The tradition of Borderland Sciences is based on the methods used in antiquity before the Dark Ages of Civilization. It was the science that raised the Pyramids in Egypt and in Mexico. It was the science that is hinted at in the Vedas. It was the science that brought about a Golden Age of humanity in all areas of the world. Then there arose a new class of rulers who were pragmatic and materialistic, whose dim consciousness then suppressed Borderland Sciences and the Dark Ages were begun. The Golden Age had led to an expansion of the individual that was not conducive to tightly controlled fundamentalist society. The Dark Ages gave birth to the secret mystery school of Alchemy. The tradition of the borderland scientist would continue to persist in small laboratories until it would blossom again in profound thinkers like Swedenborg, Goethe, Schauberger and Tesla. The flame of the lamp grows steadily brighter and casts away the darkness. The shadows flicker and as the Truth is slowly revealed the walls will rumble as Materialistic Science is tumbled from its throne.

The Dethronement Of Science
From Implosion Magazine No. 50 9 Written by
Victor Schauberger in May 1955

“The teachings of the Tabula Smaragdina were incised into the hardest precious stone – the emerald. Handed down to us from antiquity, they preach that a happy and healthy existence is dependent on the naturalesque intermixture of the stuff of Heaven and Earth. The progeny of this marriage between exalted atmospheric and geospheric ethericities is water, the blood of the Earth. This ur-source of life comes into being when the ethericities of the Earth bind with those of Heaven. For this the maternal forces and energies must be more powerful than the incident fertilizing substances, for of the process takes place in reverse order, then fire is created.”

Schauberger is of the same mystic tradition of Goethe. The depths of perception employed in the western mystery tradition had profound influences on both these borderand scientists. The use of alchemical and eidetic imagery stirs the very foundation of consciousness and is deeply expressed in the worldview of these great thinkers. Like Goethe, Schauberger takes us into the realm of inner perception to demonstrate before our “minds-eye” the interchange between the ethericities of Earth and Heaven. From this powerful kernel of imagery Schauberger will expand and emanate practical ideas and applications. This is the tradition of Borderland Science; the initial investigations are done internally in the perceptions and ideas of the experimenter. From this borderland, practical ideas emerge and are developed. The tendency of Borderland Scientists to speculate on the long term evolution of an idea is based on method. All life begins as a simple form and gradually grows more complex. Once an idea is taken into the perceptions and fully integrated it takes on a life of its own, it reveals the potentials inherent in its form. As if time is sped up, the borderland perception is one of utter wholeness. Those without this perception tend to mock the leaps the scientist makes with their claims for the future. It would seem silly to speak of building a bridge when a tree is just a sapling if a person had never seen a tree before, but in time the tree will grow and the person will understand how it could be used to build a bridge. Schauberger like all borderland scientists relies heavily on the inner perceptions to conceive the inner processes of nature.

“The art of increasing and qualitatively improving water has been so thoroughly lost over the millennia that today no one knows what water actually is. How it comes into being, how it deteriorates or how it dies and subsides is still a mystery. If the degeneration and disappearance of water cannot be successfully halted, the earth will turn into a treeless desert. The whole of civilization is threatened! The survival or disappearance of humanity is thus at stake. We are concerned here with neither politics, nor racism, nor an invention in the usual sense of the word, but with the question: what is more important for evolution and development, water or fire? This is what it is all about, and nothing else! Everything else must retreat far into the background. Without water there is no habitat and no life!

Most people know that machines are indirectly driven by fire. Entirely unknown, however, is that energy can be achieved far more simply and cheaply through the artificial production of water. Furthermore, growth can be promoted, increased and ennobled in the process. Therefore not only will the problem of an independent existence be solved, but in the future there will be no shortage of raw materials provided the mixture of heavenly and earthly essence can be naturalesquely fostered. This involves the industrial duplication of ‘photo-synthesis’, which is conditional on the possibility of energizing the hydrocarbons. With this discovery (which the University of California has so far sought in vain) all armed conflict will be unnecessary. In future no sane individual will allow himself to be drawn into a war merely to satisfy power-mongers.All robbery will likewise cease once everything is available in superabundance, for with the artificial production of water, vast tracts of desert can be restored to their former fertility and provide living space for the ever-increasing mass of humanity. There will no longer be the need to exploit this ancient art for the purposes of war. Whether the disturbance of the water-balance happened out of ignorance or to maintain the economic status quo, through the iniquitous world-wide traffic in foodstuffs and raw materials, cannot be addressed here.

