A few weeks ago I attended a meeting held in Überlingen by Prof. Dr. Konstantin Meyl titled “Scalar Waves in Medicine”. During the two days various speakers presented their experimental results of applying Meyl’s Theory of Objectivity to living matter. The most profound revelation was the explanation of homeopathy in easily conceivable terms. So let me start right away.

The basic process of homeopathy is that you take a small amount of a substance and put it in a bottle of water. Then you shake the solution, take a drop of the solution and put in into another bottle of pure water. This process is repeated until you have the desired potency.

So what is actually happening what you put the substance into the water in the first place? Well, water is subject to Brown’s movement, which is caused by temperature; that is, all the water molecules move with a certain velocity trough the water and constantly hit one another and collide. Furthermore water is a bipolar substance, since every H2O molecule forms by charge distribution a tiny dipole.

Now when you put the substance into water, the water will be structurized according to the ‘wave information’ of the substance. You have to know that the substance as well as any material has a self resonance frequency. This frequency as well as the whole spectrum of harmonics (described in the Fourier series) is thus taken up by the water due to its movement. Now this is not a simple transversal waves for which water surface waves are the most often used example, but, because the water must be mathematically described as a plasma, also a transversal wave. Between these two waves furthermore are vortices that have the property to transform one into the other. So far for the actual waves of the water molecules themselves.

But as we all know there is more in space than mass points. In mass-free space, that is a vacuum, there are still electric and magnetic fields. So by the charge distribution of the substance and the water, which reacts intensively to electric fields as outlined before, and if the molecule includes aromatic rings especially by the magnetic field, the water also takes up the electromagnetic waves of the substance. This is true not only for transversal electromagnetic waves (the scientifically acknowledged ones), but also for longitudinal electric waves due to the electrons present (also scientifically acknowledged, but less known) and for longitudinal magnetic waves (not at all scientifically acknowledged, but strictly required for a consistent theory of the EM field as has been shown by Konstantin Meyl in “Widerspruchsfreie Elektrodynamik” published in Germany by the Indel Verlag).

This deserves some explanation. When you take three water molecules and put them in the form of an hexagon, such that each second bend is represented by an oxygen molecule and the other three by a hydrogen molecule, you arrive at at structure similar to an aromatic ring (just with water molecules instead of carbon molecules). This is of course just a temporary structure of water, but its significance immediately comes to mind when contemplating the beautiful structures of snow flakes. As with all aromatic rings, also the electrons inside the water ring will become localized and move round the ring. So what is that? Electrons moving round a circle? Well, that’s easy! It’s a coil!

As we know by Lorentz’s Force electrons will induce a magnetic field which is perpendicular to the area spanned by the ring and whose orientation is dependent on the right hand rule (or left hand rule, if you consider the electrons as positive charge carriers). There are strong hints that this magnetic longitudinal wave is biologically relevant, which we will see later when we come to the experiments presented. It is also important to note that this hexagonal arrangement is favored in colloidal water; the water in our bodies is in this form.

[In fact even the waves of the molecules themselves can be reduced to an interaction of magnetic field lines, but this would go beyond the scope of this discussion.]

So let us summarize: When a substance is put in water, the water takes up the waves induced by the mass of the substance and its electric and magnetic fields.

This is why you shake the water in homeopathy: To increase the amount of waves in the water. When you let the water sit for some time, the induced waves go into resonance with the substance again and the amount of waves decreases in turn. Thus you shake the water and thin it – while shaking – down until no more substance is left, such that the waves are preserved in the water.

This is the basic theory which was presented by K. Meyl on the first day of the meeting. On the second naturopaths and physicians presented their results of this principle by most applied through the Scalar Waves Demo Set sold by Indel company.

This Demo Set consists of a high-frequency wave generator and two bifilar wound flat Tesla coils each of which connected to a ball electrode, and represents a small-scale replica of Tesla’s patent from 1900 titled “System of Transmission of Electrical Energy”. It is capable of transmitting an electric scalar wave. I have already described this patent in a former article titled “On the Transmission of Scalar Waves”.

One of the speakers noticed that on the surface of the coil the magnetic scalar part of the EM field was very intensive. So having put up the Demo Set and made sure sender and receiver antenna are in resonance, he place a solution on the sender and a bottle of plain water on the same position on the other coil. The theory is that the scalar wave parts in the solution influence the free and displacement current of the coil and thus modulate the scalar electric wave. On the receiver side the same effect takes place and the plain water takes up the wave information.

In an experiment presented by one of the speakers this method was used to verify the transmission of information. Three groups of peas where formed. One was watered just with water, one with a solution of gibberellin and one with a ‘homeopathic’ solution of this substance. The results were that the second ground were roots 56 percent longer than the control group, and the third 55 percent. The conclusion was that only the information is responsible for the growth and not the bio-chemical reactions caused by gibberellin.

Further experiments with patients arrived at the same result.

I will leave it with this and might go into more detail in another article. Herein enough information (in both senses) was given to comprehend the subject in one evening.