with studies for agriculture, water treatment,  novel therapies, and theoretical frameworks. The information presented is game changing.

Some memorable researchers in the Psychotronics include Abrams, Beaden, Beck, Becker, Beneviste, Bohm Saxon Burr, Crile, De La Warr, Ruth Drown, Hieronymous, Kaznacheyev, Kelly, Lakhovsky, Mattioda, Reich, Rife, Sheldrake, Tesla, Vogel, Pond, and more.

Last year I was able to attend this knowledge fest and I cannot stress how the importance of this community. My mind acted a sponge absorbing every word and piece of data like my next breath, feeling activated and engaged more than ever.Most circles and gatherings with which I found myself involved  had blatantly ignored and ridiculed the qualitative and aetheric sciences, settling for the less cognitively challenging paradigm. The USPA is the first organization with which I had felt completely at home.  In fact, there were several Aether Force supporters there with welcoming arms. Come join this family of Aetheric scientists at the conference and prepare to level up.

Here are the specifics details on the Conference


Download Conference Schedule, Short Speaker Bios & Abstracts (pdf).

Download Full Version of Speaker Bios & Abstracts (pdf).


Drs. J.J. and Desiree Hurtak – The Power of Music and Sound for Mental Consciousness Upliftment

Dr. Jeffrey Mishlove – Highlights of Psi Research

Dr. James Oschman – Structure and Properties of the Quantum Information Field: Implications for Homeopathy and Morphic Resonance

Dr. Patrick Bailey – New Energy Technologies and the Scientific Basis of Alchemy

Dr. Lauren Palmateer – Opening Organs of Perception: The Human Body Antenna

Stephen Quong – The Case for Radionics Broadcasting of Sanskrit Mahamantras

Dan Davidson – Aetheric Physics: Cosmic Structure and Aether Function

Pete Radatti – Practical Innovations for the Radionics Practitioner

Aimee Whalen – Using Etheric Energy to Heal

Dr. Beverly Rubik – Overview on Psychotronics: Intention Meets Technology

Marty Lucas – Programming Plants with Frequency Information

Dr. Linda Lancaster – Understanding the Etheric Body: the 4 Ethers and Subtle Forces in Radionics

Dr. Glen Rein – The Etheric Nature of the Life Force

Lutie Larsen – Quantum Agriculture in India 2018

Harry Jabs – Eclipse Lore and Results of 3 Solar Eclipse Experiments

Dr. Beverly Rubik and Harry Jabs – Aether: The Dynamic Substrate of Physical Reality

Dr. Mary Hardy – Pyramids Generate Scalar Waves and Create Orgone Energy As An Antenna With the Proper Orgone Covering

Scott Beutlich – The Luminiferous Aether: Its Role in the History of Science

Daniel Taylor – Accessing and Supplementing Morphogenetic Fields with Radionic Coding Via the Ether


From the USPA site:

“Some of the forces, fields, waves, and energies studied and researched in psychotronics include: bioelectromagnetism, biophotons, biopotentials, electromagnetic wave pollution and harmful effects; coherent emanations of DNA, emanations of matter, “free energy”, morphogenetic fields, non-hertzian waves, orgone energy, pyramid energy and power, qi (chi), quantum fields, scalar waves, subtle energies, ultra-weak radiation of living matter, zero-point energy, and others.

Some of the phenomena believed to be produced or involved with the above fields and energies: action-at-a-distance, the aura of the body and other living things, bioinformation, bioluminescence, chakras, consciousness, distant inter-cellular interactions, meridians of the body, mind-body interactions, non-locality, the placebo effect, quantum consciousness, spontaneous remission of cancer and other diseases, water memory, water structure, and others.

Related fields of study and research covering the above forces, energies, and phenomena of psychotronics: bioelectromagnetics, bioenergetics, biophotonics, biophysics, psionics, psychoenergetics, psychoneuroimmunology, quantum biology, radionics, scalar electromagnetics, and others.

Some practices, techniques, and applications related to psychotronics include: acupuncture, biogeometry, brain entrainment, clairvoyance, dowsing, energy healing and medicine, extrasensory perception, feng shui, homeopathy, kirlian photography, magnetic therapy, pendulum use and methods, prayer effects, psionic medicine, psychic healing, psychometry, qigong, radiesthesia, radionics, remote viewing, shamanism, sound and sonic healing, telekinesis, telepathy, and others.

Explore the subtle realms underlying the material universe; the history of the aether in science and philosophy; bioenergy and the life force; the etheric body; the power of shape and sacred geometry; parapsychology; energy healing; directed intention; and action-at-a distance; from a science- or evidence-based perspective.


    Here are a few pictures from my experience at the USPA Conference in 2017

    Kelly Research Technology offering their line of wonderful analog radionic devices.


    Laser and Crystal Influenced Cymatics Display

    Pyramid Power 

    Aether Force and Sympathetic Vibratory Sciences Meet with Dale Pond and Jeremy Pfeiffer 

    It was my intention to hold an educational booth but finances could not allow due to website maintenance. Please support Aether Force in getting to the next conference in September at the Pyramid Conference in Chicago. We desire to hold an educational booth at many conferences interviewing the future science pioneers with the Aether Force level of inquiry you expect. We are here to offer you constant informational upgrades to enhance your research. Help support Aether Force and the USPA in any way you can. Gratitude