Sensor V Medallion



The fifth generation of Flanagan’s famous Sensor series, the 5-sided pyramid design is inspired by the discovery of 5-sided pyramidal structures on the planet Mars. Cast in bronze and plated in GOLD, the SENSOR V Medallion is concavely curved as a shallow dish where five-sided pyramids are ‘bundled’ in a perfect spiraling vortex. Dr. Flanagan visited Egypt dozens of times studying the practices of ancient Egyptians who wore GOLD medallions and jewelry for sacred energy and empowerment. Now you can, too! The face is finished in a combination of three types: the pyramids are semi-polished; the outer ring is polished; the field behind the pyramids is matte. The back side field and engraving are matte with a polished outer ring. Please protect your Sensor V as you would any piece of jewelry; also, avoid showering while wearing as certain soaps can cause discoloration and flaking of the gold plating.

PLEASE NOTE: On December 19, 2019,  Dr. Patrick Flanagan transitioned from this world in the arms of his love Stephanie Sutton. We wish this father of the conscious movement well on his spirit journey and rededicate ourselves to bringing you the doctor’s incredible inventions here on CTE.  We have some limited stock of the doctor’s Sensor V for immediate shipping, but you should allow three weeks for delivery as these coolest ever products are more precious than ever in our work to assist PhiSciences in continuing their founder’s incredible legacy.



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