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iBLISSNOW LIFE FORCE WATER CHARGER is a Structured Liquids–Life Force Amplifier. Our iBlissnow Water Activator App charges, meaning “structures” water or any liquid with the 12 fundamental energies that compose the Life Force Source Energy.




With our introductory system, you can energetically remote influence a person, shirt, jewelry piece, essential oil, cap, shoe soles, etc. You can choose your own trend or use one of ours that comes with the system. Our systems have many levels. If you have more than one item or product you want to energize, then additional APP modules are available. This basic system comes with a packet of trend energies.Some call the Life Force Orgone Energy, vortex water, prana water, chi water, etc.
 Dr. Wilhelm Reich states that water takes the best structuring of any substance
 from an Orgone Accumulator as the Life Force has a natural attraction to water.
This research follows the breakthroughs of Drs. Vogel and Emoto, but adds a trillion times distortion free amplification, to make a very vital liquid structuring. It is no longer subtle energy, but a very pronounced psychoactive effect.
While this App is not an Orgone Accumulator, in the traditional sense, it does fulfill a s similar but more advanced purpose–but in a fraction of the time. This process is not dependent upon the appropriate weather conditions of high noon and no clouds in the sky as Dr Reich’s earlier system. Life Force is attracted to water, so when there are clouds the Orgone Energy of a traditional Orgone Accumulator is absorbed by them, and not your targeted water sample.
Also, Orgone Energy is most plentiful in the day, and at low ebbs at night, which restricts the usefulness of the Orgone Accumulator. Our system structures liquids in 30 minutes, day or night, whereas an Orgone Accumulator may take days or even weeks depending on weather conditions. For Orgone Accumulators dry weather is always better, for our system, successful water vitalization is independent from all external atmospheric conditions!
This video App is designed to be looped and played on any computer, pad, notebook, mobile device, etc. You simply place a glass, bottle, or can of liquid next to your computer’s monitor screen. Click play. Let it charge (play) for about 30 minutes, and it is ready to drink. The longer you charge it the more potent it gets. The energized drink should be drunk right away to imbibe all of its vitality.
People report an energetic lift as well as a more peaceful feeling of well-being, spending more “time” in the now or present moment, and less time ruminating about the past. Liquids are easily transmuted into a made-at-home energetic smart pill. This App is a digital product and can travel with you on your computer or MD with ease, unlike its earlier bulky forerunner.
You can also charge aromatherapy, food, crystals, aloe vera, omega oil in gel caps, massage oil, sports drinks, honey, etc. Liquids and foods charge best in a glass container, but all  packaging works, other than lead.
When the target substance is placed in a glass container, both the glass and substance store the charge. They both become a collector of the amplified subtle energy transmission, thereby strengthening the result.
Essential oils, drinks and water charge the best from our customer reports. This is due to the resonance of the sacred geometry transmission that is designed to resonate or couple with the water molecule, silica (glass) and both hydrogen and oxygen. It is also tuned to resonate sugars, as in fruits, vegetables, sports drinks, candy, chocolate, sodas, essential oils, etc. This App makes for a much higher level of reception and storage of the liquid target with the intended energetic trend. The pulsed light and sound signal emanating from the computer App creates an energy vortex that structures the liquid target with the energy formula of the App.
We have also mega amplified the infra White Light quality, as this frequency improves the release of self-limiting belief systems, producing less thinking and more felt-sensing and a spacious state.
Note–this system will not perform AAAD, and the charge like the Orgone Accumulator is not permanent. It will last a few hours. If you wish to place a permanent charge on your substances, then go to our AAAD software modular section on our website, and there are advance modules that will allow a stable charge to be encoded on your substances. These advanced modules are particularly practical for companies who wish to permanently energize their products for additional customer benefits producing a huge market edge.
Where some of our other products target audio and video frequencies to activate music, these Apps are target-specific for liquid products.
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