I gradually found in further research that the phenomenon that I describe as “Cosmic energy” is actually static electricity. Although static electricity is a known phenomenon, it hasn’t been totally explored yet. The effects of static electricity are found in many industrial places as well as other totally different surroundings.

It isn’t possible to properly identify static electricity even that the consequences of an electrostatic discharge are easily observed. Static electricity is an electric discharge caused by an imbalance of electrons on a surface of a material. Therefore, the description “static” is not appropriate. It doesn’t mean inaction, but it actually points to forces imposed by unchanging electric field on charged objects. Also, the name electricity is misleading. Both “electricities” have different properties.

The imbalance of surface charge shows that objects feel attractive or repulsive forces. It is known that static electricity is caused by friction of different materials. This piece of knowledge inspired me to observe and do research with water quells and other water streams. In this way I found properties of static electricity that had been unknown.

These are three energetic parts – aura, zones and interzones. These are described in the article called “diagrams”. Yet unexplained energy of a field is caused by water flow and it’s friction with rock; it’s immeasurable with available measuring devices and metres. This energy goes through the surface of the earth and penetrates metals, concrete and also other hardly penetrable materials. The charge that is transferred by electrified contact is stored on the surface of every object. And the greater it’s surface, the greater charge could be stored on it.


I am aware that everything that I have published and will describe is only a small hint towards what needs to be explored. As an example I can write about findings from the experiments with groups of capacitors. The first finding is the fact that their charges have three energetic parts and these parts may be altered by changing the charge stored on the capacitors. I have further found that that by the contact of auras of more capacitors, a common aura is formed, whose volume is equal to the sum of volumes of auras of the individual capacitors. However, this is not true in all cases. Why – I don’t know yet.

In the same way as capacitors, every matter has its own charge and by the contact of auras the charges spontaneously equalize. However, this is not everything. Every matter has its specific chemical properties and by the contact of auras of different matters, different chemical properties are caused. Could we imagine the astronomical number of combinations that comes out?

Nothing that is stated here is made up. I just copy the knowledge of engineers that built Stonehenge and other megalithic structures. Nobody will doubt the existence of static electricity in the ancient times and therefore we have to look at megalithic structures in this way as well.

The most important piece of knowledge found in my research is the fact that it’s possible to alter the charge on cellular membranes of organisms by the use of capacitors. It is also applicable in this case that the energy transferred could be chemically changed as needed. I won’t describe this effect in detail because it may be misused.

The research of cosmic energy could be faster if skeptics stop doubting its existence and pointing away from its further research in this way.



It’s generally accepted that static electricity is created by friction of two materials of different conductivity. Probably the greatest energetic sources on the Earth are water flows, where static electricity forms by friction of water molecules and the rock or other surroundings. The energetic parts (aura, zones, interzones) of underground springs, streams, rivers, large streams, ocean streams and the surf, create a great 3 dimensional raster on the Earth, which’s conducting parts are in interaction with parts of thunderstorm clouds and other charges. Due to the changes in the flow of water streams and the movement of thunderstorm clouds, all three parts of static electricity are in constant movement during which they spontaneously fill the energy of fauna and flora.

The plain of Nazca could therefore be called without exaggeration “The console of ancient times”. Uncountable lines here document zones of great sources of static electricity of that time. At http://www.miroslavprovod.com , Chapters /2003 / 3 Diagrams /No. 3, I prove the conductivity of zones by experiment. Regulated water flows under the plain connected the individual zones and directed the energy into a different place. A similar interconnection of zones of the greatest sources of static electricity – the sea currents, could be simulated with high capacitance capacitors. If you type SHC in GOOGLE under pictures you’d find a view of a room with a toilet and with a calf and a foot of women’s leg. It’s a classic example of the conductivity of the zones of static electricity. The zones of the flowing water in the flushing pipes made an interconnection with energetically greater zones of the energetic raster.

We can find easily why ancient cultures situated megaliths inside river curvatures and meanders. Firstly, we draw a water flow and its energetic components in a straight direction. If this straight direction is bent the zones and interzones get denser on the inner side of the bend and therefore the energetic concentration is greater. A similar effect is found by structures of circular or ellipsoidal ground plan and also by spheres and domes.


Mr. Mgr. Petr Benešovský from constructional faculty in Brno (benesovsky.p@fce.vutbr.cz) wrote: „Static electricity that is created by various processes inside of buildings poses a certain risk of damage to products, appliances and the health of the personnel“. I agree to his statement and I can supplement it. The source of static energy for the charges in buildings is mainly the size of its matter and the specific weight of the material. It’s created in the same way as with megalithic structures. The matter of the structure acquires energy from zones of static electricity that cross it. It’s also important whether or not the structure was built in an energetic place (where zones cross) and whether or not it’s properly grounded. Another outer source is windy weather. Friction of air molecules with the matter of the structure also produces static electricity. The inner sources, which further increase the charge of the building, could be: all the metals, water flowing in pipes of a heating system, electrical wiring, all the electrical appliances, fires and other sources. If a human lives in these surroundings, especially if he or she sleeps at home on a metal bed, he or she may easily get too much energy, which may negatively affect his or her thinking due to an increased charge on brain cells. I’m describing the results that may follow at http://www.miroslavprovod.com

It’s not possible to measure the charge on cellular membranes as humans have something like the stabilization Zenger’s diode built in the electronics of their body. The aura may be increased only up to 110cm in radius and I can’t explain what energetic process follows after that has been reached. I just now that it’s further increasing, which can be experimentally proved with groups of capacitors charged to 300V, when every single person that took part had to immediately stop doing these experiments due to health anomalies. Other proofs of this are for ex. „Crazy dances“or SHC.

