“Beyond the Veil is both an extension of Exploding a Myth, and also a broadening of the net. Although this work is focused upon the impact of restricted thinking within physics, it will also disclose further aspects and details regarding the all too human effects of personality, ambition, paradigm and power as they affect the full proliferation of human potential and endeavor. The veil which separates what is known from a world of hidden fact, the intransigence that stifles the processes which distill truth to advance in its stead, usury, personal and exploitive motives, extends far beyond the limited consequences of degeneration within the physical sciences. The medical sciences are no less affected, and deeper still, the very substance of the social fabric itself. To see and then solve this mystery, may lead humanity toward another, better outcome. We peer behind the veil of human history, and discover the basic mental topography of modern man and his morality contain within them a basic hidden flaw, a secret which once unbound may lead toward the brightest future. Hope lies hidden. This work is a pathway to that unseen door, and a key.”




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