THE QS-12 IS OUR MOST POPULAR, VERSATILE, AND POWERFUL UNIT for Generating Scalar Wave Energy, Frequency Broadcasting, and Frequency Imprinting

Copper Tracings, 12 Gold-plated Triangular Neodymium Magnets

Stand alone, Universally Device-connectable

12 Geometrically Coherent Divisions on 4 Circuit Board Layers for Maximum Scalar Wave Vortex Energy

Medium-sized:  H 6.9″ (175 mm) – W 5.25″ (133 mm)

DESCRIPTION: This is our brand new QS-12 designed to take an input signal from your source device (such as iPods, Smartphones, MP3 and CD Players and others listed below) and channel it through the precisely-designed, geometrically-coherent pattern. The input signal will follow a complex current path of layers and angles which form nodes or vortex points (tiny tornadoes) designed to greatly enhance whatever you are playing through your source device. The QS-12 is a powerful Imprinting Plate and Silent Broadcasting Device (SBD), made simple to use.

As the input signal travels from your source device through the geometrically designed circuitry of the QS-12, the signal oscillates at numerous frequencies simultaneously and is multiplied as a result of the vortex action at the node points (where the copper tracings intersect each other on all four layers). Fortunately, the resulting frequencies and harmonics are not audible; instead, they are silently broadcast as harmonious energy to the surrounding environment.

 The QS-12 includes 12 precisely-placed, gold-plated, high-power, neodymium magnets on the surface of the geometric array which greatly amplify the broadcasting capability of this design. The 12 magnets are carefully polarized with the negative north (-N) side of the magnets facing up.

TO USE: The QS-12 has 2 sets of connectors on the face and using either Set 1 or Set 2 will imprint or broadcast the harmonic frequency patterns generated by your source device. Set 1 (black jack and red switch at the bottom center) receives a male connector from your source device and the switch selects stereo or mono mode; Set 2 (black banana jack at bottom left and red banana jack at bottom right) receives 2 male connectors from your source device.

Set 1 is a standard 3.5mm jack which can be switched to either stereo or mono operation. When the mode switch is set to STEREO, it universally connects to the headphone or output jack of iPods, Smartphones, MP3 or CD players, and Notebook and Desktop Computers. When the mode switch is set to MONO it connects to mono devices such as radionic machines, homeopathic imprinters, homeopathic remedy makers, and many frequency instruments such as the F165. Set 2 has two standard banana jacks for easy connection to many frequency instruments which use banana plug output connectors such as the GB-4000 and SR-4 Amplifier.

HOW OUR CUSTOMERS ARE USING IT: 1) SILENT BROADCASTING: Plug the QS-12 into a source device (iPod, Smartphone, MP3 or CD Player, PC or Mac Computer) to silently broadcast Hertz frequencies of music, tones, and other sounds. 2) IMPRINTING: Plug the QS-12 into a source device (iPod, Smartphone, MP3 or CD Player, frequency generator, or homeopathic remedy maker) and place objects to be imprinted (a glass of water, jewelry) in the center array of the QS-12, and imprint with your source device for at least 5 minutes. 3) BOOSTING: Plug the QS-12 into a source device (iPod, Smartphone, MP3 or CD Player, frequency generator, radionic instrument, or homeopathic remedy maker) and place objects to be boosted (vitamins, supplements, food, homeopathic remedies and tinctures), and boost with your source device for at least 5 minutes.