Homoeonic Mantra III


What can the Mantra do?

  • It can get the Personal Frequency of the patient, or PGR (Personal General Rate).

  • Analyze a patient’s health status by using a sample of the patient (using the PGR). The sample could be a hair, nail, or even drop of blood.

  • Create homeopathic remedies by imprinting onto a carrier, such as a dropper (or other substances).

  • Copy previously made homeopathic remedies.

  • Save a formula of rates, or homeopathic remedy, using an electronic card system. (Think of it like a set of musical notes that when played together they form a chord, a chord being a combination of notes)

  • Broadcasting a remedy to a patient (distanced treatment).

How can a symptom be treated using an encoded rate?

A symptom can be treated because illnesses or symptoms have specific rates.


The Mantra comes with a Manual that includes an extensive list of rates that are the result of over 10 years of research and development of our machines.


Specifications and Features

This new super technology will help our entire customers to create great remedies in a new vibrational mode. The Mantra I has integrated a new central matrix that we called “The Brain”. Here is where the instrument will concentrate all the codes to move them in a dynamical system increasing healing energy. These new energy waves will help to improve sensibility, diagnostics, remedies, treatments, and broadcasting.

The Mantra I is an electronic device which enables you to carry out biophysical tests, measuring the variation between the current state of the patient’s and an optimal state. The energy level of the patient can be measured on the instrument before there is any physical manifestation, enabling energy treatments to be given before any symptom becomes apparent and before it can take hold of the patient?s body.

The Mantra I is an intelligent remedy simulator which can make all kind of remedies for organs and symptoms to chronic diseases, also it is a homeopathic remedy simulator which can make simple and complex homeopathic remedies, using lactose pills or alcohol/water liquid and other alternatives like juice for kids, gems, pendants or simple carrying our ECS cards with the amplifier card holder.

The Mantra I instrument produces energy waves in some frequencies which can be broadcasted through the instrument to any patient anywhere in the world, using a blood or hair sample as ?witness?.

The Mantra I comes with a USB communication port. Any upgrade from manual to the and HS4 software will be easily done online.

Comes supplied with thousands of codes, homeopathic remedies, nosodes, chromo therapies, Bach flowers, California flowers, psychological and mental conditions; human anatomy, organs, tissues, muscles, bones, tumors, parasites, fungi, bacteria, toxins, allergies, vitamins, energy, chakras, aura, minerals and much, much more.

  • Codes as long as 25 digits.
  • 12 levels: physical, mental, emotional, all the way up to cosmic energy levels.
  • Function tester.
  • Four built-in memories.
  • Automatic Similimum.
  • Potencies: X or D, C, M, MM (1X to 999,999MM).
  • The LM/Q potencies of Dr. S.
  • Memory card system.
  • Cup capacity 100 ml.
  • Input and output for external accessories.
  • Mains Voltage 110 Volt/220 Volt.


  • 1 User manual and 2 Code booklets (Body parts, viruses, mental conditions, emotions, homeopathic, Bach flowers, color remedies etc) (spiral bound pages with colored plastic cover -subject to change-),
  • 1 Pendulum (material and color subject to change, please contact us for availability and description),
  • 1 Scanner Probe,
  • 2 S. Steel Hand electrodes (model of electrodes to change, please contact us for availability and description),
  • 15 ECS cards,
  • 50 witness envelopes.
  • 1 USB cable with adapter (adapter model subject to change please contact us for availability and description)
This pair of amplifiers is very effective for patients who urgently need to reactivate their cells. It is a tool that has been used by different therapists who’ve obtained ideal results in their patients, allowing the fortification and reactivating the structure of the cell in a fast and holistic manner.
It consists of 2 antennas, a generator, and a resonator. The intensity of the field that is generated between the generator and the resonator can penetrate any living tissue and reactivate the cell’s structure.
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