The fact is that, as today’s technology has progressed, the point has been reached where the proliferation of cancer is not only universal, but apparently unstoppable. For this reason the only solution is to put an end to the self-deception by reintroducing practices that promote the natural treatment of water. All this has nothing to do with science for it involves the diametric reversal of the methods applied by today’s fire-sitting technology, a technology that should be considered the true causative agent of cancer.

Perhaps it is necessary for the misery and privation of humanity to become so intense, before it is finally recognized that science, as the guiding force of humanity, has made a disastrous blunder by implementing reversed energetic interactions between basic elements. In consequence, any possibility of resuscitating Nature’s principal formative substance, reduced protein, was brought to a halt. It was thus inevitable that the process of decay would become so rife in both air and water. This exemplifies the disastrous errors in motion and excitation made by a science founded on unnatural principles.”

Schauberger is expressing a vital lesson in alchemy. He is illustrating the how the qualities of water promote life and those of fire promote death. Schauberger is not afraid to contrast the terrifying specter of extinction that is the result of misguided science with optimistic speculations of the future if we can dethrone science as we know it. By contrasting the ‘unnatural principles’ with his own observations, Schauberger gives a glimpse at the breadth of thinking required to synthesize science with natural principles. The principles put forward by Schauberger show how nature is “a constantly self-changing interaction triggered by constant fluctuations in temperature”, this become clear by contrast to the self-annihilation breed by modern technology. The Borderland Scientists often use contrast in very emotional terms. There is some degree of sorrow when the projections of ideas are made in the inner perceptions and followed out to perfection and it becomes clear to the scientist that our world is sadly going in the wrong direction. Schauberger never dwells on the negative but always pushes past with an idea for healing and change, a wonderful example for the doom and gloom radio hosts and ilk.

“The Nobel Prize winner, Otto Warburg, proposed in a scientific journal that the formation of cancer cells was caused be a deficiency of oxygen. A healthy cell is supplied with oxygen by the blood and uses it to process nutrients, thereby acquiring life-energy. However, Warburg has now asserted that the cell receives too little oxygen. As a result the lactic acid becomes thoroughly fermented, the cell grows and divides more rapidly and in the process turns into a cancer cell. This is also confirmed by Professor Domagk. Both researchers, however, made a crucial mistake. They failed to see that it makes a considerable difference whether modified or unmodified oxygen enters the blood. Modified oxygen is formed when it is filtered by the lungs. Only then can it be taken up by fructigenic ethericities via the bloodstream, which on their part have been purified by the filters of the intestines.

If this process of purification is in any way disturbed, then an oxygen deficiency results, leading to suffocation and putrefaction of the unfertilized ethericities of protein. This is the answer to the riddle. This is where a yawning gap in scientific knowledge lies and without its closure cancer cannot be cured. Nature precludes the use of one and the same form of energy for different purposes.

Hence the report continues; “Those afflicted by cancer and whose lives are threatened by this terrible disease will read of Warburg’s findings with resignation. Moreover, they will demand to know why the oxygen deficiency has not been prevented. According to Warburg, in this way the incidence of cancer could be reduced too fraction of its present state if the cells of the body could be protected from chronic damage. How this was supposed to happen, however, he was unable to say.”

Dr. Liebmann, director of the Biological Research Institute in Munich, held that this involved the disturbance of the biological equilibrium. He overlooked the fact, however, that a state of equilibrium would necessarily imply a developmental standstill. In reality, it is a question
of the disturbance of animating rhythm. There is no such thing as a rigid conformity with natural law, but only a constantly self-changing interaction triggered off by constant fluctuations of temperature. If these are regulated so as to ensure that a predominance of recreative (refreshing) influences of temperature is maintained, then the enormous problem of more and more people and less and less food will be solved.