It can’t be doubted that the greatest natural force – the static electricity – affects other fields as well. During my experiments I have found that some bacteria die when in contact with greater charges of static electricity. I haven’t continued doing these experiments because there are many kinds of bacteria and learning to distinguish them would have been very difficult for me, since I’m educated as the main technician. The other reason is that I’m 78 years old and many of these experiments haven’t done any good to my health. I was surprised that some techniques of wizards and medicine-men could be revived by means of static electricity.

I can’t stop believing that future generations will laugh at burning coal in power stations if the inexhaustible energy of the oceans could be gained much more easily. I think that it would be very beneficial to devote more space to almost unknown static energy in research. It’s hiding many mysteries to us.


New knowledge, which came out of our research, furthers the fact that static electricity is created by friction of two different materials. This fact could be proved by an easy experiment that can be done by using a rock and a vent. It can be seen on the photograph that I used two granite cubes by which I simulated a balanced rock in a way that I placed a pencil between them. The following experiments proved that the wind together with the granite cube produces static electricity, which the rock accumulates in its matter. The radius of aura of the test cube was 50cm. The radius of aura increased by 50% after the „balanced rock „was pushed onto its front side. By repeating this experiment, it was proved that any, even small, movement of the rock causes the same energetic effect. I recorded the same result when I used a granite sphere instead of a cube, but I gained another new piece of knowledge. The shape of a sphere of lower mass produces more energy than the shape of a cube. This explains the construction of spherical rocks (balls) in Costa Rica and in other places. This interesting and easy to do experiment could easily be repeated and it won’t be less interesting to use different material instead of the rock.

Without these new pieces of knowledge I described the function of balanced rocks wrongly and the proper explanation is as follows: Balanced rocks are being situated in windy and energetic places (the crossing of zones), their swinging motion caused by the wind increases their energy. I think that this properly explains the “hard work” that people must have done to make sure that balanced rocks would swing. The mystery of balanced rocks could therefore be explained in this way, but a new, much greater mystery has arisen: What causes the change in the charge during the motion of the material. It won’t be easy to find the answer. Further not yet known properties of static electricity will probably give us some hints.

The friction of wind with any material increases the static electricity charge – this can have a great influence for ex. on the increasing number of car accidents. The greater the speed – the greater the friction of air with the material of the car – and the greater total charge, whose component is the driver as well. At http://www.miroslavprovod.com I describe the negative effect on brain cells when there is an energetic overcharge. The wind is an energy source for all matter, including fauna and flora. The energy of wind also accumulates in buildings, which is then transferred to people. The effect of wind on the environment will become a long term debate for many sciences.

The properties of static electricity that have been unknown up to our experiment will make it possible to find the answer on many other not yet explained phenomena, for example the energy of Sargasso see.

Static electricity influences the oceans as well. The Gulf Stream is eighty kilometers wide in its narrowest place and it moves at a speed of up to six and a half kilometers per hour. It flows from the Gulf of Mexico around the north American coast and then across the northern Atlantic and it creates mild climate in northern Europe. The Gulf Stream with its speed of 200 km per day is the fastest ocean stream circulating in the northern Atlantic Ocean. Deep under the Gulf Stream there is a stream of cold water that flows in the other direction. These streams are propelled mostly by wind, the friction of wind with water surface and the friction of the lower stream with the sea bed produces enormous amounts of static electricity in an area of tens of thousands of square kilometers. The effect of different densities of sea water is also not negligible. We know from school that cold water has greater density than warm water so it descends while warm water ascends. Near the poles, cold water therefore “sinks” and flows under the ocean surface in an opposite direction along the same path towards the equator, where it emerges to replace warm water, which is transported towards the poles by surface streams. The streams are affected by islands and by the shape of coasts of continents – they are bent or divided into independent branches. But overall there is a rule that great streams regularly whirl around various ocean basins. These whirls and whirlpools are affected by the rotation of the Earth (Coriolis force) and move anticlockwise in the northern hemisphere and clockwise in the southern hemisphere.

…A long time ago I was shown a picture by professor Kahuda of a half naked old man who was sitting on the ground and was looking in front of himself. There was snow everywhere and only about one meter around him there was no snow. Professor Kahuda verified that this man has been sitting like this for quite a long time without eating anything. I visualized this fact when I read that eel’s roe float in the water for much longer time then roe of other fish and they develop without any food. To do this they probably gain the energy needed from a place with great energetic concentration in the same way as the old man in India.A similar place is located in the Gulf Stream at the same latitude as the Canadian peninsula Nova Scotia, where the great concentration of energy of the ocean stream is augmented even more by the effect of bends, meanders and whirls. It’s probable that eel’s breeding grounds are located in these areas. If this information is confirmed and if we can find it in other places than where congers breed, we can also find an optimal energetic value, which could be used in health service.