The latest design of Darrell Butcher’s famous Peggotty radionic instrument by Berkana Labs. There are various design changes throughout, the newest innovation is an active circuit allowing the instrument to be used in conjunction with our other instruments and accessories making full use of our modular approach to instrument design.

The Peggotty Board uses standard base 10 radionic rates, up to a 10 digit long rate can be used on the Peggotty board. Pegs are placed in positions instead of setting a rate dial, Placed from right to left 0-10 from the first row at the top to the last row at the bottom.

The Peggotty Board can be used standalone (passive) for simple rate broadcasts or powered (Active) integrated with our other radionic instruments and accessories.

You can download the operation manual here: Peggotty Board Manual

Peggotty is shipped with an RG58 male-male BNC cable for connection to our radionic instruments and accessories.

Peggotty features include:

  • x10 custom machined, tactile pegs
  • x10 peg rows, each row for a single digit of a base 10 rate, ordered from right to left 0-10
  • x2 peg cradles for holding the pegs when not in use, and integrated with 1/4 cubit gold plated tensor style rings
  • Gold plated witness plate for direct rate broadcast
  • Input and Output socket to connect to our radionic instruments and accessories
  • Inegral blue signal LED for powered connection indication.