First, we must say that there are no unwanted artifacts such as hallucinations, drug toxicity, illegality, drug-induced confusion, dis-harmony, overwhelm, emotional disarray, time, or location distortion, communication inability, or other experiential incoherence that have given this drug, for some a bad name. LSD Ocean works rather like an energetic smart pill that makes the subjects more coherent rather than less coherent. Researchers report blissful ocean waves washing over and through them. Some say it has a very 3D like effect-you are in the energy field. It is an experience that says that all is right with the world and a mental coherence that some consider the best anti-depressant on earth when micro-dosed. This is not a party drug energy nor is it a hallucinatory vision quest. It is rather LSD OCEAN is a creative and psychic opening where deep meditation and spirit of fun play are amplified and become one.

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