Welcome to the Aether Force Shop.

We are home to nearly 500 products ranging from psychotronic instrumentation, pendulums, brainwave entrainment, water structurizers, electro-therapy devices, nutritional supplements … and so much more. The store is gradually growing weekly with more additions. 

We do not physically sell any items besides the Seeker’s Compendium 4 TB Hard Drives.

Every product is directly connected via affiliate link to its respective company. Upon clicking on the “Order” buttons, you will be be re-routed to the landing page of that product on the website that distributes the product.

Many of the products I personally use, have previous experience with, or am in good standing with companies with solid reputations in the community. Many of these companies have made an impact in my lifestyle and research 

Ordering products this way is a WIN-WIN. It allows you access to a variety of products to further your Aetheric and Qualitative Research while also providing a commision to Aether Force, at no extra cost to you, which directly helps us maintain our operational  costs as well as financing the further expansion of the our movement.

We deeply appreciate your support of Aether Force. Thank you. 

If you have any questions about any of the products on the Aether Force Shop, don’t hesitate to email us at theaetherforce@protonmail.com

Gratitude !!!