There are two fundamentally different types of motion, both in principle and nature, which respectively initiate different kinds of excitation in
bipolar mixtures of basic elements. In this connection, water, the physically first born and the very blood of the Earth, plays the role of the mediator in both natural and unnatural energetic synthesis. At the same time it is also the recorder of changes in potential that have already occurred. From this it can be determined what form of energy prevails in this natural accumulator.

The decisive factor here is that contemporary technology is only aware of and only uses those methods of conveying or moving various media which initiate a reactive increase in pressure and heat. These methods will here be termed ‘techno-academic’, because they are taught in all academies, universities, high schools and technical colleges. Albert Einstein used them to create a form of energy destructive of all Creation. With this, modern technology has achieved a the peak of performance in self-annihilation and turned itself into an absurdity.

From transmissions from ancient times, it is quite clear that those peoples of Indo-Germanic origin or Aryan culture favored a different form of mass-motion. They over-stimulated it, however, and disrupted the unstable state of equilibrium in the other direction. This resulted in whole sections of the Earth being torn upwards (the cataclysm of Atlantis). They strayed from the golden middle way. Existence or non-existence is dependent on the rhythmical dynamics of bipolar forces. We can see this in the alternation of night and day which serves the constant improvement and perfection of the processes of reproduction and higher evolution.

Formative forms of motion are hallmarked by the development of an atomic negative pressure. Professor Ernst Ferdinand Sauerbruch, a surgeon, discovered it in 1908. He realized that without the existence of negative pressure between the lung surfaces and the pleura, any inhalation and exhalation of diffuse (purified and exalted) precipitates of solar energy (chemically termed oxygen) would be impossible. In other words, there would be no re-spire-ation (fertilizing) of digested, nutritive ethericities, which in exalted form enter the hermetically sealed blood or sap by way of diffusion. Unfortunately Professor Sauerbruch failed to see that this force, which internally bonds (emulsifies) the ethericities of fructigenic and seminal matter, is the diamagnetism discovered by Michael Faraday in 1845. Diamagnetism is also known as healing magnetism, animal magnetism or mesmerism – an “ism” that science views with disfavor. It manifests itself in a similar fashion to the pressural atomic forces that move a dowsing rod. Like the previously mentioned magnetism, this later force can neither be measured nor weighed exactly and is hence rejected by science.

There are some forms of energy that are known to alter the values indicated by measuring instruments and on occasion actually to contradict them. Thus it would appear, for example, that the speed of light is constant and therefore invariable. The same also holds true for the so called acceleration of free fall, because there is no measuring device that can differentiate between specific and absolute weight. In terms of physical mass, the former is to be construed as breathing (animated), whereas the latter is to be understood as less-breathing, the almost-lifeless.

Before Galileo arrived on the scene with his discoveries, the theories of Aristotle held sway and it was believed that providing there were no disturbing influences, heavier bodies fell faster than lighter ones That this was actually related to the different fall-velocities of bodies having either specific or absolute weights was completely disregarded. These constantly vary according to state of their intrinsic qualities. If sufficient qualigen is concentrated in water, for example, then gravity can be partially overcome. Speculative thinkers will be unable to understand this, however, unless they observe Nature’s instructive examples very closely.”

Schauberger stresses the importance of close observation of Nature. It is his experiences in Nature while deep in contemplative trance that he learned the mysteries of Levitation by watching the salmon leap up waterfalls. Like Goethe before him, from the inner worlds of perception he brought forth ideas that can be scientifically investigated. His inner perceptions of motion were drawn from countless hours of observing the flow of natural water. Able to recognize forces such as Diamagnetism in nature within his own inner perceptions Schauberger has been able to move forward in spite of the difficulties faced with trying to measure these borderland energies. This point cannot be overemphasized in this journal. It is the ability to perceive ideas and unfold them that is the primary skill and tool of the Borderland Scientist. Most tools, instruments and math of the science lab will do us no good.

