Long Wave radio transmissions

If one were to look at Tesla’s original 15 Hz AC Generator, it gives rise to an electromagnetic wave that is $latex \frac {3*10^{8}}{15}$ = 20,000 Kms long! This wave would have an energy of $latex 6.6*10^{-34}*15 = 9.9*10^{-33}$ C. It is because of this extremely low energy that long wavelength radio waves are supposed to travel forever, practically nothing will interact with such low energies. They may hit a building or a tree and get broken up into fragments but they still retain their original identity (i.e., energy) and the radio signal can still be detected. During the time before Frequency modulation when Amplitude Modulation was in widespread use, it was possible to take a radio into strange places say one particular corner of a building where because of reflection it was possible to pick up a signal from a fragment of such a long radio wave. Unfortunately these extremely low frequencies are also susceptible to being absorbed as part of the heat or vibration of buildings etc., BUT if the correct long wave length is used such long wavelengths will travel for huge distances!


The Voyager Space craft Transmissions!

No number of explanations of how exactly Gestalt Aether Theory differs from other theories will suffice until the sheer magnitude of the problems involved are known. The Voyager space craft is at present more than 17.8 billion kilometres distant from the earth, it was originally believed to have gone past the heliopause but this conjecture is now in some doubt. At a distance of 17.8 billion kilometres you can forget about any antenna gain, this is pure isotropic radiation meaning that the signal intensity will decrease strictly according to the inverse square law. The area of a sphere can be calculated by A = $latex 4\pi*r^{2}$.


Substituting figures this gives :

$latex A = 12.56*\left(1.8^{13}\right)^{2}= 3.62 * 10^{27}$ square metres

It takes each transmission from the Voyager craft travelling at the speed of light about 17 hours to reach earth! The truly phenomenal thing is that every centimeter of that $latex 3.62 * 10^{27}$ square metres , and this means one thousand trillion trillion square metres would be carrying the Voyager space craft signal. How is this possible ? How can the signal originating from a 3 square metre dish antenna spread out across an area greater than the solar system ? How is it in other words possible for the signal to travel laterally at such a fantastic rate as to cover this unbelievably massive area. Every millimetre of that area would have the same signal strength (i.e., energy of the wave length). Thus if a frequency of 2100 MHz is being used by the Voyager space craft for its transmissions this means that it is sending out signals at the rate of

$latex 2.1*10^{9}$ per sec.

and its wave length is equal to

$latex \frac{3 * {10}^{8}}{2.1*{10}^{9}} = 0.14 m$

So the frequency = $latex 2.1*10^{9}$ ,

the wave length =0. 14m

and the energy = $latex h* \mu $=

$latex 6.6 * 10^{-34}* 2.1 *10^{9} = 1.38* 10^{-26}$C.

So the energy of the transmission would be

$latex 1.38*10^{-26}$ C at any point on that huge area.


It is time to think of this rationally, taking the steps one by one. We KNOW that the total transmission power from the Voyager space craft is 23W. At the distances involved there is no question of antenna gain, so what this means in effect is that using a mere 23 watts the Voyager spacecraft is sending out a signal that covers $latex 3.62 * {10}^{27}$ sq m ! That is not the only problem, how does the narrow stream of photons that constitute the radio signal as it originates from the Voyager Space Craft spread out to such an incredible extent and still maintain its identity ? How is it able to spread out so much in such a short time ? Taking these questions one by one, a watt may be thought of as involving about $latex 6.241*10^{18}$ electrons. Thus the total number of electrons available from the transmission end is $latex 23. 6\left(24*10^{18}\right)$ electrons or $latex 1.435 * {10}^{20}$ electrons totally. Thus since MASERS are used it can be assumed that the total number of photon emitters is equal to $latex 1.435 * 10^{20}$  this number has to be multiplied by the frequency to give the total number of photons per second = $latex 1.435\left(10^{20}\right)*2.1*10{9} = 3.10^{29}$ in Gestalt Aether theory this number would have to be further multiplied by the composite wave length which would be equal to $latex \frac{0.14} {1.2* 10^{-6}} = 1.1 * 10^{5}$. So the final number of photons available per second are $latex 3.10^29\left(1.1*10^{5}\right) = 3.3*10^{34} $ against a requirement of $latex 3.62 * 10^{27}$ square metres! Next it is absolutely clear that the signal would only be able to spread out in this manner IF an Aether were present AND IF that Aether were a ‘virtual photon Aether. There is no other possible explanation that would explain this phenomenon as accurately and with as much verisimilitude as the Gestalt Aether Theory model of the aether does.