Chi-O devices evolve based on radionic technologies. It combines the use of frequencies, light, scalar energy, preprogrammed holograms and other subtle energy systems. Among these, we will mention the orgonite, the crystals and stones, magnets, tensor rings, sacred geometry, certain shapes and proportions, etc. All this creates a sum of beneficial effects based on the principles of harmonization of the different energies influenced by the operation of these instruments. These principles imply the creation of a pleasant balancing effect that spreads and perceives around them, acting on the welfare of those who possess it. It is not about believing or not just about it. It is about perceiving and checking what happens when these devices are used.

Who needs a Chi-O device?

As shown in this video, every day we are subject to EMF (electromagnetic radiation) from mobile devices, Smartphone, wifi, etc. etc. Now you can counteract the possible harmful effects on your organism from adverse radiation.

Resonance: A great documentary by James Russell on how Electromagnetic Fields (EMF) can damage cells.

A new publication of BioInitiative 2012 publishes in its report that evidence of health risks has increased substantially since 2007 due to the increase in electromagnetic fields (EMF) and the increase in the use of wireless technologies (wifi) / radiofrequency radiation ( RFR). The report reviews more than 1,800 new scientific studies and includes 29 independent reports and opinions from medical experts from around the world. The mobile phone users, those who want to be a father, young children and pregnant women, are an especially sensitive group. 

The Key Points of the Scientific Evidence are:

• Evidence of damage in sperm and reproduction

• Evidence that children are more vulnerable

• Evidence of fetal and neonatal effects

• Evidence of effects on Autism (Autism Spectrum Disorders)

• The evidence of Electrohypersensitivity

• Evidence of the effects of Tower Cell RFR Level Exposures

• Evidence of effects on the blood-brain barrier

• Evidence of effects on brain tumors

• Evidence of effects on genes (genotoxicity)

• Evidence of effects on the nervous system (neurotoxicity)

• Evidence of effects on cancer (leukemia, adult cancers)

• Melatonin, breast cancer and Alzheimer’s disease

• Stress, Stress Proteins and DNA as a fractal antenna

• Effects of weak field Interactions in non-linear biological oscillators and synchronized neural activity

Elegance Chi-O

$691.15 – $807.32

All the efficiency of the Chi-O devices united in an elegant design of jewelry. Care to the smallest detail is an extraordinary gift of healthy energy.



Economy Chi-O

$ 261.32

The Economic Chi-O device has the same power and scalar frequency as the Chi-O Elegance device. It is designed for those who do not want such a special design at a lower price and without sacrificing quality. It comes complete with 2 internal holograms programmed for Chi Balance and protection against harmful electromagnetic radiation (EMF).




Imagine being able to program the sensation that can be perceived in a room or room. Think about the possibility of generating a pleasant and healthy environment instantly in your favorite room, the living room of your home or the reception of your business. In the latter case, it is possible to increase the positivity and receptivity of potential clients.

Have you ever walked into a room and felt like the energy was stuffy or dead? This could have many different causes but sometimes it is simply accumulated negativity from people that have been in the room before you.

The same is true if there have been sick people in a room for a period of time. The atmosphere in the room takes on a certain feel that can be uncomfortable to healthy people.



Tarjetas Holográficas$23.23

 Above is our current list of Pre-programmed Hologram Cards (see below for more complete descriptions). You will recieve 5 free Programmed Hologram cards with your Room Balancer, Remote Balancer or Programmable Chi-O device.


In order to comply with current legislation, it is clearly stated that:

All Holograms are programmed with IDFs (Intrinsic Data Fields) and as such DO NOT work on the physical level. They are designed to re-inform the biofield system of information that has either been forgotten or deleted by the system (in the case of trauma) or disturbed by foreign agents (chemicals and toxins). The physical body knows how to heal itself when it has the proper instructions.

Any physical changes observed from the use of these Holograms are from the body healing itself. Any experiences of using the holograms and seeing associated results in the physical body are coincidental and should not be misconstrued as treatment of a disease or medical condition.

For all medical conditions, please contact your licensed health care practitioner before using these products. Not intended for diagnosis or cure of medical conditions.

The word “Programmed” means that we have encoded the hologram with certain IDF resonant patterns. This work is to be considered experimental and the manufacturer or reseller does not make any claims as to their use or effectivenes.



Programmed for better, deeper sleep. More refreshing sleep and more regeneration during sleep.

Chakra Balance

Programmed for balancing the seven major Chakras and the related organs for balanced, even energy flow between the Chakras and Organs.

Eliminate negative Energies

Programmed to eliminate negative energies of all kinds at all levels. Main focus is to eliminate Dark Forces, Negative Entities and Negative energy.

Reverse Aging

Programmed to reinstate the rejuvenation processes that tend to sag with aging. Focus is on cell reproduction, increased Telomere length, and HGH production.

Improve Sports Performance

Programmed to increase muscle strength, faster neurological firing time, speed, stamina and faster recovery time after extensive workouts.

Neutralize Radiation

Programmed to neutralize ionizing radiation effects

Eliminate Cold & Flu

Programmed to boost the immune system, eliminate viruses and bacteria that seem to be the cause of most common Cold and Flu.

Food Clearing

Programmed for clearing toxins, increasing vitality of the food and balancing the auric field of the food.
Remember this is on the informational level and may or may not change the physical structure of the food or chemicals.

Eliminate Jet Lag

Programmed to improve rest and recuperation from flying and reset the circadian rhythms more quickly to the new time zone.

Reduce Stress

Programmed to reduce stress, increase stamina, promote rest and relaxation.

Lose Weight

Programmed to increase metabolic rate use calories more effectively. It also has programs to eliminate unhealthy eating habits and addictions.


Programmed to boost the immune system as well as reduce over-reaction to allergens. Balancing meridians and increase elimination of toxins.

Spiritual Growth

Focused on keeping the Chakras Balanced as well as Tunings to balance the Astral, Causal, Mental and Spiritual bodies. It has been programmed to enhance or attract Cosmic Consciousness as well.


Programmed to address general pain issues. Remember that pain is an alarm signal for something else. We do not want to eliminate the warning signal, but find out what is causing the pain. This cards helps turn down the volume a bit so you can focus on the signal.


General garden program to enhance growth and increase the vitality of the plants. Healthy plants do not attract pests. Some repelling pest programs are present, but the main focus is on increasing the strength and vitality of the plants.

DNA Activation

Focus is on activating unused DNA strings. Some people have reported enhanced psychic abilities as well as increased health and wellbeing after activating their unused DNA (sometimes called Junk DNA).


We can also program a Hologram card specifically for your personalized needs (this does not imply that affirmations are made about healing or medical issues. The user may or may not physically see the results of the programming in his particular problem or condition).