Further evidence of Schauberger’s influence from Goethe and the Western Mystery School is the unique explanation for the destruction of Atlantis. Like all great thinkers Schauberger extends the tradition, by a brilliant use of mystic history. The insight into the misuse of the very forces he is promoting is the kind of balanced insight that his training in the mysteries has brought out. The dangers of unbalanced duality are a key element in the education of the Mystery Schools.

“It must be stated at the outset that in this case the decisive but previously overlooked concentration of qualigen in only possible with the aid of radial axial motion. Every medium becomes heavier if it is unable to breath and its life removed. His occurs immediately if excessive influences of heat and pressure are brought to bear by the opposite form of motion. In this case the diamagnetic, or adsuctional force (namely Professor Warburg’s life-energy) and otherwise known as levitational force by people of ancient cultures, is lost.”

If the importance of the formative, synthesizing and levitating force, produced by centripetal motion only, had been recognized for what it is, then the tragic error made by Newton and Leibnitz would have been avoided. They believed that life could be comprehended with great precision through the methodology of mathematics (integral and differential calculus). It is this erroneous reasoning that the whole world has to thank for that evil that Albert Einstein foisted upon us through the exploitation of an all destroying atomic energy. A simple experiment demonstrates the a predominantly axially-radially moved (and therefore de-animated) water begins to breath again and to rise upwards autonomously, when certain preconditions it is simply made to move planetarily. All forms of growth and more highly-evolved forms of life draw in diffuse (purified and exalted) oxygen. When unpurified oxygen is impressed from without, disorder and cancer come
into being, because cancer is an entity that has been expelled from a state of order.

If pure, nitrogen-free oxygen is forced into the lungs of a child over too long a period, then it goes blind. Adults are threatened with an incurable lung inflammation. At high altitudes the more thoroughly the Sun in-presses the body with unpurified energies, the sooner the blood and sap begin to decompose. The same also applies in forestry, when for the sake of greater quantity and rapidity of rotation, shade-demanding trees, which have far too thin a layer of protective bark, are exposed to direct sunlight, producing unhealthy, ‘light-induced’ growth. This also happens if forests are excessively thinned. However, if a forest floor that has lain for centuries in protective shade, is warmed above +9C by excessive clear-felling and thinning, then reafforestation is only possible with deep-rooted, light demanding species. Such reafforestation is fraught with enormous problems. The young plants have first to grow under the scalding light of the sun until
they are large enough to provide the ground with new protective shade. Wholesale karst development (erosion) can only be prevented where the slope is not too steep and the solar radiation is not excessive.

Almost all monocultivated, plantation forests originate from this ignorance. They can therefore quite properly be described as cancer-prone. They lack diamagnetic, adsuctional and insuctional force and can no longer produce fertile seeds. As in the case with the remaining, once cleared, old-growth forests, they too can be considered lost if the present methods of forestry are not drastically and quickly altered. Today’s fertile soils and whatever water still remains are already over-acidified and polluted to such a degree that there can be no recovery without radical remedial measures.

In Nature everything is reversible. The last hope for restoring the natural order of things lies in the mechanical production of diamagnetism which comes about in the opposite way to the present generation of electricity. The idea of generating life giving energy mechanically and restoring water’s life-force and ability to breathe may sound fantastic. Yet, the behavior of water itself shows us how this comes about, as it sinks lifelessly back into the womb of the Earth only to rise upwards again as noble water in mountain springs. The reason this has been impossible to copy this natural process so far is simply because the enabling form of motion was unknown. People mistakenly believe the earth’s rotation to be circular. With circular motion, however, no negative pressure or drop in temperature can be achieved. Since the present way of looking at things is founded on a false world-view, humanity has set foot on the road of an unstoppable, regressive proliferation of cancer. As long as the meditative substances water and air continue to be moved incorrectly with the exclusive use of centrifugence any production of qualigen or increase and improvement of water and growth will be impossible. Qualigen can only be produced with cold systems of flow, in which the more thoroughly atomized the substances (sediments) contained in the water become, the more powerful the life-energies.”

