In the Anthropsophical sciences, the stars are conceived as cauldrons for the morphogenetic formative forces which guide the etheric (universal, peripheral), elemental, and physical forces (earthly, central). These stellar influences and their relationships with the planets, give the geometric blueprint for the living processes which spin our physical tapestry into experiential existence. As Above, so Below, these celestial imprints are found inherently in the the morphology of crystals and the phylotaxis of plants, which form the basis of the Biodynamic Agricultural Sciences. The sciences of the future, in every aspect, will consider the role of the stars in physical phenomena.

Lili Kolisko, a respected Anthroposophical researcher and pioneer, through decades of experimenting in crystallography, developed the metal-planet relationship discussed throughout alchemical lore. She was able to experimentally discern a qualitative link between the 7 main luminescent bodies with 7 metals.



Kolisko developed the Capillary Dynamolisis method (Steigbildmethode) to test the influence of planetary bodies over earthly fluids. She dissolved metals classically associated to each planet and observed the pictures left by their absorption over a filter paper. She noticed consistent differences of the patterns according to the position of the planets in relation to sun and earth.

Here is a sample of a few of the pictures of these crystallography experiments with Silver Nitrate and Iron Sulphate

This is a narration of Lili’s work published in Stuttgart, Germany 1928


Besides these crystallography experiments, Kolisko laid a foundation for understanding the role of potencies on seed germination and plant growth with the use of the homeopathically potentized preparations for biodynamic agriculture. She in particular investigated the role of very high potencies on plant development. She along with Steiner, urge the world to reassess our agricultural methods to integrate the higher spiritual and formative forces to heal the soil and the planet.

Read a full copy of Lili Kolisko’s books Agriculture of Tomorrow below.

KOLISKO – agriculture of tomorrow

You can read about the advancements of her techniques including the Kolisko Validation here:

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