Scalar Antenna Amiens


Turn your mobile, PC or music player player in a radionic instrument with the Scalar Radionic Antenna Amiens. The circuit basis of this antenna is made to scale of the labyrinth of Amiens Cathedral, given the powerful waveform generated by this training. It includes an amplifier chip and reinforcing elements that preserve the mobile device to which it is connected.

It includes a manual.

This antenna is intended to be used primarily by the own operator as part of research and work on other people in relation to the intrinsic data fields, because according to experience offers better resultsIt includes instructions manual. .

The theoretical operating principle is based on recording different phrases and / or ratios radionic recorder using your mobile phone, computer or any music player. The antenna must be connected to the output of headphone and then you play the recording messages. The antenna transmits the information recorded, converting it in scalar vibration energy that influence on the energetic field of the person through a sample placed on the antenna, according to the principles of radionic scalar theory.

The antenna can also be connected to the output of any ARE X instrument to improve and expand the issuance of these instruments, achieving greater depth and speed of action.


Perfect for the use of affirmations of all kinds, emission of radionic rates, actions of influence, modification of negative behaviours and a long list of experimentation with subtle energies.


Imagine the possibilities with this inexpensive device Amien!


Recording and broadcasting of phrases, orders and affirmations converted into intrinsic data fields acting on the subtle energy concerning actions as the following:


  • Phobias

  • Memory

  • Sport Performance

  • Abandonment of negative habits

  • Reinforcement for archieving goals (good nutrition, weight lose, give up smoking, etc.)

  • Balancing of subtle energies in the body

  • Applications on skills development of all kinds

  • Relaxation

  • Meditation

  • Affirmations

  • Etc, etc.