DNA Runic Labyrinth Radionic Reagent


DNA Runic Labyrinth 


This is the 8×10 laminate DNA Runic Labyrinth that was introduced to the American Society of Dowsers in 2019.   The 7-circut Labyrinth predates human civilization and has been used for centuries to connect to spirit and healing.  Nearly a quarter of a century ago. Joe Ann Van Glelder pioneered the Runic Labyrinth.  Her work showed that adding specific Runes at precise points throughout the Labyrinth, fine-tuned the healing properties and created an even more powerful healing structure.

The DNA Runic Labyrinth

Sandi Isgo, Leedra Yablonsky, and Marty Lucas have combined their expertise to build on this work and co-created a Runic labyrinth that specifically targets damages and non-resonating DNA.  This Labyrinth works like no other.  The rules of ancient Labyrinths do not apply.  The specialized tool helps to optimize and repair damaged DNA.

History and Sandi Isgro’s Work

The common labyrinth has been used as a healing device throughout recorded history. In modern times, we have rediscovered its value. Nearly a quarter-century ago, Joe Ann Van Gelder pioneered the Runic Labyrinth. Her work shows that adding specific Runes at specific nodes throughout the labyrinth fine-tuned its healing properties and turned into an even more powerful healing structure.

Sandi Isgro has built upon Joe Ann’s work to build a type of Runic Labyrinth that specifically targets damaged and non-resonating DNA. This labyrinth works like no other. The rules we learned with standard labyrinths do not apply at this one. Instead, this is a specialized tool that helps you to optimize and repair damaged DNA. DNA is an antenna to the morphogenic field. It tunes into a specific portion of that field to bring in the information your body requires. When the strands are damaged or impaired, they no longer properly resonate. They are “out-of-tune”. When DNA is out of tune, the body experiences disease and dysfunction. Moreover, without proper tuning, it is impossible to properly connect with Source. Mankind has lived with damaged and de-tuned DNA for so long, we have accepted the results as normal. We accept the disease, dysfunction and spiritual poverty as natural functions of life. What if all those things are NOT natural? What if all those things boil down to ‘poor reception’?

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