Aether Force represents a movement sweeping through the mindsets of engineers and scientists who have recognized their inner wizard, working fearlessly in the borderland realms deemed forbidden and impossible by the standard model. Over the years we have become a hub for cutting edge researchers to share the experiments validating the “life force” and the efficacy of technologies employing this underlying informational tapestry which weaves physicality together. We support the education and engineering of the vital formative forces within the qualitative sciences. We reject the explosion based, radiating and polluting technologies as the only choice. We will Build New Technologies to restore harmony and balances within the techno-sphere, to remediate the bio-sphere, to create coherence collectively with the noosphere.

Aether Force does not claim to know the answer or claim to be any sort of expert or authority on any of the topics presented here. This site represents the never ending pursuit for non-dogmatic truth and is not to be taken in absolutes. We appeal to no authority but rather present head scratching kernels of information that we find worthy of further investigation and research. We hope some of this information will inspire and blossom into the work of independent inventors, researchers, and artists involved in the borderlands of scientific thought.

We are more than a website … We convey an idea, a collective thought-form, a movement, dedicated to creating harmonious change in the world around us through education and engineering. We do not seek education from an outside establishment and have learned to question everything, holding no information sacred as we do not confuse the map with the territory. We are each our own university & laboratory, teacher, & student,  who have dedicated our time to researching the missing puzzle pieces and hidden gems of science and natural philosophy.

We truly respect the scientific method and desire for it to be re-implemented into the accepted investigation of reality instead of relying on purely abstract mathematical and probabilistic models not congruent with observation.

Aether Force exists as a platform to let your Voice, Research, and technology be seen and reviewed without the political scrutiny of the fallible peer-review process. Open Source your designs and data or let us help support you in raising awareness that may lead to possible funding for your research. We desire to help show the world how to recreate the new aetheric and moral technologies to counterbalance the stagnant and destructive material reductionist mindset. We have no interest in profiting off your work. We are an informational network to help support the latest advances in Aetheric Technologies and Research.