“Here it should be again stressed that if the media of earth, air and water are moved centrifugally, then reactive, decentrating forces evolve from the resultant unnatural intermixture of bipolar concentrates. These also develop if any medium is over-illuminated and/or overwarmed by unpurified (unfiltered) solar radiation. It can therefore be stated that in this case the pressure and heat associated with it increase by the square of the speed of motion. In both cases, however, the resistance to motion also increases – that is a retroactive force evolves which, viewed ecologically, represents a decomposive energy or its other form, cancer. In this instance matter is rendered lifeless. Oxidizing processes follow, and since the levitative forces have been reduced, matter becomes specifically heavier. Red-hot iron, for example, is heavier than cold iron. Einstein was right in his deduction that mass – the concentrate of basic elements – was dependent on velocity. However, it is the type of motion that determines whether decentrating or concentrating forces arise. In the first case pressure and heat are produced and it the second, a negative pressure (vacuum), which intensifies by the square of the centripetally-in-winding orbital velocity.”

Introducing a new Alchemical Technology, or Ecotechnology, Schauberger explains how the basics of radial axial motion will produce qualigens, quality-enhancing life forces. Ecotechnology is based on movement, centripetal forces, adsuctional or insuctional. The type of motion determines whether decentrating or concentrating forces arise. Ecotechnology makes use of the same forces of nature that Alchemy described in its hidden terms. Still requiring a terminology of its own Ecotechnology shows how the Sun interacts with the elements of water and air, shows how the damage done by fire can only be cured by the forces of water. Ecotechnology glimpses the purification process in nature and also the exact processes of decay. Through an understanding of these processes, we see the possibility of restoring the decay and damage done to the earth by pollution with life-giving energy mechanically generated.

“In this way it is therefore possible to transform ordinary air at room temperature into chemically pure water in a fraction of a second. This is associated with a 1,700-fold decrease in volume, through which an atomic negative pressure  evolves, whose attractive force is stronger than any explosive pressure. The precipitation of rainwater described above therefore explains the production of rain in any quantity without the formation of thunderstorms. Such water can be converted into the noblest mountain spring water, provided it is moved planetarily for a short period, as happens in the womb of Mother Earth.”

Ecotechnology that transforms air into water is the natural extension and evolution of the Alchemical tradition into our modern times. By adhering to the principles of Hermes Trismegistus and the Emerald Tablet (As Above, So Below) Ecotechnology simulates the geometry and motions of Earth. It is through these cold systems of flow that the damage done to the earth by over heating from unpurified solar energy can be balanced and healed. In the Hermetic Tradition of Alchemy, in the process of emanation Fire and Water combined to make Air. With Ecotechnology this is recognized and the balance between Fire and Wateris engineered with radial axial movement of Air that produces diamagnetism or healing forces and creates qualigens.


“The technologist of to say has been taught to think logically, but not bio-ecologically. Therefore it is particularly difficult for him to appreciate the possibilities that ecotechnology offers towards the re-establishment of the proper and natural order of things, which has been disturbed at its most fundamental level. The time has come to free humanity from its dependence air pollution, ecotechnical air purification. Instead of the collapse of quality, the rise of quality. Founded as it is on rigid and dogmatic laws, contemporary science must therefore be prohibited by the fastest means possible.”



Translation by Callum Coats, Ecotechnology  on coal and oil by creating those differences in potential that can be converted into kinetic energy. Since coal and oil will be exhausted in the foreseeable future, nuclear fission will be all that remains to banish the specter of energy shortages. This is the greatest delusion of all, however, because the radiation and waste accruing from the atomic energy will gradually contaminate the air we breath to such an extant that the mere inhaling of it will be lethal. Humanity therefore stands at an historical crossroad – but in all probability it will continue to develop its present technology and dig its own grave. Then one day, thousands of years hence, the perhaps few remaining survivors will speak of the technical stupidity of their forbearers and shake their heads over the artifacts of a godforsaken science in whose programmed destruction took first place.Science can still be dethroned, however, through reversal of present principles. Instead of air pollution, ecotechnical air purification. Instead of the collapse of quality, the rise of quality. Founded as it is on rigid and dogmatic laws, contemporary science must therefore be prohibited by the fastest means possible.”

~ Translation by Callum Coats, Ecotechnology ~

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