The Ankh of the Now

Also known as UhnTok
-the Key


Ankh of the Now

Also known as the Key-
A key to unlock hidden doorways
A Bearer of Light that opens the Doors


Universal Peace comes through first, expanding out to bring the Activations and Attunements of Golden Fire and Light.

Creates a field around a person.  Clears “ghosts” or Way-wards as they come into your field, as it brings their Soul in to help them cross over.  The Key brings everyone’s Soul more into the present, who are in it’s field.

The Field is about a block wide.  Does all the standard geomagnetic, EMF, and lower vibration clearing, plus the heart-based higher consciousness connecting and activating.  The Key does not have to be wore as a pendant, it can simply be hung in your space. I have one on my car’s rear-view mirror that I like to spin if ever in traffic or the city.

This is my favorite pendant to wear, and does not require any “doing”.  Simply “Be” with this pendant.

The Key Pendant is approximately 3 x 3-1/2 inches.  It is constructed of steel rods and a bronze center, then copper plated to a polished shine.  Each central weld point will be slightly unique.
The Pendant has a ball-bearing swivel attached.  And why does it spin?  I cannot say… the original Keys always wanted to be spun, and this one is no different!
Adjustable Leather lanyard included.

We were making the UhnTok a few years ago, but like all the older energy tools, they faded out as we shifted more and more into the new energy.
We have now brought the UhnTok up to speed with where we are now, and is a super fantastic tool!  One of my all-time personal favorites!!

Again, with all tools that we create, it is your higher Soul-self that filters what is in your highest and best good to receive from these tools, including any and all activations and attunements that come from them.

How the Key came back into being:

It began with Doug Benjamin’s findings of specific Cubit lengths from the Great Pyramid. Doug then taught people how to use two of these Cubit length rods to pin into the ground at the Cardinal and Ordinal points around an area to neutralize geopathic stress zones.

Slim Spurling and Bill Reid brought Doug’s techniques more into the mainstream, where architect Simon Bialobroda came up with a concept of using these sacred proportions in an 8-pointed star. This mathematically ratioed symbol was secretly used in ancient Templar societies.

Bill Reid began constructing the 8-pointed star, known as the Starburst, to neutralize geopathic stress.  For information on Bill’s inspiration for the Starburst, please check out the article at the bottom of the page from Simon Bialobroda.
The measurements Simon shares come from the research of Doug Benjamin. A link to an article from Doug can be found at

So, after taking Bill Reid’s Gravitobiology class several years ago, I was guided to recreate the Starburst with different Cubit measures, and then dropped one of the intersecting rods down from the center with the Phi Ratio, where “UhnTok- the Key” came into being. The UhnTok was the Ankh of that Now Time, at the cusp of the old and new world energies.

This 8-pointed sacred symbol was given it’s name by a group of ethereally based Egyptians and friends of my sister’s close friend, Thoth. We made a few versions of the Keys, including the Atlantian Key, the Manifestation Key, and the Goddess Keys. I stopped making the Keys as we began shifting more and more into the new energy.